revenge and live part 13 and 14 (last part)

Hi guys back with a update this will be not long and the epilogue one on Monday so let’s start

All had their bf and the marriage preparations were going on

In evening
The pandit came he asked to call the groom arneil came down and then after that bride were called rasam came . both were looking stunning and both of them were happy after that they read some mantras and then varmala and then kanyadhan then tthey took the 7 holy rounds around the fire and the arniel tied manglusutur around their neck and then filled their maang after this mala and piyali did bidaai and perna and nadhini did grah pravesh nia said” radhu sam you both will be the first bride to do grah pravesh and bidaai in the same house then all laughed and then they were some pre marriage rituals then all four were taken to the 8 th floor on the same lift and only the four were there and then once inside sam neil arjun had only fear how will radhika react even if the sound doesn’t reach down it is still a issue to worry neil and sam were worried for ardhika more and nesam knew arjun all this years had controlled his feelings he never went beside radhika stayed away fro there even when she hugs him he would not touch her like before maybe that ‘ll make remember her the incident once radhika was okay he hugged once radhika was he kissed her but he never even touch her the way he always controlled his feelings and then he never even looked at any women at that way . so now radhika was happy she didn’t release it was her first night . when the lift stopped sam pulled radhika and neil pulled arjun

Sam” radhu I know how difficult it is for you to come over but you have t move on all this years arjun never forced you and the man who wanted get married to you at the age of 10 and then he loved you from the age of 7 do you release but then he never wanted you that way he never looked at anther women so pls just for once forget it and pls give him a chance to express it you known neil used sleep around and I never said anything because things were like that he only did it twice in year that to with a women who wished for it arjun went with him but arjun would drop neil there and go somewhere and then even will pick him up you thought something but the truth was something was something else and he never let us say this to you so pls give him his right at least once pls

Radhika was stunned she thought something and the truth was something else
Same time arneil
Neil said” arjun pls don’t do this to your self pls make chashni understand she will pls move one step and I know she will also so pls “ arjun nodded

Nesam room
It was fully decorated neil smiled and sam blushed and he took sam in his arms and placed her on the bed came on top of her neil kissed her passionately and sam responded with the same after this neil looked at sam and she nodded neil removed the last barrier of cloth between them and they became one after that both of them slept covered themselves in blanket and hugging each other

Ardhika’s room
When arjun entered radhika was already there he went and hugged her from behind
She said “ aru if you had never nightstand you should have said it t me I would have fulfilled the wife’s duty first you matter to me a lot aru nothing else pls understand pls “

Arjun first was shocked he turned radhika and cupped her cheeks that’s why I was scared that you will forget your revenge and a true mehra should not do it he smiled “ after that he came lose and kissed radhika with all the love he had for her and radhu did the same after that he took radhu in his arms and placed her on the bed and he took it slow first radhika remember that incident but then arjun made her open her eyes and show her it is just him she felt it bit relaxed after that both became one and hey slept peacefully in each other arms . morning radhika had called tyk to her room and sam was there and now

Radhika “so you remember there was a time you said I was bad luck my name radhika itself was not luck now let me tell you something I was radhika dillip Mishra the legally announced heir of the Mishra food company and all Mishra company I own a event management company sea event management company which built on my own with my money now I am radhika arjun mehra the md of mehra global .wife of the an groups md the mehra global .

and I am lot more the name radhika which was so unlucky has all these what does the lucky name tyk have nothing pa’s just my pa’s so remember tarushi yamya there is always something you don’t know so pls think before you speak and you wanted to know my revenge you know the day you joined you signed a agreement without reading it you have signed all your shares on my name by mistake and I radhika arjun mehra the new chairperson f the business world you from your job . you will never be able to do something like that . manya call the inspector . poice officer came in and said miss tarushi miss yamya miss kriti all three of your under aresst for doing frogeryin Mishra company we have proof against you radhika went near them and gave each one slap and said in their ears enjoy the hell for 6 years byee

Arjun radhika neil sam came down
And were shocked there were pictures of ardhika and nesam from childhood till now and their whole classmates were called all of them wished them best of luck
Radhika felt happ she smiled fully after years from her heart ardhika and nesam danced romantically and the ff ends on the happy faces of ardhika and nesam

Byeee guys miss you will start a new one giving a small review below the story will revolve around how the 4 unknown people become close and what are the problems they face

Thank you Arti ,Thank you kavina ,Thank you Roma ,Thank you Brin ,Thank you Fanficoholic ,Thank you Jewel ,Thank you Farjana ,Thank you Subha ,Thank you Jessie ,Thank you Saran, Thank you sangee, thank you meen , thank you viprida , thank you chashni, thank you sulbi, thank you ritu,thank you sree ,thank you rossy , thank you nikudus, thank you jnana, thank you devika , thank you duggu , thank you niku , thank you all if missed any sorry and tc , teddy hugs and keep reading all the story will write a epilogue byeeeeeeee keep posting gauri di , jessi di , brin di I am fan f your ff’s di ‘s bye will comment how pls miss me and this ff .

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