The Revenge Of Love (chapter 10)


Meher’s POV:
M going far from here n will never come back. I thought as Maa asked me to marry Akshat and I agreed hesitantly. I slept without thinking further about this matter. Soon it was morning and the sunrays started disturbing my sleep but I took a pillow and hid my face with it to stop sunrays from coming on me.

Sometime later I woke up and went to freshen up, as I came out of washroom I wore some random clothes and packed all my bags after closing the door of my room of course. After I finished packing, I kept a note for my mother that I can’t marry that jerk Akshat and that I will come back only if u cancel this marriage. I opened the door of my room and peeped outside to see if anyone is there, there was no one in the corridor but as my gaze shifted downstairs, I saw Akshat and his family. How will I go now?

I saw Maa coming upstairs, I quickly hid my stuff and hid under the bed not wanting to go in front of Akshat but to my bad luck Maa saw me and asked me to get ready soon. Oh God, plz save me. I helplessly got ready and hesitantly went downstairs. After a lot of talking, I and Akshat were asked to talk in loneliness, I took him in my room rolling my eyes in frustration.

As soon as we reached the room, he closed the door of the room, but why? Aisi konsi baat karni hai usko mujhse?? He pinned me to the wall while I kept hesitating.
Akshat: so r u ready to marry me?

He asked looking at me lustily.
Meher: no, I love someone else, and for ur kind information I m already married.
His grip loosened on me and he turned around, I knew he must be feeling bad so I quickly mouthed a sorry and was about to go out but he stopped me and pushed me on the floor, I got hell scared as to what is he up to?

He came on top of me and started removing my pallu, I asked him to stop but he didn’t listen to me, and as soon as it was removed he started kissing my stomach, I started resisting and pushed him with full force from the top of me and I again pinned my pallu to the saree, I unlocked the door and started running downstairs.
Maa: kya hua?
Meher: kuchh nh Maa, uncle aunty, sorry but m already married and can’t marry ur son
Maa looked at me as I said that and uncle aunty with Akshat went. Thank God m saved, he almost raped me.
Suman: Why did u say no? What was the need to tell all this?
She asked angrily.
Meher: Maa he almost raped me, I am not going to marry a rapist…N m already married, abhi meri divorce nh hui hai

Suman: divorce krvadu kia?
As she asked this, my heart skipped a beat from the thought of separation from my love.
Meher: I will think about it…right now I m going to see Abeer because his accident happened because of me, or agar meri waja se nh bhi hua hai to he’s my husband and responsibility, I will be back soon

I went to change my clothes from saree to Salwar Kameez and went bidding bye. I went downstairs and went on the road to hire an auto, a car came and stopped in front of me, the window of the driver seat slid down, it was Kuber, I hope he doesn’t knows my real identity. He opened the door of the car and came towards me. Oh God, how much difficulties will u give?

Kuber: Meher beta why r u standing on the road?
Thank God he doesn’t knows.

Meher: uncle I was waiting for an auto.
Kuber: u can come with me if u want, I will drop u.
If I go with him, I can ask about his opinion about me, I mean Shalini.
Meher: OK uncle.
So I sat next to him in the car and told him I want to go to city hospital.
Kuber: why u want to go there?
Meher: to see Abeer of course, he’s my best friend after all.
Kuber: oh, so he’s ur best friend, I thought u r his girlfriend.
Meher: how can I be his girlfriend when he has a wife? What was her name? (she pretends to recall her name) Malini?
Kuber: Her name was Shalini…She died recently and so Abeer is in a shock because of her.
Meher: How was their bond?

Kuber: they were really good at first but then because of me they fought and one day Abeer kicked her out of house, her death happened by an accident.
Meher: I m so sorry for his loss, but how did it all happen because of u?
Kuber: I thought she is a gold digger so I made them fight.
Meher: oh, u shouldn’t have done that.
Yeah u shouldn’t have done that because that dead girl is actually in front of u stupid uncle, n u r my biggest target, I said this in my heart boiling in anger.
Kuber: m so scared for him.
Meher: me also, but tell me one thing, how’s Abeer now?
Kuber: he’s conscious now.
Meher: that’s a good news.
I love u God.

We reached hospital, I came out of the car along with him, we went inside the hospital towards Abeer’s room, first he went inside to apologize, but to his badluck Abeer shouted on him and made him leave, he went gloomily, now there was only aunty and me. I saw aunty sitting by his side talking to him, I looked at him through the glass. I saw he was sad and then his gaze shifted on me.
Abeer: andar ajao
I went in slowly and he signed me to come near him. I went glancing at his mom, he held my hand and kissed it.
Abeer: u finally remember me right?
Meher: I was stuck.
Abeer: where?
Meher: Maa ko kuchh kaam tha.

I can’t tell him about remarrying thing and what Akshat did.
Meher: I m sorry, yeh sab meri waja se hua.
Abeer: no, it didn’t, u proved u love me.
I looked here and there avoiding eye contact.
Abeer: man lo na yeh baat Shalini, mom too knows ur real identity, we will help u in revenge, plz manjao, I will kill myself.
A lone tear escaped my eye and I nodded in no. I bent down to him and kissed his forehead getting emotional.
Meher: I accept I love u.
Abeer’s face brightened up listening this.
Abeer: yippeee
I giggled on his childishness.
Abeer: so stay with me from now, what say? Haina mom?
Aunty nodded in yes.
Meher: but uncle, Maa and others?

Abeer: leave that on us…won’t u hug me?
I smiled and kept my head on his chest, he hugged me back.

What to do further guys?

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  1. still confused.. can u tell me who is this Shalini??? otherwise nice ff… just the fact that i cannot understand that if Kuber had seen Shalini then how is he acknowledging that the girl is Meher???? ok fine tell me in brief or i will make u confuse…:-?

    1. Salley145

      First Meher was Shalini in my ff, story started with Shalini’s fight, so he kicked her out of house and when he was going back to his house leaving her on road, she met with an accident injuring her face, as Abeer took her to hospital, she requested doctors to let her escape and claim her dead, doctor did as he was told. Later Abeer n his mom got to know about her secret and decided to help her in revenge. U should read from beginning so u understand

    2. Are you the same rhimjhim that writes fan fiction for KD???

      1. yaa hii ayushi

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