revenge and live part 10

Hi guys i don’t why I got less comments this time I will accept both negative and positive reply even your suggestion . so enough

As always all four were in news and their marriage will keep them on news for some more day .
Radhika came in and hugged all three
Sam “Radhika the book house was not needed “
Radhika “ Sam it was necessary I know that you always wanted to become a writer but a your parents wanted you to be a cardiologist and you loved it you left that dream for your parents and you shared it with me that how you always wanted to be writer and then a cardiologist I suggested you that why don’t you become both and you decide to become both but then everything changed in our life just because of me I am so sorry guys”
Neil “look at me chashni we are happy we are safe because of you and you are more important to us than anything you never showed of that your radhika Mishra the daughter of world ’s best beverage and food companies owner you never showed it we did not know your surname you just took your name as radhika dillip your simple you are unique so pls . I and arjun were known as mehra global owner son and nice and sam she was known as the daughter of the best doctors in world and her parents were the best doctors . but you you never did that why your special so please .
Radhika nodded she said I love you bhai
Neil smiled this how his chashni called him the word bhai from her mouth was just looking so correct he smiled and hugged her sam and arjun smiled at her
In the evening
Engagement was done in a five star hotel arjun was in his black 3 piece and neil was in a blue 3 piece and they were waiting for rasam and there they entered the all beautiful lady’s hand in hand the soul sisters the best friends and this unbreakable bond of them made everybody jealous . radhika was in a red gown and a diamond set and sam was in a pink gown and a diamond set both looked like they were someone from heaven
The engagement began and arjun and neil at the same time put ring in radhika and sam’s hand and then it was radhika and sam’s turn they did the same now after that they gave some pose and they were busy meeting the guest only friends and family were invited that was more than enough because three family ‘ friends and family were like huge crowd after some time everything was done tarushi , yamya, kriti were standing in corner ther was some guilt in kriri’s eyes but the yamya and tarushi had only hatred and jealousy .
It was time for revenge
Only jai niti ankush manya were there other than them were tarushi kriti and yamya and radhika and nesam . one signal and te lights went of tarushi yamya and kriti were pulled to corner and were tied and radhika and sam went near them with niti and manya standing behind
Radhika do you remember this darkness no then I will make you remember than that day you tried molesting me I was one and you were 3 and some 6 to 7 boys you were cheap but radhika Mishra and radhika mehra has her standers radhika and sam took a bucket of cold water which could be compared to ice and started to pour and all three of they were shivering and radhika pulled anther bucket which was filled with water but not cold it was hot it was hot as if of more than you can think and radhika poured three to four buckets on them they were burning now it was some ice radhika took a bowl filled with ice and put it inside tarushi ‘s dress same was done with yamya and kriti . rasam signaled niti and manya something and went out with arjun and neil . radhika was feeling bad radhika was a girl who would forgive everybody sam saw this and said radhu they deserve it so pls calm down they will be alright at least till we complete our revenge they could hear the voice of three radhika was still felling bad because once they were her so called friends arjun rapped his arm around ad they left in their car
The next day all the three came but were scared
It was time for haldi
Radhika and sam were in one side and arjun neil one side and curtain in middle
Radhika ‘s sister ridhima ,nia
Ridhima is married to saral and has kid aruhi
Nia is married to anuj and has kid abhimanuyu called abhi
Sam’s brother from us came uday
Arjun’s sis priya has also come with uday
Uday and priya love each other but has not said it to anyone
Everyone started to apply haldi all were happy but neil and arjun wanted to apply haldi on rasam neil went to radhika and started applying haldi and said chashni always smile and if my bhai troubles don’t say it to me everyone smiled on hearing it and sam was smiling she knew radhika and neil were this long lost brother sister . neil saw everyone laughing saw sam siting next to radhika so he had haldi in his hands and thought good opportune and applied haldi on sam’s face prena neil you should not have done that neil smiled and said mom yaar . prena said I was joking I now you will do some mischief neil smiled it was arjun’s turn he applied haldi on sam and said sam I love you like your my baby sis so remember any trouble you will have the great ARJUN ARNAV MEHRA to protect you sam smiled arjun had some haldi in his hand applied it on radhika and said sorry to the elders . rasam did the same .
——————————————————————————————————————————————revenge it can build something and even destroy so be careful of how your using it all the four knew how to use that’s why they use it this way

part 10 happy that 10 parts are over thank you for your support

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