The Revenge Of Love (chapter 20)


Abeer: u r my Shalini

Meher doesn’t says anything and leaves. Abeer gets thinking.

Abeer’s POV:Why do I feel that I know her already? Why her touch is so familiar, why does she care about me? The way she speaks, she is just like Shalini, she even have a same tattoo as hers. When I came from hospital I got many blurry flashbacks, a man dragging a girl palming her mouth and she wasn’t able to shout. Their faces weren’t clear. I looked around the room and I saw cameras everywhere, like seriously? Who wana spy on me? I brushed off my thoughts and slept. I was half asleep and I felt a hand on my forehead. I woke up by the touch and saw Meher crying looking at me. I wonder why is she crying for me.

Just then I found myself wiping her tears, then I realized and took my hand back. What’s wrong with me? Shalini is my wife and not her, m I falling for her? I hope not. She quickly wiped her face and was going out of the room but don’t know why I held her hand to stop her and pulled her due to which she fell on top of me. I got lost in her beautiful eyes and moved the hair from her face as they were disturbing my view. She looked at me blankly.Then I held her face pulling it closer and kissed her forehead.Me: u r beautiful.Her hands were on the bed on both sides of me, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and smiled. She’s too good at hiding her emotions. She got off me and went to the room exit when I again stopped her.Me: I think u can tell me what’s bothering u.Don’t know why but it slipped out of my mouth.She: no nothing at allShe went from there. I cursed myself for being like this. But my heart shouted that she’s Shalini. I slept again.End of POV.

Meher’s POV:How should I tell u what’s bothering me? U r really important for me, again we r away from each other, I want to tell u how ur dad behaved with me, I so want to tell u everything Abeer. Plz get well soon, I need u. I thought all this while walking in the corridor when I collided with his creepy dad. I ran away before he could do anything back to my room. I saw Abeer asleep, I sat on the other side of bed staring at him. I laid next to him crying silently. I wanted to hug him and cry really badly. I looked at Abeer, he was getting restless in his sleep, looks like he got a dream from past. He clutched the bedsheet tight. I caressed his hair assuring him its nothing.He was getting more and more restless.He: no dad plz, chor do usse…dad plzHe gets up with a jerk. I rubbed his back not caring that he will get angry on me. What he said next, surprised me.He: r u OK? Did dad behave badly with u again?I looked at him and nodded no. He hugged me, I missed his hug a lot, I know its just one day he lost his memory but for me its a decade. I hugged him back. After sometime I felt his grip loosen on me. I too pulled myself back.He: sorry, I shouldn’t have hugged u.Bohat jaldi tum pehle jaise hojao gay or mujhe roz aise he hug krogay, I smiled thinking this.He: what r u so happy about?.

Then I realized and stopped smiling.Me: kuchh nh, u should rest, sojao.As I said this, he again said something that surprised me.He: I want to sleep with u.Me: what? Why?

I said pretending that I felt awkward.He: no nothingHe slept cutely like a baby, I smiled and sat on the armchair in the room facing him, he’s so cute. I stared at him for hours and didn’t notice when I fell asleep.When I woke up, I found myself on bed. I knew it that whatever happens he won’t stop caring for me. I yawned and my gaze went on the spy cameras around. Holy crap! I forgot to take them out. I got up from the bed and took a stool and stood on it, I switched off the cameras and took it off. Now how to come down, oh God. I threw the cameras on the couch beside the stool and stepped down but lost balance and closed my eyes in fear. Then I opened my eyes and thankfully it was Abeer who held me from falling. We had a cute eyelock, I had my arms around his neck and he was holding me by my waist. There was silence between us. Finally he broke the silence after sometime.He: ab kia mera wait kr rhi ho k main tumhe princess ki trha utha k bed pe rakhun or romance kru?He stared at me and I bursted out laughing.Me: yeah right at least make me stand on floor, m still half on stool.He made me stand and sat on the bed, I took all the spy cameras and went towards the library in their house which had a secret room.

I opened its door and closed it. I sat on the couch and opened the laptop. I looked at all recordings, and cropped the unnecessary part from them and mailed them to the police along with that video of Abeer’s dad. I sent his father’s pic and address along with my name. So the work was done, I put back all the cameras in the drawer of the table and locked it keeping the keys back on its place. I logged out of my account and opened the door slightly to make sure no danger outside. I went out and closed the door. I told Maa (Madhvi) that the work is done. She nodded in return. When I told her about what Abeer said n did, she became happy. It felt good to see her smile but I knew she was acting of being happy, I just hugged her and never argued with her, I knew how it feels to lose your husband and father.

So at evening, Kuber was arrested, we all gave statements against him. He gave me an i-will-kill-u look and I smirked in return. At the end of the day, at night, I didn’t knew where to sleep. I was sitting in the hall when Abeer came and sat next to me.He: hey, I know u now so can we be friends?Me in my mind: friends my foot, u r my husband.Me: yeah sure.We shook hands, he looked in my eyes deeply.He: aren’t u getting sleep?Me: mujhse ziada sone ki zarurat tumhe haiHe: huh, why do u care?This sentence pinched my heart a little.Me: yeah right, we barely know each otherI said with a lump in my throat.

He: hey relax m joking, and just look at ur eyes, u r too sleepy, let’s sleep.Me: if m not wrong u have a wife right?He: yeah but mom said u r my wifeMe: she’s just joking.He: she’s not, the memory I got as a dream wasn’t a lie, was it? I know that girl was u who papa was dragging and I was saving, to itna pakka hai k humara ek dusre se connection hai.

Me: don’t worry, tumhe time k sath sabb pata chal jayega, u sleep.I smiled at him and slept on the couch.He: u can sleep in my room if not on bed then couch.

I crave for ur arms, I m habitual.

Me: no its OK, I will sleep here, u go.He: OKI slept.End of POV.

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