the revenge for love chapter 28 and 29 combined


Abeer sleeps on the couch and murmurs thinking Meher is sitting there. Kuber laughs and goes. Later, Abeer gets over the hangover and calls out for Meher.
Abeer: Meher! Where r u?

No response. He looks for her everywhere in the house.

Abeer: kahan gai ye ladki? Meher!

He worriedly roams around in the house.
Abeer: I have looked for her everywhere, except for balcony, yes she can be there.

He runs up to balcony and doesn’t finds her there as well, he was about to go but something caught his attention. He looks down the balcony and the sight made him afraid. There she was lying on her stomach down the balcony in an injured condition. He runs downstairs out of the house towards Meher, he turns her and takes her in his lap, he shakes her a little trying to make her gain consciousness. Shock came over him, he calls ambulance and hugs her.
Abeer: why did u suicide? U know I love u so much, I won’t let anyone insult u then how can u think of this?
The ambulance comes and he picks her putting her inside. He goes with them. Meher is taken inside the hospital on stretcher towards OT. Abeer stands outside. Meanwhile, Kuber was smiling deep in his thoughts, this didn’t go unnoticed by Madhvi.
Madhvi: why r u smiling? Zaroor kuchh kiya hoga aapne.
Kuber: main aise he has nahi sakta kya?
He goes irritated.
Madhvi: kuchh to hua hai, main Abeer k pas jati hoon.

She was going to his room but she receives a call by Abeer.
Abeer: maa vo Meher ne suicide krne ki koshish ki hai, aap jaldi lifeline hospital aajaiye.

Madhvi: han theek hai.

Call disconnects, she rushes to hospital. Abeer waits for the operation to end, he had teary eyes but didn’t let his tears fall. Madhvi comes and consoles him.
Madhvi: don’t worry, she’s strong

Abeer’s POV:
Me: Maa why did she suicide? Don’t she trust me?
Maa: think from her side too, she might be feeling bad as well.
Me: yes I understand, but she shouldn’t have taken this step, we trust her.
Maa: trust on God, he will make her fine.

She tried consoling me and I stood up looking at her through the glass. I hope she comes back to me. I saw her getting treated by doctors, I want to go inside and sit by her side. Meher, *sigh* why did u do this? Everyone is changing, now plz tum aisi hi rehna. I received a call and saw Nisaar’s name flashing on the screen. I picked it up.
He: Hey bro, what’s up?
Me: I want to tell u something.
He: yeah bro, say
Me: its about Shalini, she’s alive and we’ve married each other as well, after that I got to know that dad keeps affairs with young girls and he attacked Meher many times, he tried to kill me as well. And today, don’t know how did this news come about her modeling which she never did, she couldn’t bear it and she did suicide.
He: oh God, look she will be OK, we should expose uncle till then.
Me: but Meher, he can do anything with her.
He: u send me those videos, leave the rest on me
Me: OK bro.
Call disconnects. I gave a last look to Meher and sat on the bench looking up leaning my head to the wall. Million thoughts ran in my mind, if I spread those videos everywhere, then the girl who kept affair with dad will be ruined, that young girl who has a whole life in front of her. No, this shouldn’t happen. If society gets to know this, than don’t know from which sight they will look at her. I messaged Nisaar about it and he replied that don’t know what to do.
Huhhh, God. Finally the doctor came out.
Doctor: the girl is OK, just a little bleeding happened.
I took a sigh of relief.
Me: can we meet her?
Doctor: yes
I rushed inside and looked at her lovingly, she’s the most beautiful girl ever. I cupped her cheeks.
Me: if u do this again then I will also come with u to suicide, if we have to face everything together then why not face death together as well? Itna lag gaya tumhe oh God.
I kissed her wound which was on her forehead and she woke up, suddenly my love turned into anger.
Me: u woke up lady love, now tell me why the hell u took such big step? how can u suicide? Don’t u trust me? Mana bhi kaha tha tumhe k aisa sochna bhi mat, tumhe kuchh hojata to?
She: when did I suicided?
I chuckled: tumhe nh yad k tumne suicide krne ki koshish ki?

