The Revenge Of Love (chapter 14)


Meher was very worried about how she will manage everything? What if she won’t be able to take revenge and what if Abeer again leaves her and gets manipulated on something else about her? Because when he can betray her once, he can betray her again. She decides to trust only herself and God this time so that even if she gets betrayed she isn’t helpless.

Meher’s POV:
Meher plz, don’t over think, this is ur fight, u have to fight alone, Abeer ka kuchh bharosa nahi hai, kia pta phir tujhe chorr jaye vo, be prepared. I went upstairs to my room thinking all this, it was almost night. I hurriedly opened the door of my bedroom and sat in the dark switching on the fan. I laid down on the bed thinking about everything recently happened, I m still not sure about trusting him. My trust is not like before. I have to be self dependent, my happiness lies within me. Only I can give myself happiness.
I made up my mind to be strong on every step of my life and dozed off to sleep. Next time I woke up at midnight 3 am. What made me wake up this late? Oh this stupid dream, about all the dark moments of married life. Huh, just sleep, what’s wrong with me? I again slept clearing my mind from these thoughts.
End of POV.

Abeer’s POV:
Is she happy with me? Does she trust me? What if she doesn’t and she’s just acting to take help from me and she’s taking revenge from me also? And even if she’s taking then I m likely to be blamed for that night. She almost died because of me. I don’t think she trusts me, I will win her heart. I was thinking all this looking at our photos and I slept with my phone in hand. Next day, I woke up at 10 and my gaze went on dad, he was standing there looking at God-knows-what in my phone. I woke up with a jolt and snatched it.
Me: why r u spying on me?

I asked rudely.
He: I m not, I came to check on u and saw phone in ur hand, I was keeping it away then I saw ur n Shalini’s pic. I know u miss her a lot. Main ek baat bolun, tum maanogay?
He asked me and I was blank. God knows what he wants now.
Me: I m not promising, first u tell me.
He: I think u should move on, Shalini gai, abb vo wapis to nh asakti na? U should remarry.
Me: I have already thought that I should remarry
I replied looking down.
He: we will fix your marriage with that girl Meher
I looked up at him, how does he know what I want? Did mom told him?
Me: OK fine, I m ready

I said as if I don’t know about this matter and he went. I sat there taking a sigh of relief and went to freshen up. I came out of washroom and was drying my hair when my gaze again went on her pics which were on every wall of my room. Her cute smile, her innocence, her sparkling eyes when she saw me, her happiness filled voice, I snatched everything from her. I ruined her and hurt her for the mistake she never did. Why God, why didn’t u make me realize this before? Aaj hum dono wese he khush hote jese pehle thay.
I put my towel aside and picked my guitar, maybe right now, music can help me release my guilt. I tuned it well sitting on bed and started playing.

Hmm.. Woh Ohh Woh Ho Ho..
Hmm.. Woh Ohh Woh Ho Ho..

Nana Na Na Nana Na
Nara Nara Ne Nana Nana
Nara Nara Na Nana
Naran Naran Naran Naran Nene

Jhukhi Teri Palkon Mein
Mil Jaaye Mujhe Panha
Palkein Gire Aasu Bhari
Reh Jayein Mere Nishaan….

Toote Dil Ki Mat Kar
Tu Fikar Mere Humnava
Pyaar Doon Tujhko Is Kadar
Reh Jayein Mere Nishaan….
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan…

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan….

