The Revenge Of Love (Chapter 5)


Flashback continues: (In round brackets is the song)
Abeer drinks one glass of drink and Shalini drinks another one. It is announced that there should be dance, without it a party is incomplete. A random guy asks Shalini for dance and she goes with him. Abeer gets sad. Then a girl comes to Abeer asking for dance. He agrees. Sasha dances with Nisaar.

(Kaise kahoon ishq mein tere kitne hoon betaab main, aankhon se aankhein mila k chura loon tere khwab main)

Abeer keeps looking at Shalini while dancing.

(Kaise kahoon ishq mein tere kitna hoon betaab main, aankhon se aankhein mila k chura loon tere khwab main, mere saaye hain saath mein, yaara jis jaga tum ho, main Jo jee raha hoon wajah tum ho, main Jo jeeraha hoon wajah tum ho…wajah tum ho)

*Partners change*
Shalini comes to Abeer by spinning round n round and he holds her closer.
(Kya jaane tu mere iraade lejaunga saansein chura k ×2
dil kehraha hai gunehgaar bnja bada chain hai in gunahon se aage)

Abeer twirls her and she falls in his arms
(Main gumshuda si raat hoon, meri khushnuma subha tum ho, main Jo jeeraha hoon wajah tum ho, main Jo jeeraha hoon wajah tum ho..wajah tum ho)

Abeer holds her waist as she falls and they have an intense eye lock. She gets up and turns to go but he pulls her in a way that her back touches his front. He traces her finger on his cheek and she closes her eyes by his touch.

(Hai yeh nasha ya hai zeher, iss pyaar ko hum kya naam pyaar ko hum kia naam dein)

He keeps twirling her and by now she started getting drunk and hugs him during the dance.

(Hai ye nasha ya hai zeher is pyar ko hum kia nam dein, kabse adhoori hai ek daastan aja usey aaj anjaam dein)

She feels dizzy and falls in his arms, he wonders what happen.

(Tumhe bhoolun kese main, meri pehli khata tum ho, main Jo jeeraha hoon wajah tum ho, main Jo jeeraha hoon wajah tum ho)

The song ends and he picks her up in his arms, they both fall on the floor by the drink affect. He quickly gets up and helps her up.
Shalini: what is it? why I m feeling giddy?
Abeer: even I m feeling giddy
Shalini: I think our drinks were drugged, how will I go home in this conditions?
Abeer: come with me.
He takes her and they collide with a bad boy while going. The boy argues and Abeer slaps him, he goes spinning to other side where Shalini was standing. Shalini too slaps him and again the boy goes spinning to Abeer. She laughs and jumps in joy while clapping.
Shalini: yayyyy maza araha hai.
Boy: Teri
Abeer pushes him away from her.
Abeer: go else I will beat u
He goes.
Shalini: or maarte na, maza araha tha, humari thappar se WO gol gol ghoom raha tha… hahaha, sarr ghoome chakar khaye dil dil se takkar khaye hahahaha
Abeer giggles.
Abeer: let’s go before some other boy comes.
He takes her to Sasha.
Abeer: Sasha u take her to ur hostel, she will stay with u for the night, take care, go Shalini n Sasha inform her mother.
She goes waving bye to Abeer and Abeer too waves her.
Sasha reaches hostel with Shalini and she starts jumping on the armchair.
Shalini: its fun to be drunk
Sasha: come down
Shalini: no no no I won’t.
Sasha calls Abeer.
Sasha: plz tu aja yr Shalini is uncontrollable
Abeer: I will come.

Shalini continues dancing like mad. Even Sasha and Abeer were drunk now. Abeer reaches and the view in front of him made him laugh hard. Shalini and Sasha were fighting with make up kits. They even applied make up to each other madly. They applied blush on the place of eyeshade and eyeshade in place of blush, their lipstick was spreaded on the chin. They eat cake and the trio apply it on each other as well. They didn’t knew when they fell asleep in the drink’s affect.

Next morning when they woke up and went to mirror, they bursted out in laughter.
Shalini: how did I come here?
Abeer: Sasha brought u here as u said u can’t go home in this drunk condition.
Sasha: it’s fun to be drunk.
She laughs.
Abeer: Sasha, we should take her in our friend circle.
Sasha: what does she want?
Shalini: I want what u want.
Sasha: OK welcome to our group…let’s have a group hug.

They do a group hug , screen freezes.

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Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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