The Revenge Of Love (chapter 12)


Abeer’s POV:
I woke up and saw Meher is not there with me, where did she go? Oh God, even if she is away for 2 minutes, I feel insecure. Once I lost u I lost myself, I can’t lose u once more, ummm shut up stupid mind she is not going away but she’s coming back in my life… (Guys who r still confused about Meher and Shalini’s character, let me tell u they both r same girl, Shalini met with an accident in chapter 1, and she did a drama of death to take revenge but actually she was alive with a new face and identity, later Abeer got to know about her and brought her home while she was drunk and both shared their pain with each other, she confessed she’s Shalini and that she loves him, when she woke up after hangover, she realized what she did and was set to run away but Abeer stopped her but she was adamant to go, he chases her while she runs on the road, he meets with an accident, she feels guilty about her act of running away and risking his life, when he got treated, he suggested her to remarry him and that he will help her in taking revenge from his father as he’s the real culprit who separated them, even Abeer’s mom knew about Meher’s real identity, Meher agreed and even convinced her mom about this, after that whatever happen will be in this chapter)
I held my head and came out of bed and slowly walked towards the door, I clicked open the door of my room and went downstairs to see if Meher is there or not. I saw the hall empty, even Mom wasn’t there.
Me: mom!
No response.
Me: Meher, tum ho kya yahan pe?
Again no response.
Me: God knows where are they.

I picked up my phone to call Meher. The call was going.
End of POV.

Meher’s POV:
I was sleeping with a smile on her face when Abeer’s call disturbed my dream, i picked up the call talking in a sleepy voice with closed eyes.
Meher: hello
Abeer: Meher where did u go?
Meher: I am sleeping, why what happen?
Abeer: I m missing u, mom bhi pta nh kahan hai, papa bhi nh hai, tum aao na plz mere pas
Meher: missing me already? (She says teasingly)
Abeer: yes
Meher: but your papa
Abeer: arey vo kaam pe gaye hain, tum asakti ho
Meher: OK
Abeer: I m not disturbing u na?
Meher: no
Call disconnects. I woke up and came out of bed and looked around the room which was full with pictures of old me. I was more happy when I was Shalini, I was innocent and didn’t knew anything that world is full of creepy people but now I have changed, I won’t leave Abeer’s dad, I lost my happy home because of him. I got up from my bed and was ready in casual clothes in just a few minutes. My hair were pulled back in a loose ponytail. I went from my room taking slow steps and was soon downstairs. It was just 7 in the evening, I went from my house informing my mom. Soon I reached Abeer’s house and nervously rang the doorbell but to my good luck it was Abeer who opened the door, I came in taking slow steps. He closed the door and cupped my face.
He: thanks for coming baby.
He kissed my forehead and hugged me. I hugged him back. After sometime we broke the hug.
Abeer: I have a plan of revenge
Meher: what’s it?
Abeer: its simple, but u come in my room and I will tell u.
Meher: OK
So we both went to our room, its my room also, it’s a different thing I don’t stay there. We came in the room and he shut the door.
Abeer: so here’s the plan, we will marry and u will become Mrs. Meher Abeer Malhotra, that time u will act sweet with him, he was bad with u right? Aur burai ka badla burai se lene k bajaye hum achhai se badla lengay, k vo khud tumse maafi mangay, n me too, it was my life also which got destroyed, act really sweet with him and later reveal ur identity to him, he will be guilty and will apologize u
Meher: he’s already feeling guilty for what he did
Then I told him about that day when I came to visit Abeer with his dad and how he admitted he made them fight and all, listening to this Abeer was shocked to know that Mr. Kuber Malhotra who never realises his mistakes actually realized his mistake.
Abeer: u r good at making people admit their mistakes, nice han, u r not angry with me na? I slapped u that day, I m still feeling guilty about that, (he touched my cheek where he slapped me long ago) sorry baby

Seeing his puppy face, I instead of replying leaned closer and kissed him, he was looking cute. He looked at me shockingly.
Abeer: ye kya tha?
Meher: sweet revenge, the kiss of revenge, its OK, when r we getting married?

I encircled my arms around his neck.
Abeer: tomorrow, what do u say? But we have to just pretend about that na, we are already married wifey.

He too encircled his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, we had a cute eyelock. I was lost in his eyes when I felt his lips touch mine and I responded me, trust me, we never kissed liked this before. It was our first lip kiss.

We broke the kiss and hugged each other, from tomorrow, we will be together again, yippee.
End of POV.

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  2. It is too cute

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