The Revenge Of Love (chapter 11)


Meher’s POV:
As I put my head on his chest, I felt immense feelings for him and that I can’t be away from him for long, but one thing I m still tensed about is convincing my family. Will they agree? My thoughts broke by Abeer’s voice.
Abeer: From which name should I call u?
I giggled a little on his question and answered him without lifting my head.
Meher: its simple, u call me Shalini when we are alone and Meher in front of everyone.
Abeer: hmmm, I have a plan that dad will let u stay with us.
Meher: what’s the plan?
I lifted my head with a jerk as I knew his plans are like a prank.
Abeer: its simple, u pretend that u r pregnant with my child, make a fake baby bump and reports, and it will be easy to convince him.
I bursted into laughter.
Abeer: arey kia? what’s wrong with u?
Meher: wrong is with u, in his eyes Shalini and Meher are two different people and he knows u love Shalini, I told him that u r my best friend, confusion will be increased.

Abeer: yr plz ab or koi plan mujhe samajh nh araha
Meher: We will check our kundli by Pandit and will remarry
Abeer: but we’re married na
Meher: arey idiot, tumhare papa ko nh pta m Shalini
Abeer: oh, arey han, we’ll pretend that we married in Mandir, phir to unko humein accept krna hi hoga.

Meher: and what will I tell when he ask about my family?
Abeer: u tell u r an orphan
Meher: OK

Doctor came in and discharged Abeer and we took him from there, he kept his head on my shoulder the whole journey and I kept humming to him like a mother does to a son. We reached and we took him inside the house to his room. I sat next to him and he kept his head in my lap.

Abeer: when u went, I felt so alone, esa laga k Maine khudko kho dia, now u came back I feel complete.

I smiled.
Meher: ab na main kahin nh jaungi, tumhare sath rahungi…OK done?

Abeer: han OK baby, yeh dekho humari stupid c pics.
He showed me our pics with stupid poses to which I smiled.
Meher: we look so cute…do u like my new face?
Abeer: no yr
I frowned.
Abeer: balke mujhe to tum ab or bhi cute lagti ho.
I smiled and kissed his cheeks.
Meher: when u get fine then shave these hair from ur face, I have problem while kissing.
He laughs. We talked and talked and he slept while talking, I kept staring at his face, how does he manage to look so cute even while sleeping? I went to my house and found Maa waiting for me, her back was facing me, I slowly went and hugged her from back.
Suman: kahan gai thi?
Meher: Abeer k pas thi
Suman: he did so bad with u
Meher: usne mere sath bura kia hai, par wo husband hai mera, agar meri jaga ap hoti to kia krti? usko marrta hua chhor deti kia?
Suman: nh,but u be careful, phir kahin koi chaal na ho ye unki
I again hugged her.
Meher: no Maa m careful, u should be happy that I m happy, meri ek baat manogi?
Suman: bol?
Meher: I want to stay with Abeer
Suman: no I m worried for u, plz don’t go, I can’t see u crying again
Meher: Maa, usko ek last chance dena chahti hoon, I won’t trust him fully, aap hi kehti ho k aap mere hr faisle mein mere sath ho
Suman: theek hai beta, koi problem ho to btana
I hugged her third time now and left to my room. I was so happy that I fell on the bed while walking and then laughed. Happiness it is ?
End of POV.

Hi guys, I know I write so short, pardon me but I m tensed, I will write other stories as soon as I get idea, bye

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