The Revenge Of Love (chapter 13)


Abeer’s POV:
We both were still in the hug for at least 15 minutes till a call disturbed our moment. As she picked the call, I hid my face in the crook of her neck.
She: jee Maa…..main Abeer k sath hoon…..OK bas aa he rahi hoon….jee bye (call disconnects and she says to Abeer) Ghar se phone tha, Maa bula rahi hai, to mujhe jana hoga
She had to go to her house and I gave her many hugs and kisses before going. She laughed on my childish act and went.I hope she feels light after our revenge.
End of pov.

Meher’s POV:
-I went to my house and everyone were all teary eyed. I asked them what’s it and I got a group hug in return. Everyone were really sad, I came out of the hug.
Me: Maa bua Tunnu, plz mat ro, I won’t forget u all I promise.
My baby bro Tunnu came forward and hugged me tight like a child, today is a hug day for me haha.I patted his back and told him I will meet him daily.
Me: tere jeeju ko bhi le kr aaungi, Jo krna ho kRNA OK, khush
He smiled and went,jeeju ka chamcha ? I continued joking to lighten the environment. All finally smiled, but I was having a huge lump in my throat.I was really tensed, memories may haunt me there. God protect me.
End of POV.

Will the revenge be successful, will this time their marriage also break? Will she able to act sweet? To be continued.
Sorry for mini update, hosaka to raat mein ek or update dedungi is story ka ?

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