The Revenge Of Love (Chapter 6)

Flashback continues:
The trio have a group hug. Nisaar comes and says:
“U r doing group hug without me”

He fakes sadness.
Abeer: no bro, come u can join us.
He takes him in their group hug.
Nisaar: (whispers to Abeer) ladki milgai he he
Abeer glares at him. They break the hug.
Nisaar: Shalini, tell me one thing, what made u befriend Abeer?
Abeer glares at him again.
Shalini: vo…he saved me from those bad boys and protected me when I was scared yesterday as I was wearing this dress sent by him.

She stammers.
Nisaar whispers to Abeer: ladki beautiful kargai chull
Nisaar: didn’t u felt uncomfortable
Shalini nods no. Abeer changes the topic.
Abeer: tumlog ko college nh Jana kia?
Shalini: oh han Jana hai, m going bye.
Abeer blocks her way.
Abeer: not alone, m coming with u.
Nisaar: han bhai ja, sambhal k chhorna kahin Teri wali faraar na hojaye.
Abeer ignores him while Shalini feels weird. She stumbles. Abeer holds her and his hands slides down his bare waist as she was still wearing the same dress. Nisaar fakes a cough and they straighten themselves and go from there.
Nisaar: abhi 2 din hue hai us se mile, or itna pyar
Sasha giggles.
Fb end.

Meher: Maa m so sorry meri waja se aap sab pareshan hogaye

Suman: nh, me soch rahi hoon k agar use tujhse itna pyar tha k usne tujhe marrne se bacha lia, to phir usne tujhe ghar se nikala q? kahin usey kisi ne manipulate to nh kia?

Meher: mujhe nh pta, agar kia hai or vo uski baato me agaya to uska trust itna kacha tha, kesa pyar tha ye uska
Tunnu: uska Jo hona hai hojaega, filhal hum khana khaein? sabne kuch nh khaya jb aap gai to
Meher nods yes

They sit to eat and someone rings the doorbell.
Meher: I should hide, pta nh kon hoga
She goes to her room and hides there. Suman opens the door and it was Madhvi. Suman gets annoyed seeing her.
Madhvi: m sorry for ur loss.
Suman: what sorry? first u trick my daughter, then u kick her out of ur house and she was about to die because of u people.
Madhvi: Marrne wali thi mtlb? vo zinda hai?
Suman realizes what she just said.
Suman: kese zinda hogi vo?
Madhvi: abhi aapne he to kaha
Suman: no I didn’t mean that, I meant that she died
Madhvi gets suspicious but soon brushes off her thoughts.
Madhvi: even m mourning for her death, Abeer ne use bachane ki koshish ki thi, manti hu Abeer se galti hogai, pr aise apki beti wapis to nh ajaegi na…hosake to maaf krdena
Suman thinks: wapis agai hai or jald tum sab se badla legi
Suman nods yes. Madhvi leaves, Meher stands outside her room teary eyed as she heard the whole convo.
Meher’s POV:
M sorry aunty I have to hide like this, u showed that u never wanted to make me out of house and that u loved me, but I can’t show my face to anyone till I take revenge.
I went downstairs just after she went.
“Maa don’t be afraid n be careful next time, they will doubt us if we say so.” I said worriedly.
“I said by mistake, I don’t think there will be a next time when we meet.” Maa replied.
“But I will have to take revenge from Abeer, he has hurt me more than I deserve, but what should I do to take revenge?” I asked her.
“Maybe Sneha can help u.” She replied and I smiled in return.
End of POV

At Abeer’s house, in Abeer’s room, Madhvi and Abeer were sitting together talking.
Madhvi: aaj main Suman ji se mili to unho ne yun kaha k meri beti marrne wali thi, I found something suspicious, I think Shalini is alive.

Abeer stands up from the bed.
Abeer: how can it be? She was laying dead in front of me.
Madhvi: ek tareeka hai Jan ne ka, jis doctor k pas tum legaye they hosakta hai vo humari help kre.
Abeer: OK

Meher and Sneha meet in a cafe.
Sneha: r u really Shalini?
Meher: yes
Sneha: yakeen nh horaha, but y this death drama?
Meher: I want to take revenge for what he did.
Flashback continues:
Few days later, Shalini and Abeer’s frndship turned into love and they also confessed it to each other. Shalini was sitting in her room when she receives a message by Abeer. It said come down, its important.

She wonders what happened and goes downstairs and sees Abeer bent on his knees.
Abeer: I want to say something, since the first time I saw u, I started loving u, now my love is even more than before, do u love me?
Shalini smiles and gives her hand in his hand.
Shalini: I love u 2 Abeer.
He stands up and hugs her, she hugs him back.
From that day, they were always together, they finished their studies together and now their families met and fixed the alliance. After many ceremonies, their marriage was done. Shalini thought that she would be the happiest person on Earth after marrying Abeer, but little did she know that her life is going to be the worst. Few weeks of married life were really good. Everyone were really sweet to her, she loved their sugar coated behaviour being an innocent soul. One day, she was working in kitchen and Abeer came and hugged her from behind due to which the tea set in which she was filling tea broke and fell on her feet.
Shalini: ouch its hurting.
Abeer’s father enters.
Father: what the hell? theek se grip nh krsakti kia? nuksaan kradia
Shalini who was hissing in pain starts crying.
Abeer: papa plz, can’t u see she’s hurt? aapko apne nuksaan ki pari hai, ye sab mujhse hua hai, stop shouting on her.
Father: Maine to pehle he kaha she’s a bad luck for us, let’s get her out of here.
He approaches Shalini but Abeer comes in between.
Abeer: Maine kaha na mujhse hua hai, khabardar Jo hath bhi lagaya usse
Shalini: sorry uncle
Father: shut up!
Abeer: just stop it!
He takes Shalini from there.

Next incident was much worse than this. Abeer’s father Kuber just wanted to do something much more worse to Shalini so he poured oil with glass pieces in their room. Luckily nothing happen to her as their maid cleaned it before something happens.

One day Shalini was busy in doing house chores and she gets Abeer’s call but her phone was left in her room so she couldn’t receive it. That day when he came home, he was much angry. After dinner:
Abeer: Shalini room mein aao baat krni hai
She goes with him. The thing he did as they reached the room shocked Shalini to the core. He slaps her and she falls on the floor.
Shalini: Abeer
Abeer: meri call q receive nh ki? itni busy ho k apne husband ko time nh desakti?
Shalini is shocked with his behavior.
Shalini: lekin mujhe koi call nh aai
Abeer: oh let me show
He picks his phone and shows his call log.
Shalini: sorry pta nh call KB aai me to kitchen me thi
Abeer: ainda phone apne sath rakhna samjhi, else I will be worse my dear wife
He goes. Shalini cries laying on the floor.

Sorry guys I got late, no idea what to write in other stories besides together forever.

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