The Revenge For Love Chapter 32 (last chapter)

Kuber was on his way back to home but a police van stops him and arrests him taking him to police station.

Kuber: plz don’t take me, it’s not my fault, I have a proof.

Inspector: Aapke bete Abeer Malhotra ka kehna hai k aapne ek larki ki zindagi barbaad ki uske sath affair rakh k, apni biwi ki bhi zindagi barbaad ki hai aapne, apne khudke khoon ko maarne ki koshish ki hai or apni bahu ka rape kia hai…aapne unki fake photo bhi publish krai hai newspaper mein.

Kuber: yeh sab kuch Meher ka kia dhara hai vo mujhse meri family chheen na chahti hai

Inspector: no sorry we have proofs against u, u will be kept in the jail tonight and tomorrow is the hearing of your case.

He’s put behind the bars and he makes an angry face.

Abeer receives a call.
Abeer: who’s this?
Person: police station…inspector Chaudhry, Abeer malhotra right?

Abeer: yes
I. Chaudhry: your father is kept behind the bars and tomorrow is the hearing of his case at 3:00 in the afternoon, bring everyone from your house.

Abeer: oky

Call disconnects. He sits beside Meher.

Abeer: listen
Meher: hmm?
Abeer: tomorrow is hearing of dad’s case, tell the court whatever he did with u and don’t be scared from dad, he won’t be able to do anything, I m with u always, don’t hesitate to tell the truth.
Meher: I won’t hesitate, I m not scared of him as u r with me.

She smiles at him and he too smiles at her.
Abeer: I have something for u
Meher: what’s it?

He shows her butterfly earrings.

Meher: its beautiful but why did u…

She’s cut in between.
Abeer: thank u, I spent money on u because u r not only my wife but my life too…I will make u wear them.

He makes her wear one in her left ear and when he goes to her right ear he sees a small wound down her peircing.
Abeer: ye kese hua?
Meher: vo uncle…(she stops realizing) vo mujhse hogaya I was…
Abeer: chal jhooti, stop lying to me, I didn’t knew my dad is such a monster.
He kisses her earlobe and makes her wear the other earring in that ear.

Abeer: u r beautiful.
Meher: thank u

Madhvi enters.
Madhvi: did your dad come here?
Abeer: yes
Madhvi: did he do anything?
Abeer: yes but we both already told him a lot…tomorrow is hearing in the court.
Madhvi: oh no worries we will win.

She hugs them both and goes.

Next day, they all go to the court. The hearing starts. Sasha and Nisaar were also present there. Kuber stands in one witness box and the judge calls Abeer. He goes to the witness box which was in the front of Kuber, he eyes him. Judge asks him to give his statement.
Abeer: I have gone through a lot because of him, he provoked me against my wife Shalini and she almost died because of him, then he tried…
He’s cut in between.
Lawyer: she almost died then is she alive right now? And if yes then why did u marry Meher?

Abeer: because Meher is Shalini, she got a new face, she met with an accident which ruined her face…(Kuber is shocked….Abeer continues) then Meher told me he keeps affairs with young girls of her age and she gave me a proof too, dad attacked her many times, he tried to burn her, when she was saved he blamed her and tried to kill me too, he tried touching her many times and when I got away he raped her, he gave a fake photo of her too blaming her of cheap modeling, and I gave u all the proofs too.

Judge: thank u, u may go now…

He calls Madhvi.
Madhvi: Kuber is my husband and yes I m the eye witness that he touched Meher whenever she was alone, I saved her many times but no one was there when she was raped.

She says teary eyed. Judge sends her and then he calls Meher. She goes in the witness box looking angrily at Kuber and then she looks at Abeer, he nods yes.
Meher: Uncle did much damage to me, he tried to touch me a lot, he even tried to kill Abeer, and he got a memory loss, uncle was sent to jail and when he came back he almost killed me and he blamed me for cheap modeling, he also raped me even when I cried and begged to him, he shouldn’t be released from the jail now (she turns to Abeer and Madhvi) m sorry I m ruining your lives but its necessary

Judge sends her and she sits beside Abeer, he holds her.
Judge: and the winner of this case is….Abeer Malhotra and his wife.

Abeer jumps in joy making Meher and everyone else laugh badly, he hugs Meher and Madhvi. Sasha and Nisaar hugs Meher.
Sasha: itne time baad maine dekha tumhe, humare group ki jan wapis agai
Meher smiles.
Nisaar: yeah right
They go from the court thanking the judge and Kuber is once again taken to jail sentenced to death. Abeer with Madhvi and Meher drives off from there.
Abeer: we won, so now there should be a party, right mom?
Madhvi: han party honi chahye
Meher: Abeer, first I want to meet my family, I feel like I haven’t met them for ages.
Abeer: OK I will take u wait.

He drives towards her house and they go by elevator. Meher rings the doorbell and her mom opens the door. She hugs her.
Mom: is everything OK?
Meher: yes

She tells everything, at first everyone cried but then they felt proud of her. They have a party there. Meher have a cold drink after doing cheers with everyone, she laughs. They go from there to the bar only Meher and Abeer. They drink and dance. Meher gets overdrunk and starts running and goes out of the bar, Abeer runs after her and catches her finally.
Meher: main to talli hogai, main to talli hogai
Abeer: ghar chalo Mrs.Talli
Meher: main Mrs.Abeer Malhotra hoon don’t call me Mrs Talli
Abeer: OK lets go

He takes her from there to their old house.
Meher: pick me up, I m drunk
Abeer: haha OK Mrs Talli
Meher: peet dungi
Abeer: OK sorry

He picks her and takes her to their room, she gets down from his arms and jumps on the bed.
Meher: wow maza araha hai, vohi college wala din yaad agaya its fun to be drunk
Abeer laughs and sits on the bed pulling her down and she falls in her lap. He moves her hair strands from her face and kisses her, he takes her fully in his lap keeping his arms around her waist and they share a lip kiss, he unzips her dress a little and kisses her tattoo of his name and hugs her really tight.
Meher: I love u Abeer
Abeer: I love u too Meher

He kisses her hair. Finally the two lovebirds were happy souls again and The Revenge For Love was finally completed.

Finally done with this story, I hope u liked it, I will write another story if possible, love u all, Sara.

Reached till the end by your support and your love, keep supporting me and loving my other stories too.

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