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The Revenge For Love Chapter 24


Abeer says in heart, ” we will face everything together Meher, I won’t let dad do anything now.”

Abeer’s POV:
I hugged her for long time caressing her hair thanking God on every passing second that I came on time else I would’ve lost her forever. I felt so much pity for her, poor soul, first me and then my dad, I wish I could change the past.
She: do I look ugly?
She said still hugging me.
Me: kia kehrahi ho? U and ugly? Aisa kabhi ho hi nh sakta, u r like an angel down to earth. Never ever think like that again.
She: Abeer, uncle aisa kaise krsakte hain?
Me: don’t worry, now m there na, kuchh nh hoga tumhe.
She broke the hug.
She: Abeer I want to go to Maa, mujhe wahan nh rehna, abb or himmat nh hai mujh mein.

Me: Meher tum maa se mil lena, but I promise abb kuchh nh hoga

I said holding her blackened hands. She hugged me again and just then I got a call from her mother.
Me: Meher tumhare liye ek call hai
Meher: kiski?
Me: u see
I gave her my phone and she got happy seeing her mother’s call.
She in a crying voice: Maa…nh main nh rorahi, main theek hoon… Maa vo main aaj nh aasakti…isliye q k…

I took the phone from her hands as she was about to tell everything, I didn’t wanted to trouble them.
Me: Mummy ji, Meher thaki hui hai, rest krna chahti hai isliye nh asakti…jee theek hai, bye.

I disconnected the call.
She: I don’t want to hide anything from her.
Me: we’ll tell her but later, right now u rest.
She looked at me teary eyed and kept his head on my chest gripping my shirt, what to do? I should comfort her but m sitting like a statue. I kissed her hair and comforted her and made her lay as she couldn’t do anything without help, her body had many burns that’s why. I kept my hand on her forehead looking at her lovingly. Tears made way out of my eyes, her face was also a little burnt. Everything is happening because of me. Dad is a monster.

I would’ve killed him if he wasn’t my dad. I heard the door open of the ward room and I immediately turned. Oh God, dad! What is he doing here? I went to him and held his collars.
Me: how dare u? How dare u try to kill her!
He: she’s ur wife n I m ur all time father.
Me: han hain aap mere dad, to kia matlab? Jo dil kia krengay?

He: beta plz.. She herself did that, she tried to kill herself so she could blame me, she wants to create a rift between us.

Me: no dad, u r wrong… Zara sochiye, agar aaj Meher ki jaga aapki beti hoti to?
He: I don’t have any daughter.
Me: to kia matlab? Dusro ki betion k sath bura bartao karengay? M ashamed to be called as your son.

I left his collars and stood before Meher’s bed asking him not to do anything to her.
He: beta galti hogai? Tu apne baap ko ek mauka nh dega kia?

My inner voice said to give him chance but then my mind screamed he almost killed ur soulmate. I chuckled at his sentence.
Me: mauka? Aapko mauka chahye? Vo insaan jisne kabhi apne bete ki fikar nh ki, usko puri zindagi dukh dia, apna gunah chhupane k liye apne he bete ki Jan lene ki koshish ki, vo aaj aa kr mujhse mauka maang raha hai? Unbelievable.

He: I swear on Meher
Me: don’t take her name dad, aap ka bas chalay to aap mujhe raastey pe bech dein, aapne shayad mujhe paida bhi isliye kiya hai k aap k pas koi target krne k liye ho…just go!

I screamed forgetting about Meher.
She: kia hua ?
She woke up from her sleep, stupid me. I saw dad still there.
She: Abeer vo
She says in a trembling voice.
Me: don’t worry, m here na…dad aap jaiye plz.
Dad: Meher mujhe maaf krdo beta
In no time he came near Meher holding her feet showing fake guilt.
I: papa leave plz! Go away.

He went. I looked at Meher who was crying badly.
Me: I m sorry to disturb ur sleep.
She: Abeer…meri waja se tum apne dad se door horahe ho, m so sorry
Me: its not ur fault..sleep.

I again made her sleep by much difficulty, I know she can sleep on her own, but I like taking care of her like a baby. Shes my other half.
End of POV.

(Boring part, sorry)

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