revenge and live part 11

After the haldi all were in there room (note the 7 th floor is the kids floor and in the 8 th floor there is only ardhika ,nesam’s room and a small office like setup for all the company’s they handled
7 th floor
Uday and priya were free to meet in us but here they had to be careful if they knew that than that ‘s the end of uday and priya uday secretly had sleeked to priya ‘s room and started to apply haldi on her face priya knew it was uday so she said uday this India bhai will kill you for this and think about sam di how bad she will feel when you get scolding do pls go uday turned her around and said I know what your bhai will do don’t scare me off in his name and pushed her to the corner and looked her in between the wall and him Sam wanted to spend some time with uday wanted him to even know about Neil so nesam were searching him here arjun also wanted the same (guys note everyone knows each other from childhood so they are just going to talk about the business part and all other stuff ) .

so ardhika came to priya’ s room and nesam thought he will be with priya as they were best friends arjun asked why are you here neil said uday is not in his room thought will be with his beastie and then they thought why don’t they have sis bro time so called ridhima ,sarla , nia , anuj and went inside uday was inches apart from her lips when the room door opened and all were just so shocked to see this the first thing arjun did was went to uday pulled him of and stated beating him Sam was having tears in her eyes(guys position was such that you will think uday tried molesting priya) neil went and hugged priya but priya could not get her eyes from uday who ‘blood had stared coming from his face and mouth and priya went to arjun and said “ajju bhai pls stop he did not do anything wrong pls stop she was crying tears started coming from priya’ s eyes and arjun could never take tears of his sister and stopped beating uday first thing Sam did was just hug his baby brother when her mum and dad were all busy in hospital due to emergency she would be uday ’s mom and uday’ s first word was di she never could take her brothers tears but letting her brother do wrong things was also wrong and moreover arjun had him sam uday why did you do this why this what I thought u uday this is what pls say something .

uday just saw priya in arjun’ s arm and asked priya trough her eyes and had got a good response and smiled at and said di I love her and she loves me from 3 years all were shocked and arjun wanted to know is this true or not before he could ask something radhika understood him and said priya look at your bhabi do you love uday and priya was scared but then she said yes and al let sign of relief arjun went uday and said sorry BIL and uday said it ok arjun bhai and all had some fun there and left to their rooms and stated doing there work tarushi was called by radhika and yamya was called by sam and they were both in the same room radhika” tarushi u hate because I was not beautiful am I right and yamya you hated me because more beautiful than you and all boys drool over me radhika today the same face is the world’s largest business women I earn more than anybody in the world that means more than my husband and brother and soul sister but then the 2 nd is my husband the 3 rd is my brother and soul sister do you think you will reach this heights and see today take which ever paper you want world Indian anything everything front page gas our photo and do you know my company share are not in the name of coming down but you always asked for standers and surname right so let me tell me my name to properly radhika dillip Mishra the daughter of the ex owner and ceo and founder of Mishra food product and cool drink product and now radhika arjun mehra owner of mishra group the owner as event management the md of mehra global and the wife of an company owner founder and the mehra md so let ‘s do something which will spoil your face you love your face right radhika took a bucket of black paint and poured it over tarushi and yamya nd said leave the hell out of her and the the mehandi the girls were happy and had mehandi tiil they elbows and their husband’s name written on it and then the sangeeth went super awesome all the family member’s performed and then the night before the marriage radhika had started touching the three in all means they could not bear hot or cold they are scared of darkness

precap marrige recepetion the honeymoon the fun and the ending

decide to end it on 15 the chapter sorry felling sleppey tommorow promise a long one tc bear hugs and byeeeee

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    Baaby darling superb,excellent, awesome,outstanding,nice,fantastic episode….. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…. I liked the
    Way brothers and sisters act and had fun with each other…arjun is pocessive brother towards his sister priya but radhika understood it that priya uday a lot…. Awesome episode……will be waiting for next episode dear… loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u……

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