The Revenge of Love (chapter 1)


A girl is shown running after a boy on the wet road with umbrella . It was raining heavily and it was almost midnight. She finally reaches the boy and holds his arm stopping him from going.
Girl: u can’t go Abeer, we are married to each other, I never did so on ur any mistake then how can u just kick me out of your house ?

He frees his arm with a jerk that she falls down on the road.
Abeer: sorry I didn’t do it deliberately Shalini
He helps her stand and she hugs him tightly.
Shalini: please don’t leave me…I love u, I have always loved u…don’t do this please.
Abeer: I also love u, but we are not meant to be together Meher.
Meher: but why?
She said still hugging him and crying.
Abeer: because God wants this Shalini.
He breaks the hug and walks away. She watches him. Judaai plays in the background.
A car comes towards Meher in fast speed, she doesn’t notices this and watches him walking away. The car hits her and she falls, her face gets smashed by the big stone. Abeer turns hearing her scream and runs towards her. He sits by her side and turns her placing her head in his lap.
Abeer: Shalini!
Her face was full of blood, she was conscious.

Abeer: Wait I will take u to hospital.
Shalini: no! I don’t want ur help! I will die rather than living such life, no need to save me, jis trha pehle chhor k jarahay thay, chale jatey na, kiun murr k dekha mujhe? I want to die.
Abeer: stop being crazy…chalo.
He picks her up in his arms while she struggles to get out of his grip.
Shalini: chhoro leave me…I don’t want to live.
Abeer: shhh
Shalini: leave!
She finally gets successful in getting out of his arms. She starts running with wounded face and falls. Abeer holds her.
Shalini: leave me plz.
Abeer: no
She stands up and sees a cliff near them and stands at the edge of it.
Shalini: if u touch me again I will jump from here.
Abeer: what’s this Shalini?
Shalini: this is ur punishment, ab jab door jarahi hoon to tumhara pyar jawan hogaya? (she starts clapping) wow Abeer, isi trha I was begging u to not to go, ab tum bhi wohi dard bardasht kro.
She moves towards the cliff.
Abeer: Shalini rukjao

Shalini continues moving forward. He slowly moves towards her to stop her. She falls from the cliff, he holds her hand.
Shalini: leave!
Abeer: no I won’t!
He tries to pull her up, she tries to free her hand. He pulls her up by difficulty and hugs her. She pushes him away.
Shalini: move away from me.
Abeer picks her up forcefully and takes her to nearest hospital. He asks the nurses to bring a stretcher quickly. They bring and Abeer lays her down on it. She is taken to OT. Inside the operation theatre, Meher requests the doctors not to save her.
Doctor: beta aap ko bachana hai isliye apka husband apko yahan laye hain.
Shalini: Doctor, claim me dead, keep someone else in my place and let me escape.
Doctor: beti tumhe medical help k ilawa bhi koi help chahye krdunga lekin pehle medical help phir personal help.

She is given anaesthesia, she sleeps in its affect.
Nurse to doctor: do u think she’ll be saved? iska chehra to ekdum bigar gaya hai.
Doctor: that is my responsibility.

The operation starts. After the operation is finished, Shalini comes in her senses after 15 minutes, her face was bandaged. The doctor comes and removes her bandage giving her a small mirror. She sees her changed face.
Doctor: I have told ur husband that Shalini is dead, I did as u said.

Shalini says in heart: from today I m Meher n not Shalini, Abeer, u will pay for what u did.

Guys I know m doing too much, m ending love is blind today so thought to replace it with a revenge story.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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