Revenge and live together (Part 4)


It is always the people who hate you the most become your best teacher .


Rasam and arniel went out .

radhika said ” guys the people we are searching are here and are known to us we can marry the way we wanted.”

( note: all four never wanted their kids to be a part of their revenge. so , they never had those s*xual contact ).

arneil blinked and sam said ” ra if you don’t have problem then why will we have “.
arniel and rasam went home and thought radhika ‘s event management company will manage all the work next day morning all the newspaper were full of the press meet article and photo . ardhika and nesam for the first time going to thier own house they were happy but sadd. it was okay for them . as they have to stay away manya, ankush niti , jai were standing radhika saw them and they know what to do they called the three of them inside ( guys this is a small house which is a 3 bhk and looks like middle class family house ). tyk entered and saw the house and
tarushi said “the mishra and ar group owner live in here my house is bigger than yours mam”.
radhika said” this house is the one which i and sam brought on our own money”.
it was very imp for us and your giong to see our house come lets go there was some 5-6 audi and lamborghini with some 8 other black benze. nesam and jani got in the odey and ardhiak and anya in lambourghini and other were filled with body guards tyk went near the car and
jai said ” catch a taxi or aoto and don’t worry company will pay the bill if you want money . and don’t even dare to something wrong in the accounts because i personaly will check your accounts .so be careful,
ardhika and nesam with jani and anya came and stood before a mansion which resembled palce all eight went in but were stopped it was niel mother perna and arjun mother nadhini said atleat let us welcome our son and daughter cum daughter in law after that they went there was this 8 store place 20-10 people let me intoduce them afterwards let”s continue the story all eight sat and were chitchatting tyk entered the house and were left open moth seeing the house . radhika said them to go and ask their work from jai and ankush and asked tharushi to come to her
tarushi ” yes mam” . all were shocked and
dillip said ” radhu you never ask sombody to call you mam the why now
radhika said they are tyk all family members saw them with rage and
dillip said “ok ”


dillip and mala mishra 3 daughters and consider neil and saral has their own son. dillip loves radhika to much

samart and piyali khanna sam and uday is parents and loves sam alot uday is in us.

perna mehra neil’s mother treats radhika his daughter and loves arjun a lot .

nadhini and arnav mehra the king and queen if bussines loves arjun more than anything has a ddaughter who studys with uday in us

precap ardhika and nesam pre marrige rituals and a lot of fun and revenfe past revalation

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Superb baaby… I loved… Can u plz reveal what is past and why are they taking revenge… Will be waiting for next episode …..

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    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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    Great dear… waiting for nxt update.. 🙂

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