The Revenge Of Love (chapter 16)


Warning: u may find this update inappropriate.

Abeer’s POV:
I went downstairs and went towards Meher.
I: kia hua dad?
I asked faking sweetness.
He: I was asking her about her tattoo, its just like Shalini’s tattoo.
He said holding her wrist showing me her tattoo. I looked at Meher who wasn’t comfortable with his touch. I made dad leave her hand and told him the meaning of that tattoo.
Me: this heart means she loves music, and these stars, one is for her mom, one for herself and one for little brother, her whole family is dead so she made it in their love. Aap bhi na dad, 2 logo ka tattoo same nh hosakta kya? (He turns to Meher) u go, mom is calling u.
She leaves from there.
I: Dad, what r u up to?
Dad: nothing.
He leaves for office. I went to kitchen and told Meher to hide her tattoo whenever she knows papa is around so that he doesn’t asks about it again. She nodded and I went to my room and ate the food given by her, it was really tasty. I was sitting on my bed waiting for night to quickly come. Only I knew how much I have waited for the days we both can stay together all over again. I continued eating and went downstairs to keep back the plate, I again thought something wrong is happening. Then I saw Meher crying silently while working. I softly called her name keeping my hand on her shoulder. She just hmmed and continued with arranging the things.
I: I am thinking we should go to honeymoon tomorrow for 2 months.
I was damn serious, she looked at me pressing her lips hard and looked away. She started laughing palming her mouth.
I: kya hua?
She: 2 months? Do u know how u sounded? Aisa kya karna hai ?

I: haha, what about 1 week?
She: OK

She smiled at me and softly kissed my cheek.
Me: don’t kiss in public, if u know what I mean.
She: OK
She replied coldly.
Me: and sleep early OK
She: hmm

I smilingly returned back to my room.
End of POV.

Meher’s POV:
The things were already there on their original place, I was just pretending to work. But in reality I didn’t wanted to go to our room. I have already went there many times, but why m I afraid right now? I will have to be strong, I m Meher not Shalini, and I am strong, I m not afraid. I went to our room slowly and saw Abeer isn’t there so I quickly laid on the bed closing my eyes and drifted into the sea of my own thoughts.

Me: Maa don’t worry I will be careful, trust me, unko sabaq sikha k rahungi, my life got ruined because of Abeer’s dad right? And I was away from u all, I will teach him a lesson.
She: beta humne suna hai k Abeer ka baap Teri umar ki ladkion se chakkar chalata hai.
I got shocked listening to this.

Me: what?!
She showed me a video.

“Meher” Abeer’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

Me: kia hua?
He: its first night of our marriage.
Me: so?
He: suhaagrat
I got up with a jerk.
Me: what?
He: why r u so scared?
Me: m not
I laid back. He closed the door of our room and switched off the lights and switched on the AC. He opened the curtains a little, only the moonlight came inside. He laid beside me pulling a blanket over us and moved a little closer to me keeping his arm round my waist. I kept my hand on his collar bone and he came more close coming on top of me, I shut my eyes close. He kissed my forehead then near my eyes then cheek, his finger stroked my earlobe a little making me shiver, he kissed near my lips understanding that I don’t like lipkisses and all. Then he kissed my neck entwining his hands with mine, I slowly left his hand and my hand travelled to his back and I didn’t knew when I slept.

Next day I woke up and saw him really close to me, I tried getting up but his grip was too tight, I saw the door open slightly. Someone was peeping inside our room, I laid back as if I m asleep but kept my eyes open to see who’s it? The person kept coming closer to my side of bed and I got afraid and gripped Abeer’s shirt shutting my eyes tightly.
Person: I will keep an affair with u also like I kept with other girls.

I heard the person say this and it was a male voice, I immediately recognized its Abeer’s dad. He went away from there while I sweated badly as his words echoed in my ears.
End of POV

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