The Revenge Of Love (chapter 9)


Abeer is taken on stretcher to OT, Meher goes along with him holding his hand, they reach the door of OT and Meher leaves his hand. She sits outside the OT and cries.
Meher: everything happened because of me, I shouldn’t have ran on the road with him chasing me, I should’ve been careful

She messages Madhvi:
Abeer has met with an accident so come to city hospital immediately… Meher

Madhvi receives the message and wonders who is Meher. She goes to city hospital. Meher prays to Bhagwan and says that I want revenge from Malhotras, but plz save Abeer, my biggest target is his dad because he filled hatred for me in Abeer’s heart. She keeps shedding tears until she feels a hand on her shoulder. She quickly wipes her tears and turns, its Madhvi.

Madhvi: so its u, Shalini. Why did u call yourself as Meher?
Meher: m just Abeer’s friend, I m not Shalini m Meher.
Madhvi: he never told me about his any friend Meher.
Meher: u r mistaken, m Meher only.
Madhvi: I heard everything u said that u want revenge from all of us, tell me the truth.
Meher: I was crying on something else
Madhvi: till when will u hide? you are lying
Meher: aunty plz why will I lie? I m not Shalini.
She takes her hand and keeps it on her head.
Madhvi: swear on me that u r not Shalini.
Meher cries and takes off her hand from her head and turns.
Meher: why should I swear? I told u m not Shalini.
Madhvi: then why r u crying for Abeer? why did u take him to hospital?
Meher: for humanity’s sake. Rahi baat usko kuchh hone ki to main…

She stops.
Madhvi: main kia?
Meher: han, main badla lene aai hoon, I m Shalini
She says boiling in anger.
Madhvi: why did u do death drama?
Meher: because I was fed up, fed up of taking care of everyone of u and getting treated like a tissue paper in return, I went because uncle troubled me, even Abeer raised hand on me when I wasn’t at fault, one thing more, this accident happened because of me.
She cries and turns and runs from there. Madhvi looks on.

Meher runs until she reaches her house. She goes to her flat and rings the doorbell. Suman opens the door and Meher comes inside and runs to her room. She closes the door and sits in darkness. She recalls hugging Abeer in drunk state and saying I love u to him. Why does life has to throw something bad in when there is happiness?

Suman comes in her room and switches on the light.
Suman: why r u crying?
Meher: Abeer
Suman: what happen?
Meher: Abeer met with an accident, and he got to know m Shalini
Meher tells everything.
Suman: its not ur fault dear.
Meher hugs her n cries.
Suman: I think Akshat is best for u.
Meher leaves her.
Meher: m not going to marry that jerk no matter what happens.
Suman: but I promised.
Meher: OK fine.
She says in heart: m going far from here n will never come back, I love Abeer and that’s final.

Abeer gets restless. Screen freezes.

Sorry if u don’t like it

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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