The Revenge For Love Chapter 25, 26 and 27 combined chapters


After 6 hours, Meher was still sleeping, she had too much burns on her body, she couldn’t even move on her own. Abeer was sitting by her side so that he can take care of her fully, now that his dad was released from the jail. He was continuously caressing her palms, he was too afraid for her. He didn’t sleep that night.

Later at night, Meher wakes up after a long sleep and sees Abeer trying hard to stay awake.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer: hmm?
Meher: tumhe lagi nh na?
Abeer: no, m fine, tum uth kiun gai? Sojao
Meher: u too sleep
Abeer: no its ok m fine.
Meher: KIA its ok? Just look at yourself, aankhein soojh gai hai, mushkil horahi hai jaagne mein phir bhi u won’t sleep?
Abeer: no
Meher: ok fine, we’ll tell the doctors to keep security outside our room, ab to tension chhoro
Abeer: ok

So Abeer asks the ward boy to arrange security outside the room and peacefully they sleep. Next morning, Meher wakes up and struggles to get out of bed but her hands were burnt and so she lays back. She gets a call by her mother. She picks her phone and picks the call.
Meher in a weak voice-Maa beta tu theek hai na?
Meher: han kiun? bas aise he pucha, koi problem ho to batana
Meher: jee theek hai bye.

Call disconnects.

Kuber in his room roams here and roams here and there. Madhvi comes there.
Madhvi: aap?!
Kuber: mat kro baat mujhse
Madhvi: lekin hua kya
Kuber: Meher ne khudko jalane ki koshish ki or ilzaam mujhpe lagaya, ab bhi krlo tum uski tarafdaari
Madhvi: main yeh baat nh maanti k vo aisa kuchh krsakti hai
Kuber: main akela hogaya or tum sab saath hogaye, I was apologetic about what I did and she is the one who isn’t forgiving me to is me meri kia galti hai?

Madhvi: bas kijiye, bohat bol lia aapne, itni mushkil se Abeer ki zindagi mein phir khushian aai hain, ab phirse kharab mat kijiye, main Meher k pass jarahi hoon.

She leaves.
Kuber: I will take everyone on my side.
He grins evilly.

Abeer wakes up and sees Meher awake.
Abeer: good morning
Meher: good morning Abeer
Abeer: what should we do now?
Meher: we do breakfast
Abeer: m asking about dad
Meher: leave it Abeer…kuchh nh hoga
Abeer: hogaya to? M not letting go this matter
Meher: Abeer leave it for now

Madhvi enters the room and comes to Meher.
Madhvi: tu theek to hai na?
Meher: Han Maa main theek hoon…or ab Abeer bhi theek hai
Madhvi smiles.
Madhvi: bohat achhi bat hai k Abeer theek hogaya…waise tum jali kaise?

Abeer tells everything.
Madhvi: or mujhe kaha k Meher ne khud apne aap ko jalaya.
She says angrily.

Meher’s POV:
As she said this, I felt a strong feeling in my heart that now there should be revenge, I m not going to bear anymore. Had kardi unho ne. I wanted to throw all the things kept near me that time. How dare he? This will be only my revenge, my fight, Abeer won’t take revenge from him.

5 days later:
Finally I was better from before and excused myself as I badly wanted to meet my family. As I reached my house, I was extremely happy on seeing them and hugged each of them. I went alone as I didn’t wanted Abeer to know about my secret revenge.
Ma: what happened to u? How did u got these burns?
I told her how Abeer’s dad came back and threatened me about harming Abeer but I told him to harm me instead and he tried to burn me but thankfully I got saved.
Ma: be careful, I told u not to go there again.
Me: chahti to main bhi hoon k uncle se badla loon, mujhe aapki help chahye
Ma: Han theek hai, bol
Me: I don’t want Abeer to know about this and secondly, I m going to ruin him, at that time I only sent his videos to police, but now it will spread on media as well.
Ma: OK
I smiled at her and hugged her.
End of POV.

On the other side, Kuber creates proofs against Meher.

Meher’s POV:
I came back from my mother’s house and went straight to my room. There I saw Abeer waiting for me and as soon as he saw me, he came towards me and held my shoulders firmly.
He: what took u so late?
Me: I went to meet my mother and I was missing them a lot so I talked too much that I got late.
He: u should’ve told me,I m worried for u, dad..

I got angry and pushed his hands.
Me: yeah yeah I know he can do anything to me, don’t take his name.
I went and had a shower, uncle’s touch was still there on my body so I washed my wrists and neck  again and again. I got out of washroom and went downstairs to have lunch, I was too hungry.

All day, Abeer was playing his guitar, I sat on the bed and he placed his head in my lap. I put my hand on his chest and was engrossed in my own thoughts.
He: sweetheart
I smiled a little then stopped.
Me: hmm
He: we should go out somewhere.
Me: no m not in a mood
He got up from my lap and turned to me taking me in his lap.
Me: arey kia kr rahay ho?
He: Jo krte hain
I blushed and looked down, I wasn’t holding him this time and he laid back pulling me with him and my head banged with his chest. He laughed.
Me: kia kr rahay ho?
He: masti
Me: I m half on u, u will be pained
He: no I am enjoying he he.
End of pov.

Abeer’s POV:
As I said this, she slapped my arm..I m too naughty. I felt her hand on my chest and I kissed her immediately. All day we were like that only. Later, next morning, when we were awake, she was in washroom. I heard dad shouting loudly at mom. I went down and saw that mom have a shocked expression on her face, she was looking at a newspaper. I went forward and took it from her hand. I too got shocked. The headline said “Malhotra family daughter in law Meher Abeer Malhotra doing cheap modeling.”

