The Revenge Of Love (chapter 3)


Meher goes from the hotel room locking it. She goes outside the hotel and takes an auto, she leaves from there. She tells the directions to the auto driver and she reaches. She pays the auto driver and goes to her building. She goes inside the lift and presses the floor number 28. Tunnu is also there in the lift, she doesn’t sees him. Suddenly the lift stops in between. They panic and bangs the door of the lift. Tunnu’s hand touches her hand. He turns to see who is it as the touch was familiar.
Tunnu: I have met u somewhere.
Meher looks at him.
Meher: yes u have met me, I m Shalini, ur sister.
Tunnu is shocked.
Tunnu: my sister is dead.
Meher: no Tunnu, she’s alive n in front of u.
Tunnu: how can it be?
Meher tells him everything.
Meher: do u believe me?
Tunnu: a little.
Meher: I came here to meet u all as I can’t make u all suffer because of Abeer.
Tunnu: I m happy u r alive.

He hugs her, she too hugs him.
Tunnu: but jeeju saw u dead .
Meher: it was me only, doctor gave me injection of stopping my heartbeat temporarily, and made my face fake injured coz that time my face was changed.
Tunnu: oh, but why is the lift stopped? do something…m suffocating.
The lift starts working after sometime.
Tunnu: thank God. Soon u will meet everyone else too.
Meher: will they believe me?
Tunnu: of course they will.

They reach 28th floor and opens the door of the lift coming out. They go to their flat, Tunnu unlocks the door and they go in. Meher sees Suman looking at her pic sadly.
Tunnu: Maa Bua aap dono k liye ek good news hai
Suman: kya good news? yeh kon hai?
Tunnu: yeh Shalini di hain… that death was a drama, accident happened but she didn’t die.
Suman: she might be joking.
Meher: no Maa, m Shalini only…believe me
She says hugging her tightly. Suman breaks the hug.
Suman: I remember her all cold n lifeless in front of me, how can u act of being my daughter? go and don’t give us a false hope.
Meher holds her hand.
Meher: recognize me, m Shalini only, just my face is changed.
Suman jerks her hand away.
Suman: u r someone else who wants to live here as Shalini.
Tunnu: nh Maa yeh didi he hain…don’t u feel her touch is same like didi?
Suman: tell her to go from here
Meher: Maa m Shalini m not lying, if u want I will make u see the footage of the hospital
Tunnu: chalo na Maa
Suman agrees and they go to hospital. They reach and asks the doctor of the footage of her. The doctor shows the footage and finally Suman accepts that she’s Shalini and hugs her.
Suman: what was the reason of this death drama?
She asks while going out of hospital.
Meher: I want revenge from Abeer for what he did, first he made me fall in love with him, then he made u all agree to make me marry him, he promised to support me every time and love me unconditionally but on the time of support he kicked me out of his house. I was never into boys in college, I just wanted to study and not make friends or boyfriend, but then..

On the first day of college:
Shalini comes to college in auto and goes in college paying the auto driver, as she goes in she slips by the watery floor closing her eyes in fear and falls in someone’s arms. She opens her eyes and sees a pair of chocolate brown eyes looking at her concerned. As she looks in those eyes, she sees her own paradise in them. Its Abeer who saves her from falling.
Abeer: do u want to stay in my arms only? Should I pick u up and drop u to the place u want to go?
He asks jokingly as she was still in his arms. Without waiting for her reply he picks her up in his arms while she keeps moving her legs to get out of his arms and asking him to keep her down.
Abeer: where u want to go?
Shalini: leave me plz, everyone r staring at us, I will go to my class by myself.
Abeer: if m not wrong u study in 1st year of college right?
Shalini: y-y-yes but I will go myself, m not hurt, leave me
Abeer: u look like a princess so m treating u like one.
Shalini: thank u for saving me from falling now leave me Mister.
Abeer: Abeer Malhotra, and u r?
He asks taking her to the class.
Shalini: if u r done with being a gentleman then leave me whatever my name is.
He takes her till class and makes her stand on the floor.
Abeer: here u r, well see u around, m in the same class as yours, go in soon else sir will scold u.
He goes winking at her. She feels weird and goes inside the class. She sits on the first seat. Abeer roams around in the class and almost all girls were drooling over him, only Shalini was the one who wasn’t even looking at him. He goes and sits beside her.
Abeer: Hi miss, why are u so quiet?
Shalini: because I have come here to study not to talk with people.
Abeer: ajeeb ho, all girls drool over me and they badly want me to talk to them but u r the first girl m talking to after Sasha.
Shalini: oh, great
The teacher comes and starts teaching, Shalini notes down the lecture while Abeer stares at her.
Teacher: Abeer why r u looking at her face? Note down the lecture.
Abeer: I find her interesting than ur lecture.
Everyone laughs while Shalini looks here and there getting embarrassed.
Teacher: behave urself Abeer, n Shalini u concentrate on lecture, it’s his habit to joke.
Abeer whispers to her: finally I got to know ur name Shalini
She glares at him. The class ends, she goes out of class, he comes and holds her hand.
Shalini: leave my hand
Abeer: first tell me something, mujhse dosti krogi?
He bends down on his knees holding her hand as if proposing her, she looks on.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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