Revenge and live together (Part 2)


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Part 2 ( before I start there will be a word from me for you whenever I post )

Revenge is a part of life Don’t make it your life

Mishra enterprises

Radhika cabin

Rasam were sitting as if somebody comes in and they are able to see there back radgika never trusted anybody so she would always do this and even force Sam to do it they were in there professional dresses rasam were in knee length skirt and a formal shirt they hide there sindoorand wedding locket very well there was a que waiting for them but rasam first finished there meeting and then they came up for the interview mishra and at enterprise was such companies Were your talent was valued than anything else there was no dress code or anything just be your self

The first person was teji he came in and said gm mam and gretec them and they to did the same he was asked some questions and them he got selected he said thank you mam but radhika and Sam had turned now and said it is di for you Sam’ s pa jai will be outside he will do the other formalities ask him if you have any doubt
Out of 30 only 3 got selected teji nitaya shona more 3 were left but all the job were filled but still they wanted to interview the very first person was the girl on the right side of Sam and she is looking at radhika as if she is untouchable when she entered she said gm mam

Rasam together gm

Radhika is r Sam is s and the girl is t

R what is your name

T tarushi

Rasam didn’t see her till now they wanted to conform if it is her or not

S which school did you do in your 9 the and above

T mam narayan ( guys it is my current school name so I used it no issues on the school pls )

Rasam turned at once

Tarushi found out Sam but radhika had a changed a lot if you see that picture radhika and now you can see very big difference

R I am radhika

T hi radhu and hi Sam she wants to hug both but both of them stopped and said yare they both with you now

T yes yamya and kriti are outside watimg for the interview

Rahika at once called anuksh and said ppls send the two girls eating outside at once and call arjun and say him I need him here in next twenty min with Neil and don’t forty to call manaya and niti to

Anuksh did as radhuka said all the three were happy because they now anyway radhika will select them as they were her friends radhika asked them few question. And they even asked were they were and how what they did and other things rasam answered everything as if tree were not interested at all

When anukush and jai came in without knocking and said they came

Tarushi said who are they looking at anukush and jai

Sam our pa’s

Kriti and they don’t have manners to knock and come in

Radhika got angry and said because they are our brothers they don’t need any ones permission so kindly shut up you should rember that you came for a interview

Anukush and jaj huged radhika and said thank you di strangers won’t understand you like us

Yamya see radhika your still the same rafhima a emotional fool and good for nothing

Arjun came in and said mind your tongue yamya I will bury you alive now one will be able to question who did it so stop

All four sat

Tarushi who are you two

Tarushi I can find our your Neil but I think your arjun am I right

Sam absolutely

Yamya so you still atd in relationship

Radhika no we are a married couple sam and radhika showed their wedding locket and sindoor

Radhika you yamya you will work as anukush’ s pa kriri you are going to be jai ‘ s pa and tarushi don’t worry your my asstient

Tarushi we don’t deserve it we will talk to mishra groups do or chairperson. Or we have even offer from at group so before she could finish

Radhika I am the owner of mishra groups and sam is the CEO and at group a for arjun R for radhika so I and Arjun are the owner and Neil is the ceo and about other company one call from us and no one will give you work . so pls accept it Or else life long no work tarushi yamya kriti together it is tyk said OK .

So pls call us mam you will call everyone here in the room As sir and mam only do you understand you will come in a sares only ( radhika knew all the three are not comfortable in saree) and you will knock the room before you enter am I clear radhika said tyk said yes mam and forced the word mam

Anukush pls arrange a press conference today they can meet ar and mishra groups owner and CEO . it should be here only one trh top floor do the arrangements.all should be do in two hour after two hour radhika and sam came out in a beautiful peacock green colour and arniel came out in a black three piece radhika to tyk come to the top floor and stand at the back do you understand .

Arniel walk in the front and ardhika walk in the back

When they enter they can see photo clicking sound ardhika and nesam give a couple a photo and rasam wedding locket and sindoor are seen perfectly .

All of them get seated and jai and niti cone and says you can ask all your questions so pls one by one we can start so

Precap interview new things and the tyk toucher

Guys has understanding you journey of love love finished pls say it and would love to be your tu friend so anyone who wnats to be my friend
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