(He just wanted to heal all her pain even if it meant breaking his own heart, he knew that even if she acts of being OK she’s still hurt by him but won’t tell her)

Khaak Mein Mil Ja Hoon Main
Jaise Ke Ek Lamha
Aa Lag Ja Sine Se
Ban Ja Mera Rehnuma

Dekhta Hoon Sapne Tere
Sun Le Meri Jaane Ja
Khwaab Ye Sach Ho Jaye
Agar Khuda Ho Meharbaa

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan


Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan

(He loved her so much that even if he hurts her even by mistake, he would not mind digging his own grave and die just for her happiness, he wanted to hug her and tell her that he won’t let any pain touch her, he wanted her to love him again that way. He always dreamt of a girl like her but when it got true, he himself ruined it but wanted it to come true again)


Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan

Nara Nara Ne Nana Nana
Nara Nara Na Nana
Naran Naran Naran Naran Nene

Sajde Main Tere Sar Jhukta Bas
Chahat Ki Hai Yeh Dastan
Rooth Gaya Mera Rab Jo Mujhse
Toh Mita De Woh Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan


Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan Aaa….
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan Nishaan…..
Mere Nishaan Nishaan…..

Mere Nishaan…
(He wont mind bowing in front of her for his love, even if God said no, he would still do it)

I ended the song holding back my tears and heard someone clapping for me, I looked at the room entrance and saw mom and Meher there.
Me: tum kb aai?
She: tumhara gana start hone k thori der baad, u r awesome

I smiled through tears at her compliment.
Me: dedicated to u
She bent down a little looking in my eyes as if trying to see what’s in my heart through them. I looked away but she made me look at her keeping her hand on my face, it was difficult to hide my feelings.
Me: what?
I asked as she looked deep in my eyes, she startled a bit.
She: why r u crying?
Me: nothing, forget it…tum btao na, tumhara achanak yahan ana kese hua?
I asked lowering my gaze.
She: hmm, yehi to rehgaya hai humare beech
She said dramatically making me chuckle, I put my guitar aside and kept my arm around her shoulders.
Me: u can come, ab tum 24 hours yahin hogi, then I can do anything.
I pecked her on her cheek, I heard giggles and looked up at mom, I forgot she’s there too. Meher blushed.
Me: aapne kabhi dekha nh to ab dekhlo, u never saw such things even in films, 1 baar to banta hai na
Meher giggled and hit my stomach.
She: Abeer plz, tum breakfast krlo, phir hume naatak krna hai

Maa: konsa naatak
She: shahdi ka
She narrates everything.
Maa: oh but legally hojaye to ziada achha hai.
She: but we’re already married

She almost shouted and I palmed her mouth looking at the door to make sure papa is not there.
Me: dheere bolo chila q rahi ho?
She: sorry but what should we do? Legal marriage?
Me: Maa batayegi
Maa: legal marriage theek hai, tumhare papa ko shak bhi nh hoga
Me: OK
End of Abeer’s POV

So after the kundli checking by matchmakers and the mahurat, the date was fixed. Meher was asked about her family but she said she’s an orphan, of course she lied because she don’t wana get caught. So next week, marriage took place (I did fast forward, I don’t know about Indian functions).

Meher gets ready and is brought to temple as the marriage got decided in a hurry. Abeer was also there in the mandap, they exchanged rings, jaimala and took pheras and bidai happened after the blessings. Meher’s parents were present there by the excuse that they are there for the sake of Abeer’s happiness. Meher had already took blessings from them. Meher and Abeer go towards the decorated car and Abeer opens door for Meher and she sits inside and Abeer comes in from the other side and sits holding her hand.
Abeer: r u OK Meher? U couldn’t meet everyone.
Meher: I m OK.
She said wiping her tears.
Abeer: I m really sorry, its all because of me that u r crying.
Meher: is me tumhari kia galti hai? Ye meri kismat hai.
He holds her hand and squeezes it a little.
Abeer: agar tumhe mujhpe trust nh krna to mat kro, no force, but I m always with u.
Meher smiles faintly and then looks away hiding her tears.

Hey, I hope u like it. I will update together forever tomorrow, then day after tomorrow childhood love. U guys are liking all of them na? And where did other writers of pbnmbd ff go? Continue ur ffs yr, we all are waiting, even writers want somethinh to read. So continue ASAP. Bye, love u all.

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