The Revenge For Love Chapter 30

Meher: he r…r..raped me.

She says crying heavily and sobs laying on bed in same condition. Abeer is shocked and looks at her with blank expressions. He moves closer to her and cups her face, she was burning hot in fever. He cries and makes her sit covering her with blanket and sidehugs her. She cries more and more.
Meher: I don’t deserve u, main gandi hogai, tum mujhe chhor do humesha k liye.
Abeer: no, don’t say this, I love u, we will face everything together, biwi ho tum meri, main tumhe kabhi chhor k nh jaunga, chhor k to dad jaengay.
Meher: lekin..
Abeer: shhh, don’t worry, main hoon na
Meher: tum mat jana plz
Abeer: I won’t.
He kisses her forehead and hugs her trembling body again. He was really angry on his dad, he was thinking how to take revenge from him on this? He crossed all the limits today, he raped his daughter in law, his son’s wife, he wanted to beat him badly.

Meher: Abeer, humlog police k pas jaengay.
Abeer: we will go very far from here, we won’t live here anymore, get ready and then we will go.
Meher: but..
Abeer: no buts. Just go.

He gives her clothes to her and she goes to get ready but she didn’t wanted to go far from here, from her family and didn’t wanted to keep him away from his mother. He felt guilty that he couldn’t save her, he knew she might’ve been calling out for him before her mouth was shut and he wished he could’ve heard her pleads to save her, he couldn’t do that but now he will have to take strong action against his dad for his wife. He stands up and goes out of the room calling out his dad.
Kuber: what happen? Why r u shouting?
Abeer punches him, Meher comes there and gets shocked seeing this. She cries.
Abeer: how dare u rape my wife? How dare u even touch her?

Kuber: she again blamed me, and u r favouring her?
Abeer: just shut up, enough of your nonsense, main Meher ko le kar jaraha hoon, goodbye.

He turns to go to his room and that’s when he saw Meher crying bitterly. He holds her.
Meher: don’t touch me
Abeer: its me
Meher: u too don’t touch me, how can u punch your father? He has done bad with me, its my problem, I will go from here.

She was going but he pulls her back.

Abeer: u r not going alone, m also with u, mom aap bhi chaliye.

He takes both of them, his mom agreed but Meher was resisting a lot asking him to leave her, he deserves better and what not?

Abeer: Meher plz I m doing this for ur betterment, don’t u dare stop me now, chup chaap chalo.

Meher loses her cool.
Meher: can’t u understand I don’t want to come? Just stop touching me…let me go

She was about to go, Abeer takes out a handkerchief and pours chloroform on it and puts in on her mouth, she breathes it and faints. He holds her before she completely falls.

Madhvi: yeh kya kia?
Abeer: she’s stubborn, she won’t come easily, I had to do this, I won’t let more damage happen to her. Let’s go.

He picks Meher in his arms carefully and they go to his car, he opens the door of backseat and makes her lay inside. He and Madhvi sits on the front seat and drove off.

Later, when Meher wakes up she finds herself in an unfamiliar room, she sits with heavy head and looks around only to find Abeer who was in deep thoughts and was crying too. She goes near him and keeps her hand on his shoulder sitting on her knees. His thoughts are broken and he looks at her guiltily. He holds his ears.
Abeer: sorry I couldnt save u, I wish I could’ve heard ur pleads, everything is my fault, I should’ve taken an action earlier, today this wouldn’t have happened, I should’ve taken u with me
Meher: its not ur fault Abeer…plz don’t cry
She kisses his forehead. He pulls her in a hug, she nuzzles in his neck and he drops a kiss on her shoulder but their tears took much time to stop. He runs her fingers in his hair and she hugs him even more tightly, he seals his lips with hers and slowly wipes her tears tracing his fingers on her face and pulls her close, soon a smile was plastered on her lips. She forgot all her sorrows and he became the reason for her smile, he succeeded in making her happy but he wanted to take revenge from his dad soon.

At night, Meher sleeps and Abeer spreads his dad’s videos everywhere asking people to protest on him for ruining two girl’s lives.
Abeer: dad, u r gone.

He grins and caresses Meher’s hair.
Abeer: this is just the start, I will make u more happy and will give him more pain than he gave u, bohat ro lia tumne or hasslia dad ne, now u smile and he will cry, he will beg to us for forgiveness but my answer will be the same that what goes around comes around, kabhi maaf nh krunga unko main, everything is fair in love and war.
He kisses her forehead and sleeps cuddling to her.

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