The Revenge For Love chapter 21


Abeer’s POV:
I saw her sleeping on the couch but she was uncomfortable. I went to her and saw her asleep. I shook her shoulder thinking she’s awake, she wasn’t awake. I picked her up from the couch and took her to my room, I put her on the bed. I was bent to her, I tried to straighten myself but her hand had a tight grip on my shirt. I unknowingly smiled and moved her hand away but her grip was tight.
“Don’t go”, she muttered.
I sat by her side and pulled the duvet on her, that’s when I noticed a mark on her hand as if someone had held her hand really tight. Does she have an abusive family ? Is someone hurting her purposely? Oh God, why m I caring too much?

I sat on the floor, she wasn’t leaving me. The next thing she did in sleep shocked me, she pulled me for a kiss, she kept muttering something. I pushed her a little, she wasn’t letting me go. When she finally did, I saw her hand is no more gripping me so I went to my side of bed…what’s happening? I laid down and soon drifted into sleep.

Next morning when I woke up, I saw her really close to me. She was hugging me tightly. Maybe she was afraid of something or she was sleepy that’s why she did so. I saw her moving, I didn’t wanted her to become embarrassed so I quickly pushed her away from me pretending m asleep. I felt her coming close to me, she kissed me on my cheek.
She: jaldi se theek hojao, phir tumhe sab pta chal jaega about everything. I know u care about me.

I heard her say, why she said this? I felt her getting out of bed and she went to my washroom. I kept tossing left and right on my bed thinking hard why she said this? I heard the washroom open and soon closed my eyes to sleep. I heard her footsteps going out of the room so I again opened my eyes. Y do I feel m forgetting something? I picked my phone which was on the bedside table. Maybe it can give me some clue about Shalini. I take pictures with everyone I meet and who I have a good bonding with. I went to the gallery of my phone to the camera album. I clicked on the first pic, almost every pic was of me with her. Means I know her already, I had good bonding with her. Then I came across a pic, we were dressed as married couple. I have really married her. But why? I had Shalini.

Then my inner voice said she’s Shalini only. Yes I think the same. I went to freshen up and soon came out. I went downstairs, I will wait for the day she herself tells me the truth. I saw her and mom laughing on something.
Me: mujhe bhi hassna hai Maa, tell me the joke
I said politely.
Meher: arey kuchh nh

She said still laughing. This ain’t funny, first she kisses me, then I come to know we’re married, then I come downstairs n see her laughing as if nothing happened. I went n sat in front of her.
Me: whatever is the joke, u keep smiling often, u r so cute.
She laughed more as if m joking.

Me: m serious…n I know ur truth, we’re married n u r not Meher u r Shalini I saw our pics in my phone.
Her smile vanished.
She: Abeer don’t stress yourself, tumhe sab yaad ajaega dheere dheere, ok.
She ate her breakfast quietly and after that she didn’t look at me, and it pinched my heart.
Me: waise jab jagne k baad Jo tumne mujhe kiss kia tha or Jo kaha tha na, I heard it, I was awake.
I said smiling naughtily. She looked at me.
She: why will I kiss u, I m married for God’s sake.

Chal jhooti.
Me: haha yeah right, u r married to me
She: no
I showed her our marriage pic.
He: achha, to yeh kya hai?
Me: yes m married to u, khush

I laughed at her akdoo behavior, I noticed mom looking at us gloomily and stopped laughing.
Me: mom, we’re just joking.
Mom: I was just thinking something, I will just come.
She went.
End of POV.

Madhvi goes to her room and cries. Today Mehbeer’s childishness made her remind of her days with Kuber, they both were also like this. Then slowly everything changed, he had a changed behavior. She thought he’s stressful of his work, but little did she know her husband’s truth (which u all know). She was missing her old days a lot.

Meher comes there and hugs her.
Meher: Maa
Madhvi: hmm? (She said wiping her tears)
Meher: kiun rorahi ho?
Madhvi: kuchh nh, aankh mein kachra chala gaya tha.
She sits by her side.
Meher: I understand your sorrow, u will have to move on in your life, for Abeer. Take your time.
Madhvi: u r right.. I will move on.
Meher: or Maa, u know what? Tears have high quantity of salt, to aap ro ro k apna pyara sa face kharab mat kro.

She says wiping her tears and Madhvi smiles and they go out of the room, but a pair of eyes was watching them, it was Abeer. He was thinking that Shalini also used to say this, she says the same. He goes.

Will Abeer really gain his memory so fast? Stay tuned.

(Will write childhood love after this then mn+mb then love is sweetest poison)

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