Partners were announced…
ragini-lakshya, prince-kavya, kush-sam, sahil-kavita, swara-sanky,…. n so on
when swara herd her name being announced.. she was litrelly jumping making funny faces, she just came to sanky n hugged her.. sanky saw her childishness n got meserised seeing her.. (afteall ture love is always true.. your brain may not accept but your heart can feel it).. he too was happy.. but suddenly he thought about kavita but he is not feeling sad for not getting to dance with his kavi (dumboo.. he dont know his kavi..)
sanky’s pov:
i just herd my name announced with swara.. she was so happy.. may be becoz he wanted to dance with his best buddy… she was litrelly jumping.. i was happy seeing her so happy.. she came n hugged me.. i was so happy from inside.. i just felt that everything should stop here.. what am i thinking? how can i think for swara like that? i love only my kavi? i cant cheat her?.. these thoughts were running in my mind when i saw kavita standing with sahil.. (dono chudail aur bhoot hi theek h saath me.. swara aur sanky ke beech me aane ki zarurat ni h.. hmm) i didnt fell bad seeing her with someone else.. whqat is this feeling.. one side i love her n then i fell so much happy with swara that i cant think over anyone else not kavita.. what is this mixed feeling.. what is in my heart.. i cant get that..

sanky forward his hands towards swara.. she happly gave her hands on his.. the were standing as facing each other sanky’s hand on swara’s waist n her hands weregently placed over his shoulders.. (song- allah wariyan)
they wre dancing romantically.. swara was feeling butterflies in her stomach n sanky case was not much different.. hge was also enjoying her presence.. music stops n two couples were now.. now another song was played.. n paper was folded.. they came very close.. they can feel each other’s breath.. making both of them nervous..
then another round.. now only swara-sanky n ragini-lakshya were left..( i forgot to tell u.. ragini n lucky were in relationship from past one year but only swara knew about them).
they both were dancing lost in each other.. swara’s feet were on sanky’s n he was holding her tightly from her waist as he would never let her go away from him.. lakshya took ragini in her arms in a bridal style.. all were hooting.. music stops…
n both the couples were announced as winners.. by the sound of clapping.. both couples came into senses.. when they got to know abt winner they hugged each other tightly.. some cheap boys started making noices.. they became embarasses n left each other…
now its time for mr. n ms fairwell..
mr sanskar maheshwary urff sanky was announced as mr. fairwell n ms neeta was ms fairwell.. all congratulate them n the party was over…
everyonne went home…

thats all.. i hope u enjoyed… if there are any mistakes let it know me so that i can improve.. 🙂 😉

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