Revenge and live together (Part 9)

Hi guys back with a update wanted a small help if anybody likes to do it . can u suggest some ideas for the revenge I have some bout still needed
Press meet
So guys
repoter (1 2…..) r(12…
radhika r
arjun a
neil n
sam s

so all the four are seated
r1 sir /mam do you think you can mange all your business at the same time .
n yes as always when all four of us are there then there is no need of worrying.
R2 radhika mam will your company merge with mehra global .
R no never we will keep everything separate as it has been all this years more over I don’t think even arjun or nesam
R3 sir do you think it is good to slap your partners for your pa’s
Now radhika got angry she wanted to reply but arjun held her hand
A mind your tongue they are our brother and sister and I and radhika love them like our own siblings they are our family so please and
S and when all of four wanted to hide from the media from the world it was these people who did not let us down more than that how many of your companies tried to give them money but none of them did so because they are family and I think what radhika did was correct
R4sir /mam do you think you will the business awards this year also
R that we don’t know we don’t work for award we work for our happiness our clients happiness and will always do so
R 5 mam do you think because4 of business the bond you share will break
R I and arjun think that we are always there because of the continues support of nessam from our school life
R6 mam can we say they are your back bone
R no they are not my back bone my back bone is my husband and my hands are sam and my legs are neil so I think it is always this for all four of us

So we end this decision here wanted to say something but cut them of
R and actually I wanted to announce something Mishra group is announcing a new branch for book publishers
Sara publishers and the first book launch will be a book which Samira herself have written the book of dreams .thank you sam for leaving your dream but I think its my time to complete them as promised and all of you are invited to our marriage after 4 days
1 engagement
2 haldi
3 sangget /mehandi
4 marriage
5 reception
Ok guys see u in our engagement .
Radhika instructed something to ankush and went and ankush simply nodded
After an hour their was news that Mishra group as bought if media house and if media is the same media house which the repoter used the word pa
Arjun neil sam were smiling seeing this and thought our radhika is coming back just some more days
Neil bhai , bhabi is such nice person you are luck to get her
Sam nahi neil radhu is luck because she hot jiju
Arjun pulled nesam into hug and said I like theway you address me jiju bhai what happened
Neil nothing bhai you always wanted me to call you like this so I am
Arjun k
Radhika saw this and was happy about her love her best friends or else her bil
So guys two pages in word I think I have done enough guys pls comment waiting for it bye tc teddy hugs

sorry guys actually i by mistake copied the 7 th part for 8

precap engagement and the revenge

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Baaby darling superb,excellent,amazing,outstanding,marvelous,mind-blowing episode….. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes. I liked radhika saying nesam is not back bone but her husband is back bone sam is my hands and neil is my legs…and i liked nesam calling arjun bhai and jiju… loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…..

    1. Baaby

      thanks arti if i can call you that

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, for revenge this person is jealous of Radhika for perfect grade or having a boyfriend like Arjun, waiting to see why they did this to Radhika. 🙂

  3. Baaby

    brin di thank you i like your ff so much and they did it because they thought everything is about being beautiful which radhika never was in her young age

  4. Roma

    Awesome very beautiful n lovely story. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡,;)

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