sorry friends for the late update.. but i was a little bit busy so i could not concentrate on it.. as i didnt get any idea to express here.. but plz dont be disappointed.. i will try to post a long update today.. enjoy friends…

befor starting here is a short intro about the character of kavita..
Kavita- she is an orphan.. used to live in orphnage before comming to college.. very hardworking n talanted n got scholarship in this college.. very simple n shy girl.. deprived of love in her life.. always wanna be successful.. when she becomr 2nd in college.. she became sad n jealous from swara.. now she is just trying to snach her position of being no 1 from her..
this was the intro of kavita now i ill come directly to the episode..

episode starts when swara was smiling remembring her dream n she thought that she will proble the love of her life today onlly n she cant wait any longer..
swara pov:
OMG!! what was i dreaming.. all this is the effect of love fever on my mind.. i will keep thinking same untill i confess my love to sanky.. i think i should not delay it today.. now today is the day when i will propose my love.. hope he will accept me… i know he love me so much even more than i do but now i cant wait any longer to wait for him to propose me.. i know.. boy should propose girl n girl shoud be shy.. but in my case i think he is so shy to confess his love.. but i have to do something na.. okk then lets proced towars the plan..
pov ends..
she calls someone..
swara- hello listen.. u know tha what are u supposed to do..
unknown- ….
swara- okk listen it should be perfect.. i dont want ny gadbad .. okk..
sw- okk okk byee.. n i trust u .. thank u so much for all this..
after all this she went to washroom to freshen up.. she came back n was thinking what to wear.. she almost empetied her whole cupbord n was taking the dresses one by one n goes to mirror to look whether is is looking nice or not.. but she is totally confused.. what she should wear…
while doing this.. her eyes felt in mirror n what she saw was just awsome.. her love.. her sanky is watching her from the mirror n making faces to show her which dress she should wear.. she was trying one by one …
sw- trying blue anarkali..
sanky- nooded no wit his expressions.
she left the dress n started picking dresses one by one…
but he was just denying her for everydress …
now she was hell threw all her dresses on floor in anger.. n sat on the floor holding her head.. suddenly her eyes fall on one dress.. ( a pink crop top n balck long skirt with stars on the lower boarder).. she became excited to see it as it was given by sanky on her 18th birthday.. she became happy to see that n rtarted rembembering her days..

@xyz mall:
swara- (searching each n every shop of the mall for her birthday dress..) she was so much excited for her 18th birthday.. (why she shouldn’t be afterall she will becomr mature from tomorrow)..
sanky- he was just watching her making so many weired faces looking at dresses.. he was just adoring her innocence..
sw- her eyes fell on him.. n her eyes were requesting him to help her find a perfect dress..
sanky- in eyes only he was giving her assuring smile that he will help her..
n he started searching for the dress for her best buddy.. suddenly his eyes fell on a red n black gown.. it was so simple n elegent.. he just picked t up n went to swara n asked her to try it..
sw- she went to trial room n when she tried.. she was looking just awsome..
sanky- he complemented her though his expressions..
sw- she came to him n thnaked him n gave him a bone crushing her for choosing it for her.. she was so much happy..
sanky- that time he saw a dress in the hands of swara.. he came to know that she liked the dress ..
(but she bought the gress selected by him… )
after finishing the shopping they left for hime as they have to get ready for the party also 9ofcourse her birthday party at night in her mansion)
they reached upto car but sanky said that he has forgot her mobile on the counter..
sanky- sw u be here i ill come in a second as he forgot his phone there..
sw- she nooded n sat in car ..
sanky- went to same shop n bought the same dress for shona for her birthday present.. but didnt tell her abt this..
they both reached home n after somethime party started..
our birthday queen was comming down from the stairs in the same dress which he choose for her..
sanky was just admiring the beautiful shona n complimenting her in her heart.. he didnt believe that she is her jhalli shona.. she was just looking like n angel in her choice clother.. he felt proud on himself too for choosing it for her… he was completely lost in her..
meanwhile she come in front of him n snapped her fingers in front of him.. he came back to senses..
sanky- complimenting her
sw- blushing hearing his comments..
sanky- dont be proud of urself.. i only choose it for u.. otherwise u were to taking too much time for just selecting a single dress..
dont know what will happen to ur husband.. bachara 😉
sw-started beating him playfully.. (in her mind- that will only be u mr maheshwari urff my sanky to bear my tantrums).. thinkung this she was blushing in her mind ( i told u na gys she was in love with him for her childhood only)
cake cutting ceremony was over.. n all wre giving gifts to her n she was thanking them n showing them her teeths by accepting ther gifts.. al;l started leaving the hall after finishing the party..
sanky was standing in corner watching her childhood acts n adoring her for her innocence n her beauty..
after party..

she saw him standing in corner n went to him n..
sw- hey sanky monkey.. where is my gift.. wont u give me my birthday gift…
sanky- he was acting as he forgot to get a gift for her..
sw- how could u forgrt it sasnky… i will never talk to u.. kattti..(making faces)..
ssanky- you only took so much time in the mall to select the dress that i forgot it… it was ur mistake only..
sw- she was sad that he forgot.. n was hurt n going..
suddenly he came in front of her that she got scared n slipped due to it but our hero held her in the nick of time n (the same pose.. he was holding her from the waist.. she was little bend in her arems.. her hands were touching her waist .. a cute eyelock was there b/w them)
sw- get up from her heart didheartened n turned to go
sanky- held her wrist n gave her the packet in his hands..
sw- (her face brightened.. she just hugged him n..) u didnt forget na..
sanky- adoring her seeing how cheerfully she was opening her gist..
sw- she become happy to see the same dress which she liked in mall..
she again hugged him n this time she even kissed him on his cheek.. he became surprized but ignored seeing her happiness..
sw- how do u knoe that i…
sanky- putiingbhis fingers on her lips.. shhhhhh..
kitna bolti h yr tu.. aab kush na..
sw- bhot kush… just doing colgate wala add showing her whole theeth..
A perfect smile a girl can have can be seen on her lips n even her eyes were twinkling remembering their bond.. she was beyond happy..
she took her dress n went to change.. she was almost ready wearing the same dress , doing a slight makup..
suddenly her phone rings.. she got the call n …
sw- what..!!
episode ends on her shocked face…

how was the episode gys??
i hope u liked it.. i tried to make it a little longer n tried my best to show the adorable friendship n bond of swasan..
hope u liked it.. u can guess why was she shocked at the end of episode..
what shocked him??
whose call was that??
what was going to happen in her life next??
just stay turned to know about..
i ill wait for ur cmments.. thank u so much..
n yes one more thing may be i ill not be able to post next chappy for days becoze i m going my home after long time.. so …. 🙂 🙂


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