The Revenge For Love Chapter 31

Meher’s POV:
I woke up with a jolt from the bed sweating badly as I was trapped in the nightmare of uncle raping me, terrified, shaking, trembling, afraid, scared, my nightmare didn’t happen just once. Whole night was like this, I kept having that nightmare and Abeer’s sleep too got disturbed in calming me down and making me sleep again. This was the 6th time I got this nightmare this day. He hugged me and consoled me, but this time he wasn’t here by my side. I looked around in the room and didn’t see him, I got up from the bed and went out of the room and that’s when I realized that we are in a different house now away from that tension. I called out for him and didn’t heard any response. I looked everywhere and then went to hall and the light was switched on by someone, it was Abeer. To my shock, he pointed a gun at me.

He: stay away else I will shoot.

He said with a serious face and then his hand moved above my head and shot, I heard the balloon getting popped and the flowers rained on me. I got relieved and enjoyed it. The ceiling was decorated with balloons, wow what a decoration but why? What’s special? I looked at him, he was smiling at me and then he opened his arms asking for a hug. I ran towards him hugging him and he lifted me while hugging twirling himself. Seriously, he’s the key to my happiness. I smiled wholeheartedly.
Me: why have u decorated the ceiling?
He: for u.
Me: mtlb?
He: I can do anything for u, anything, I will jump for u from 30th floor.
I smiled again.
Me: thank u
He: don’t say thank u, and how did u even thought I will shoot u? R u mad?
Me: no…leave it, I m smiling and happy and that’s enough.

He slowly made me stand back on floor.
He: let’s dance
Me: ok

We danced on slow music. He held me slowly by my waist and entwined my left hand with his right hand and moves closer to me joining his forehead with mine, i closed my eyes, he made me turn my back towards him and nuzzled in my neck holding my hands. He kissed my neck moving my hair strands to one side and kissed my cheek.

He picked me and took me to our new room laying me on the bed. He lifted the fabric of the teeshirt and kissed my stomach which made me recall my rape.
Me: Abeer
He looked at me and I pulled down my teeshirt and got up sitting hugging my knees curling myself like a ball putting my chin on my knee. He put his hand on my hand.
He: sorry, I didn’t realized, I won’t do it again.

Me: no its ok.

I hugged him hiding my sadness not wanting to spoil his mood, he hugged me back. Later, I was too bored and sat to watch TV …nothing was coming and I went on the news channel. I saw people protesting against uncle. I immediately called Abeer and made him see the news.
He: our revenge is almost completed.
Me: u did all this?
He: yes, now plz don’t say he’s ur dad, u shouldn’t have done this…wife is also the part of life, I won’t let him do what he wants.

I too smiled and hugged him tightly.
End of POV.

Abeer’s POV:
Wow, what a cute smile just like a kid. Then the doorbell rang and I broke the hug and went to see who’s it. I answered the door and its dad, I immediately closed the door but he pushed open it.
He: what the hell is this? U left your own dad for this characterless girl? And u spread a fake video of me? How dare u? (Then he goes to Meher and Abeer stands by her side, he shakes her harshly holding her arms but Abeer makes him leave her) and u, u just want money, u trapped my son, u..(He again holds her but Abeer makes him leave her and holds her pushing him but he was too strong) U r an orphan u don’t have a family that’s why u don’t know the value of it.

Me: dad! Mujhse baat kro, yeh sab Maine kia hai, Meher to aisa kabhi nh chahti thi, its me who did it, toh kya kareingay aap? Maarengay? Maariye na, waise bhi aapke liye kisi ko maar daalna bohat aasan hai and u know what, u will be hanged to death, so quietly go as dead people don’t speak.

He was about to slap me but Meher held his hand.
She: don’t u dare slap my husband, else I will break your hands.

He: Meher!

He tries to slap her too but she twists his hands and punches him on his face and he holds his nose.
She: aainda hath lagaya na naak k sath hath bhi torr dungi.

She pushed him away looking at him with bloodshot eyes and came to me.

She: let’s go
She held my hand and we went to our room sitting on the beside next to each other.
Me: wow, tumne dad ko chup kradia, ab koi shak nh k tum sherni ho

I joked to enlighten her mood and she looked at me.
She: do u want a punch?

I nodded no and she laughed.
She: m joking.

She kissed me on my forehead and hugged me, I did the same, I will make her a happy soul like before, its almost done.
End of POV.

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