She: nh mujhe nh yaad, hum ne pi li thi itna yaad hai, or kuch nh yaad.

Me: then how did u got injured?
She: I don’t remember.

I got thinking. Does she sleepwalk? Is she possessed by a ghost or was she too much drunk that she stood up to go to bed but she fell? Even if she fell, why did she fell off the balcony? God knows.
End of POV.
Meher’s POV:
God knows why m I in hospital, I didn’t do suicide I was drunk…what’s happening with me? Just then Abeer interrupted my thoughts.
He: whatever is the matter, everything will be fine, don’t worry

I smiled at his concern.
Me: media valey yahan aaengay to nh na?
He: no, even if they come, I wont let them do anything.
Me: m so scared, what will happen?
He: I m here, I won’t let anything happen, wait I will get u water…(he looks around but there was no water) wait…I will come soon.

He goes and uncle comes inside.
Me: aap yahan kia kr rahay hain? Plz kuch mat karna
I said trembling. He kept coming closer.
Me: Abeer! Abeer!
Him: Abeer is a little far from here…and today u r gone.
Me: no don’t.
He holds her burnt arm, I shut my eyes tightly in pain, he kissed my neck, I couldn’t even resist because of weakness.
Me: plz leave me.
I said in pain. He kept his hand on my waist, I shouted and cried loudly getting scared.
Me: plz help me! Abeer! Help me he came again.
I cried even more now, he’s far I thought but suddenly I felt he’s no more near me. I calmed a little and opened my eyes only to find Maa (Madhvi) angrily looking at uncle.
She: how dare u? Get lost, out!
She pushed him out of the room and came to me.
She: r u OK?
I nodded breathing heavily. She helped me sit and made me drink water and comforted me, I got scared to death because of uncle. She hugged me firmly and I felt really safe. I was crying a lot. She calmed me caressing my back. Abeer came and understood everything looking at me and hugged me, his hug was so relaxing that I fell asleep hugging him.
End of POV.

Abeer’s POV:
Suddenly I felt her weight fully on me and saw that she’s asleep, I settled her on the bed and sat there. I wiped her tears, poor soul, I wish I could erase the past as well and replace it with good memories. I m feeling too low, every time this happens I m away. Help us God.

I looked up to God with hope in my eyes that everything gets fine soon.
Mom: did u talk to her about why she suicide?
Me: she doesn’t remember anything
Mom: maybe she was hypnotized.
Me: yes maybe, and that someone is dad or someone else related to him.

4 days later, doctors allowed us to take Meher home. She was able to walk so we didn’t took wheelchair. As we reached home, I helped her walk and dad came.
Dad: why did u brought her home? She has let us down.
Me: just shut up.

I never talked to dad like this before, this was first time, I didn’t wanted to shout on him but I did as he did bad to me and my wife. I took Meher to room and she was quite disturbed from what happened today. I went to take water for her.
End of POV.

As Abeer goes, Kuber comes and she gets shocked and scared. She calls out for Abeer but Kuber pushes her on the bed pouncing on her shutting her mouth holding her wrists in his one hand, she kept trying to resist but she was weak. He takes advantage of this.
Kuber: Meher, now u r really gone.

Abeer comes back after sometime after getting water and sees Meher in a weird condition on the bed, her clothes torn from her arms and waist, the bed sheet clutched tightly in her fist, her body shivering badly, tears streaming down her face and sobs escaping her mouth by every passing second. The jug slips from his hands, he rushes to her.
Abeer: Meher what happened, why are u in this condition?
He asked placing a hand on her shoulder.
Meher: don’t touch me!
She jerks off his hand.
Abeer: what happened? Its me.
Meher: no dont touch me, plz
Abeer: what happen tell me? I m here to listen.
Meher: I don’t deserve u Abeer, main gandi hogai, don’t touch me.
Abeer was really worried now.
Abeer: tell me what happen?
Meher: he r…r…raped me

She cries heavily and sobs, Abeer is shocked. He froze on his place and looks at her with blank expressions.

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