The Revenge Of Love (Chapter 8)

Abeer roams around in the house looking for Shalini. He calls out his name.
Abeer: plz come out u r scaring me.
Shalini: m here Abeer
He turns around
Abeer: Shalini
He moves forward to hug her but she starts moving back.
Abeer: why r u moving back? r u still angry?
As she moves back with him approaching her, she starts vanishing.
Abeer: Shalini plz m sorry
She disappears. He shouts his name and wakes up from the bad dream. He sweats badly and looks on the other end of bed to make sure she’s there. To his luck, she was sleeping peacefully. He gets relieved and sleeps again.

As he sleeps, Meher wakes up rubbing her eyes and gets shocked seeing herself in Abeer’s room.
Meher: what am I doing here? what happened yesterday? First I went in pub, then I got drunk, then…then I collided with Abeer and fell in his arms, he called me as Shalini, but I reacted as if I don’t know him. Then I don’t remember.
She looks at her back in mirror and panics seeing her tattoo visible.
Meher: isne yeh dekha to nh? well whatever I will change my clothes and go, my clothes are here only, I didn’t took them.
She takes some random clothes and quickly goes in washroom to change, she hurriedly comes out after changing and makes sure no one is awake. She goes towards the door of house but a hand pulls her back shutting her mouth and takes her to Abeer’s room and leaves her. Its Abeer.
….… …….. …… . …….. …………

Abeer woke up sometime later after Meher left to change and pretended to be asleep, later when she went to door, he rushed towards her and took her to his room.

Meher is shocked to see him.
Meher: who r u?
Abeer: Abeer Malhotra ur husband
Meher: u r mistaken.
Abeer: no m not
Meher: uhh let me go.
She runs past him but he holds her wrist and pulls her towards him.
Abeer: till when will u resist me? m ur husband yr
Meher: I don’t have any husband, plz let me go
She tries to go again but is stopped by him. He pins her to the wall.
Abeer: m sorry Shalini, I told u once na, u can’t lie, last night u revealed everything.
Meher: my name is Meher n not Shalini, let me go
She gets out of the trap but she’s again stopped by him, he holds her making a puppy face.
Abeer: mujhe maaf krdo na Shalini, I really regret whatever I said to u.

Tears rolls down her cheeks, he kisses near her eyes.
Abeer: I love u plz come back to me

He kisses on her cheek, she closes her eyes and cries recalling past.

Abeer: I will keep u happy always.

He palms her face wiping her tears and hugs her, she holds him and cries. He runs his fingers in her hair.
Abeer: this is last time u r crying, I know u want revenge from my family n me, I will help u in it.

She pushes him away.
Meher: just leave me I don’t know u

He makes her sit on bed as she cries.
Abeer: Shalini, I love u, plz give me a chance, I join my palms in front of u.

She looks at him and recalls begging him not to leave her.

Meher: why don’t u go from my life? u want that I go away right? *sob* I will go, I m a burden on u, u deserve better, Shalini is dead, m Meher, n plz don’t follow me wherever I go.

She runs out of the room crying and he too runs behind her, she goes downstairs and he calls out her name begging her not to go but what was the use? Her pleads were going in deaf ears. They reach the door of house and she goes out followed by Abeer. She runs on the road and runs behind her unknown of the truck behind him, he gets hit by the truck and screams falling down. Meher stops hearing his scream and turns around and runs towards him.
Meher: Abeer, wake up
She puts her head on his chest and cries. Screen freezes on this.

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