next morning:
swara was sleeping peacefully with a cute smile on her face as if she is dreaming about sanskar..but unfortunately her beautiful sleep is disturbed by our sooraj chacha.. yes sunrays falls on her beautiful ways which was irritating her n she got up..
she was thinking about her yesterda’s dance n a smile creep on her lips.. she was happy …
suddenly she got up from bed n she saw sanky standing near the window of the room.. she was totally surprised to see him there n was happy too..
swara- sanky… u u u here.. i i i mean how come u.. n why are u here.. u u w want something..
sanky was just htsring her n smiling.. suddenly by listening her fummbling.. he started to come close to her n she was going backward.. she was blocked by the wall n sanky came very close to her.. she was breathing heavily.. she was feeling his closeness n she shutted her eyes..
he slowly whispered in her years..
sanky- I LOVE U..
SWARA- she suddenly opened her eyes n was shocked to listen it.. she was shocked.. she didn’t believe her eyers…
sanky- yes shona, i love u.. i came to know abt everything.. about u being my kavi.. n about your love. you could have told if if u felt such thing.. what was the need to talk with me from some other name..
swara- vo vo.. vo m .. i was.. i t .. thought.. u ..
sanky- shhh.. now i dont wanna listen anything.. i know u love me n me to so
swara- so
sanky- soo
swara- soo
sanky- soooo
swara- so what sanky..
he came really close to her.. she was feeling goosebums… he was just leaning towarsds her lips n.. swara just closed her eyes…
she never thought this would happen.. she was lost in her thoughts now..
swara’s pov-
i had never thought that it would happen this way.. i was planning to propose him.. but he he flopped my plan.. but i am happy that he also loves me.. i to thought te would be angry from me.. i thought he dont love me..
she jerked her thoughts away.. n opened her eyes.. she just saw that he was not there n moreover she was on her bed only…
how can this be possible.. he was here only.. i felt him here.. omg! was it my dream.. no.. it cant be dream..
she got up from bed n started looking here n there n searching for him but he was nowhere.. she then realised that it was her dream only.. suddenly a long beautiful smile came on her lips remembring about tha thought of being loved by him.. she was very happy.. n decided to propose his man
swara pov-
OMG!! i was dreaming.. but what a wonderful dream it was.. i m very very happy todaay.. my day started with his thoughts.. i love him.. yes i love him..
its ok if it was a dream, i will make this dream come true.. i m gonna tell him everything about me being kavi.. i just wish he won’t get angryy with me.. i jerked myself n thought it can never be possible. i cant be miffed with me… i know he too love me.. thats why to he cares for me so much.. i ill tell my truth to you soon.. i m excited to see ur expressions..
i love u sanky..
pov ends…


  1. navi

    Superb… bt i feel lky next episode might be pathetic one… he is gonna hurt swara.. bt wil wail for ur nxt nxt one asap

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