The Revenge Of Love (Chapter 7)


Meher continues telling Sneha about Abeer’s changed behavior.
Flashback continues:
Shalini cries laying on the floor. Abeer comes out of washroom and sees her on floor.
Abeer: will I have to give invitation to u for sleep? R u sleeping or…
Shalini gets angry.
Shalini: what’s ur problem? I won’t sleep what will u do?
Abeer comes towards her and pulls her up.
Shalini: I will sleep when I want to.
Abeer: just shut up, I can make u sleep forcefully
Shalini: do it, m not scared of u
He goes and brings a water mixing sleeping pill in it and forcefully makes her drink.
Shalini: krlia Jo krna tha? now just leave me alone
She goes pushing him lightly and stands near the window watching the stars. Abeer comes near her.
Abeer: u know what Shalini? some husbands beat their wives a lot more than I did, I m sorry plz forgive me.
Shalini continues crying. He turns her towards him.
Abeer: I said m sorry (he wipes her tears) does it hurts? (he asks touching her cheek)
Shalini: yes it hurts.
He kisses it.
Abeer: what about now?
Shalini gets irritated.
Shalini: m not ur slave, kisi ko command kr k tum maafi nh mang sakte.
She goes and lays on bed and soon dozes off to sleep.

Next day, she wakes up late and sees Abeer not there. Whole day went…when Abeer came home, they both got into a heated argument and soon she got kicked out of her in laws house.
Fb end.

Sneha: Abeer ESA kese krsakta hai yr? Don’t he have any humanity?

Meher: I don’t think so he has, the thing he did with me, I don’t want it to happen with anyone else, u will help me na?
Sneha: of course…So the plan is…(she tells the plan muted)
Meher smiles: smart han, thank u.

They have a hug and soon leaves from there. Abeer and Madhvi goes to meet Shalini’s doctor.
Doctor: why r u here?
Abeer bribes him.
Abeer: I want to know about the patient Shalini Malhotra.
Doctor returns his money.
Doctor: u already know shes dead.
Abeer: r u sure?
Doctor: yes, why will I lie?
Abeer: when a person lies, he can’t do eye contact, same is with u, doctor pls its important, plz tell me, I will give u lot of money. (he again gives money to him) yeh advance rakhiye
Doctor recalls promising Meher not to reveal anything.
Doctor: aap jaiye or apna ye paisa bhi lejaiye, kia bataun tumko mein? pta to hai tumhe she’s dead, didn’t u see her dead body? pta nh kahan kahan se ajate hain…Security!

The security guards comes running to him.
Doctor: lejao isko yahan se
Abeer: Meri baat to sunein
Doctor: nh…tum jao yahan se, nh sun’ni koi baat mujhe.
Abeer is thrown out of hospital.
Abeer: ab kia karein mom?
Madhvi: hum kisi or ki help lete hain, yeh receptionist humari help krsakti hai.
They go to receptionist.
Madhvi: we want the details of the patient Shalini Malhotra
She bribes her.
Receptionist: ESE krne se meri naukri jasakti hai ma’am, wese bhi main ziada kuchh nh janti
Madhvi: apki naukri nh jaegi
Receptionist: theek hai, aapko date yad hai?
Abeer: ji han
He tells her the date and she shows him the footage of that day.

Abeer is shocked. The video showed that Shalini was given a new face and doctor tricked him that she died.
Abeer: thank u
He gives her more money. They go from hospital and sits in their car.
Abeer: Mom Shalini chhup k betthi q hai?
Madhvi: pta nh, she was too much hurt that she did death drama.
Abeer: I will get her back Mom…arey WO rahi Shalini
He sees her face in a car mirror.
Abeer: let’s follow her.

He follows her and she stops outside a pub. He goes out of car inside the pub. Meher was wearing a long blue dress…she looks around searching for the counter. Abeer comes in.
Abeer: Shalini!
Meher doesn’t hears him and goes towards counter. Abeer follows her. Meher asks for a drink and keeps drinking till she loses her senses as the past was still haunting her. She walks around stumbling and falls in Abeer’s arms.
Abeer: look at yourself, I will take u home.
Meher straightens herself and looks at him.
Meher: mm, do I know u?
Abeer is shocked at her question.
Abeer: yes u know me, m ur husband Abeer n u my wife Shalini.

Meher giggles: Shalini? who’s she? I don’t know any Shalini n m not married to be called anyone’s wife.

Abeer: I know u r angry but plz come with me.
She turns to go but he pulls her back and her dress gets torn making his name’s tattoo visible.
Meher: u tried to harass me?
She raises hand but he holds her hand, she raises another hand but he even holds that hand and twists it behind her back, her back faced him.
Meher: kia kr rhe ho? u tore my dress n now twisting my hands.
Abeer: u still love me Shalini, that’s y u didn’t erase my name’s tattoo

He leaves her hands and caresses the tattoo.
Shalini: WO kia hai na, main kbhi nh btaungi k main tumse revenge plan krne mein busy thi to bhool gai.

Abeer laughs.
Abeer: bta k bol rh ho nh btaungi, achha chalo let’s go, enough arguments.

He picks her up in his arms and she hugs him tightly and cries.
Meher: do u know how much I was missing ur love, I badly wanted to hug u PR Maine socha k main mrrne ka naatak kru or tumhari life se humesha k liye chali jaun q k Jo tumne kia na mere sath, it hurts Abeer, it hurts here.
She points at her heart.
Abeer: but ab main tumhe hurt nh krunga, I regret my deeds, m sorry

Meher: I love u Abeer
She says in a drunk voice
Abeer: love u 2
He kisses her forehead and makes her lay on the backseat of car and sits in front seat driving the car.
Abeer: mom, Shalini agai
Madhvi smiles.

As they reach home, he opens the back gate of the car and takes her in his arms closing the door. Madhvi opens the door of their house.
Madhvi: arey Papa jagrahay hain
Abeer: I don’t care, because of him I broke her heart.
He takes her inside the house.
Kuber: kon hai ye?
Abeer: Meri dost hai, m taking her to my room, she’s drunk.
He goes upstairs and thinks:
Shalini, Maine ye sab kuch papa ki baato me aa kr kia, I will help u in ur revenge, u can even take revenge from me, I deserve it.
He goes to his room and makes Meher lay down on her side of bed.
Meher: humara room, mujhe yahan nh rehna, mujhe apne ghar Jana hai

Abeer: shhhh, sleep, u need rest
He makes her sleep.

Will the new Shalini/Meher ever forgive Abeer? or will she go from his life forever? Will Abeer be able to take revenge from his father for Meher? or will he end up getting manipulated again? How will Meher react finding herself in Abeer’s room? Stay tuned, and guys I won’t make it boring by showing romance between them, I will show revenge then their new lovestory. Love u guys.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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