revenge and live part 12

Hi guys back with a update so let’s start
Ardhika and nesam were getting ready for their sangeeth . the family had prepared themselves .the show hosted by priya and uday .
so the first performance was by priya . she performed on kaun tujhe from ms dhoni the untold story uday performed on tera dhyan kidhar hai then
they both performed on bole chudiya from kabhi khushi kabhi kagma
next was ridhima and saral
ridhima performed on cutie pie .
saral on selfi le re

they both performed on soch na sake
the next performance was by nia and anuj
nia performed on paro
anuj performed on malhri
both anuj and nia performed on ladki beautiful kar giye chul
then niti as sam jai as neil ankush as arjun and manya as radhika and danced on break up song and then jab tak from ms dhoni
ajun performed on channa merya and

neil on badtmeez dil
radhika performed on mannav lage
sam on Saturday Saturday
rasam performed on pinga
rasam were one on side and arneil on one side
first arneil on dheere dheere meri zindagi mein anna
and rasam on dil mera muft ka
(boys line by boys and girl line by girls and these songs were not fully played just mixed up )
arniel on Delhi wali girl friend
and rasam performed on balam pichakri

now ardhika were standing together and nesam together and the songs staterd to play
sau tharake rahe
saree ke fall sa
kabil chacham
lovely hoegya
hammam hammma
ok jannu

subha allah (only the girl part )
now couple dance
sanam re

jannam jannam
jak gummya
hammri adhuri khani
jia dhadke jiya dhadke
ae dil hai mushikil ( title track )
now raneil one one side sajun one side
jo tera hai wo mera hai tukur tukur

tukur tukur
dil dhadkene do
the episode ended there and then rasam went near piyali and mala and puuled them to dance on

maa maa meri maa perna was pulled by radhika and nadhini was pulled by priya riddhi ma and nia also joined and all started to dance now after the song dillip and samara came and stated dancing on gudiya re gudiya (yeh jawani hai diwani that son while haldi ) then ridhima and nia joined them and priya and arnav to joined them for some time neil thought if his father was ther e but the love he got from arnav and dillip was uncontainable but he still missed his father but then he thought about the three father he had now and was happy after the song arjun and neil were pulled and only mehra’s were there on stage nadhini prena and arnav started the song sasural genda fulu then all went away and then one by one came as gallan godiya started ( guys each one was coming one by one only one in front of camera once or a couple only once all came in front together on the galla godiya ) after this endless sangeeth everyone went and slept . next day morning all woke up and went to the four’s room

radhika’s room

mala went and saw radhika covering her half of the bed (king size bad how will radhika cover whole).
Mala went and woke up radhika and asked mala to sit kept her head on the lap .
Mala”radhu maybe your young than nia and ridhima but you were the most matured one be it from hiding your name till your saving money for your event management you knew the value of money and respect people . this why your dad and I love you more than anybody .never let your negativity spoil your positivity
radhika said” I will take care of that “
mala asked her to get ready and come down for bf

sam’s room

piyali went and saw sam woke up and said “ sam good morning mom”
sam said” good morning mom “ and hugged her near the stomach and
piyali said “ sam there is nothing that can break your friendship with radhu and arjun and your love for neil is more than I can imagine . that ‘s why I am saying pls don’t let the three again spoil you people’s life again pls”
sam “mom I will try my best”(but little did she wanted the same as others )
piyali asked her to come for bf

arjun’s room

arjun was sitting and doing some work nadhini shut his laptop and caressed his cheek and said I was so scared in your childhood how will your wife will she spate me turn you against me you know I am your’s and priya’s step mother after all before she could complete .

arjun “mom if your not there than I am priya would not have grown up like this dad would have been all his life
nadhini “ you know I was scared when you said you have choose a girl to marry and then when I met radhika all the doubt got clear . she always have made it better than the old. The thought of loosing you went away and radhu was a daughter to me like priya . never leave her or sam or neil trust them they are like mirrors to you arjun knew that it was going emotional so he said ‘mom you and scared I mean like the business women for years the business tycoon . nandhini arnav mehra was scared “
nadhini bet him playfully and asked him to come down
neil’s room

neil was having his head on prena .
prena” I miss yor dad neil “
neil” I too mom don’t cry then dad will come and ask me if I could not even keep his wife happy”
prena laughed at him and then said come down for bf

phewww got hell tried writing it okay guys thanks for the comments love you tc teddy hugs and bye the next one will be short sorry for that

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    Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode…keep it up honeyyy. . . . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

  7. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode…keep it up honeyyy. . . . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 :*

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