The Revenge For Love Chapter 22


Madhvi, Meher and Abeer come back to the dining table. Abeer sits in deep thoughts. Meher notices this and tries to distract him asking him to have food. Abeer refuses and goes back to his room and roams here and there. Meher comes there and they collide. He smiles.
Abeer: Shalini u came.

Meher: M not Shalini…u must be dreaming… Why didn’t u ate something?
Abeer: m not hungry, say once that u r Shalini. Else I won’t eat food.
He says like a child and sits on the bed facing his back to her. She sits beside him and keeps her hand on his back.
Meher: plz accept it m not Shalini
Abeer: then why do u care if I eat or not?
Meher: m ur friend, we became frnds that day remember?
Abeer frowns

Abeer: yeah we became friends and before that we married.
Meher: plz dont think too much na
Abeer: no i want to know the truth.
Meher: u r so kiddish…when i told i cant tell u now, why dont u understand?
She says a little angrily.
Abeer: Plz tell me the truth m restless.
He says trying to express his feelings. Abeer shifts a little closer to her and holds her hand.
Abeer: why is your touch similar to her, your tattoo, your eyes?
Meher: Abeer, its true I married u, but I m not ur Shalini.
She says leaving his hand painfully. Abeer hugs her as she hides the truth.
Abeer: ok fine…don’t talk to me

He moves away from her. She is helpless.
Meher: Abeer plz kuchh khao na
Abeer: no
Meher: plz
Abeer: I said no
Meher: Abeer m not Shalini, but m ur wife, difficult hai accept krna mujhe, but eat for Shalini

He looks at her as she says this.
Abeer: fine

He goes downstairs and eats and she haves a sigh of relief that he agreed. Later that day, Abeer was adamant to know the truth, he opens his cupboard and searches for something. After a lot of searching he finds it, a diary, Shalini’s diary. He knew she wrote everything in it. He goes through every page and at the end, some pages were missing. Meher knew he would check the diary to know the truth so she took the pages and hid it.
Abeer: nothing is there in it.

He sighs. Meher comes there.
Meher: r u finding something?
Abeer: no

He closes the cupboard.
Abeer: u r my wife right?
Meher nods.
Abeer: where’s ur wedlock?
Meher: here
She says pointing at the bedside table.
Abeer: so u should wear it.

He makes her wear it and keeps his hand on her waist pulling her closer.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer: shhh
He keeps his finger on her lips and pulls her more close.

Abeer: I know u r hiding something,  but tell me when u want to..I wont mind.

He softly kisses her cheek and slowly pulls away.

1 year passed by:

Abeer accepted Meher as his wife. On this day of happiness,  a trouble was also coming their way. In a police station,  Kuber is shown in the jail. He was happy.

Kuber: aaj main riha (release) hounga, or aaj Abeer or Meher k barbaadi k din bhi shuru.. be ready son and daughter in law, m coming.

He grins to himself.  Mehbeer were sitting in their room. They were talking smiling at each other. Abeer goes out of the room and Meher smiles.

Meher: sab theek horaha hai, bohat jaldi Abeer theek bhi hojaega

Kuber: in ur dreams

Meher gets scared seeing him.

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