Papa: or charha lo sarr pe usay, kia kaam kar k aai hai tumhari biwi dekhlo.
I knew it wasn’t real, she won’t do this. I heard her coming down, she stood beside me.
She: why are u so shocked, kia hua?
She said taking the newspaper from my hand, she started crying in a shock and tore the newspaper. She put his hand on my arm.
She: main ne kuchh nh kia Abeer, I swear mai ne kuchh nh kia.

I was about to say something but dad came and turned her harshly holding her burnt arm, I got angry.
Papa: koi trust nh krta tumpe, out of our house right now.

He says shoving her and she was about to fall and I held her.
Me: papa! How dare u touch her again? My wife haven’t done anything.
Papa: han han yeh to main ne kia hai, har dafa ki tarha main kusoorwaar(at fault) or yeh nirdosh(innocent).
Mom: aap to bas dusro ki zindagi mein ek kaanta (thorn) hain

He got angry and went. Meher goes to mom.
Meher: maa Maine ye nh kia
Ma: mujhe pta hai ro mat, main or Abeer humesha hain tere sath.

They had a hug and I joined them.
End of POV.

Kuber in his heart thinks: I will destroy u and u will be all alone that day.

Meher in her heart says: u tried to ruin me but u will be ruined instead, jitna hassna hai hasslo.

Meher’s POV:
We broke the hug and I wiped my tears, I told myself many times to be calm but I felt anger boiling inside me. I went to kitchen and made breakfast for everyone. We all had breakfast and I was the first one to go to room. I sat on the bed, punched my pillow many times and hid my face crying that I m insulted in front of whole world. How can someone stoop so low? I was so angry that I stood up and threw the vase on the floor, I started messing up my side of room, I saw my pic on the side table and threw it on the floor breaking its glass to the smallest pieces, I tore my own pic burning it to ashes. I cried loudly and felt two hands hold me as I was about to scratch my arms with my nails damaging them fully, I had done it half and then I turned and saw Abeer.
He: kya kar rahi ho, already laga hua hai tumhe, r u mad?

He asked wiping my blood. I got a phone call and picked it up seeing that its Maa’s call.
Me: Maa mujhe wapis ana hai.

I said trying to be calm.
Maa: han aja, us ghatia insaan ne Teri bohat beizzati krdi, ab khatam kr in sbko or wapis aja.

Me: Maa u trust me na? Maine yeh nh kia.
Abeer held me as I was crying a lot.
Maa: han we trust u, wapis aja.
Me: theek hai
Call disconnects.
He: r u going back?
Me: hmm
I nodded in a yes.
He: should I come?
Me: no u already beared and did a lot for me, thank u, bye m going.
I was going but he held me back.
He: I will come with u, don’t go alone.
I agreed as he forced a lot. We went downstairs towards the exit  when uncle stopped us.
Uncle: tum q jarahay ho? Tumko bhi log badnaam krengay iski trha
He said pointing towards me and it was enough, I couldn’t bear him abusing me anymore. I went towards him and looked at him with furious eyes.
Me: Mr.Kuber Malhotra, I m not characterless like u, u keep affairs with young girls and u insulted me for nothing but to take away Abeer from me, I will ruin u just like u ruined me, jitna hassna hai hass lijiye

I went from there followed by Abeer. As we got out of the house, I heard people protesting against me. There was media as well. They came to me and put forward the microphone in front of my mouth.
Woman 1: to Mrs. Meher Abeer Malhotra, aapko to apna munh chhupane ki zarurat paregi, itna ganda kaam Jo kia aapne.

I started crying and became angry.
Me: Main kyun apna munh chhupaun? Maine yeh nh kia hai, got it!
Abeer pushed them away from me and they were asking questions continuously. We sat in the car and went. We went to my maayka and met everyone. Tunnu was the first one to hug me. I needed it. He promised me that he will prove me innocent. I kissed him on his cheek in return. So after everyone consoled me and after a lot of hugs I and Abeer went back to our house. Again there was media. The same woman came and was about to blacken my face but Abeer pushed her hard saying words of hatred. We went inside our house directly to our room. Of course I cleaned it before going. We sat on the couch in the room. Abeer had put a lot of beer bottles and small glasses on the table in front of the couch. He was pouring the beer in one of the glasses.
Me: I also want it.
He looked at me shockingly.
He: why?
Me: to relieve stress.
He: no u shouldn’t drink
Me: but I want to
He: fine
He shrugged and poured for me in other glass. I drank in one shot and poured again. I drunk many shots while he wasn’t noticing. 1…7….9….18 and then I stopped.
End of POV.

Meher was fully drunk by now, she remains on the couch only and puts her head on Abeer’s shoulder.
Meher says in a drunk tone: plz don’t go leaving me
Abeer: I won’t.
He says in a drunk tone and puts his arm around her waist, and just then Kuber comes and sits beside Meher. Now that Abeer wasn’t in his senses, he takes advantage of it. He moves the hypnotism locket in front of Meher’s eyes, it was at a distance of 5 inches.
Kuber: just focus on my voice, only on my voice…and keep looking at this locket.
She does so and gets in its affect.
Kuber: follow me.
He stands up and she too stands up and follows him.
Kuber: jump from the balcony.
Meher goes to the balcony and stands on the railings and jumps from there.

Hey guys, 3 chapters combined hain n they were ready so that’s why 3 3 povs.

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