The Revenge Of Love (chapter 4)


Flashback continues:
Abeer: Mujhse dosti krogi?
He bends down on his knees holding her hand as if proposing her. She looks on. He looks in her eyes questioningly.
Shalini: I will think about it.
She goes.
Abeer: Akdoo, I will make her say yes by hook or by crook.
Someone taps on his shoulder. Its Nisaar.
Nisaar: what’s up bro? kisko han bulwane ki tayyari kr raha hai?
He asks teasingly.
Abeer: yeh Jo nayi lrki ayi hai na Shalini, isko.
Nisaar: she’s too quiet.
Abeer: Bolegi, vo han bolegi, Maine dosti ka hath agay barhaya hai, relationship ka nh, is me kya hai?
Nisaar: Point to be noted, waise kal fresher’s party hai, yeh mauka hai bro
Abeer: PR vo nh ayi to?
Nisaar: Sasha se help mangte hain, chal.
They go to Sasha. Her back was turned towards them, Abeer winks at Nisaar and goes towards Sasha, he shuts her eyes by keeping his hand.
Sasha: arey kon hai chhoro na yr
She touches the hand on her eyes.
Sasha: Abeer
He removes his hand from her eyes.
Sasha: u greeted me like this, need any help?
Abeer: yes…Nisaar tu bta
Nisaar: khudko batane mein badi sharam arahi hai as if u r in love
He laughs and does high five with Sasha
Sasha: ladki milgai koi?
Nisaar: han lekin mujhe nh Abeer ko, I mean usey frndship krni hai us se, I think u can help.
Sasha: hai kon wese vo?
Nisaar: arey wohi Shalini jiske saath aaj Abeer class mein betha tha.
Sasha: oh acha…I have a plan.
She tells the plan (muted).

Abeer: will it work?
Sasha: girls get impressed by all this as far as I know
Abeer: OK then.

Next day, Shalini receives a courier. She wonders who sent it. She pulls out the packet from the shopper.
Shalini: dress?! but who sent it?
She takes out the dress from the packet, it was a white crop top and magenta mid thigh skirt with a paper attached to it. It said:

“Wear this in the party today in the college, i will be happy. Unknown.”

Shalini: unknown…huh?! I wasn’t going to the party, who sent it? I should throw it.

She goes to the dustbin but collides with Suman on the way.
Suman: kya hua?
Shalini: kuchh nh
She says hiding the dress behind her.
Suman: bta de, nh bolungi kuchh
Shalini shows the dress.

Shalini: pta nh kisne bheja hai? I don’t want it.
Suman: college mein party hai?
Shalini nods.
Suman: to chali ja, parhai to hoti rahegi, enjoy kr
Shalini: PR main wahan kia krun GI?
Suman: enjoy krna, ye mauka baar baar nh ata…meri baat man to yehi dress pehen k jana, tujhpe boht jache ga.
Shalini agrees.

At fresher’s party, Shalini enters the college hesitantly wearing the same dress because the dress was thigh length, she didn’t wore these type of clothes before. Some boys come and flirts with her. She shoos them away but they holds her bare waist and pulls her towards them trapping her from all four sides. She gets irritated.
She says in heart: why did I come here wearing this dress? pachhta rahi hoon main.
Abeer comes and punches one of the guy. He hits each one of them and scolds them, they run from there.
Abeer: r u OK?
Shalini nods. Abeer stands still and his jaw drops seeing her beauty.
Abeer: u look beautiful.
Shalini: thnx
Abeer: nice clothes ha, thnx for wearing them.
Shalini: u sent them?
Abeer: yes, why? they are not good?
Shalini: no they r good.
Abeer: to kia socha tumne?
Shalini: about what?
Abeer: friendship
Shalini: kis ki frndshp
Abeer: I asked u something
Shalini thinks for awhile.
Shalini: yes…friends.
They go towards other people. On the drinks counter, a boy adds wine in every drink.
Abeer: will u drink something?
Shalini: yes
He goes and gets two drinks and gives one to her and drinks the other glass.

Hi guys, I wanted to say that first I will show Shalini and Abeer’s journey from friends to bf-gf to husband wife then I will proceed to the present, one more thing, I have days already selected for my every story as I write four stories altogether so I can’t update all stories everyday…my schedule is:
Monday and Friday: together forever
Tuesday and Saturday: the revenge of love
Wednesday and Sunday: Kaisi yeh yaariyan
Thursday : my childhood love

I hope u all r OK by my schedule, by the way did u like the ending of love is blind?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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