the day passes, all became good friends.. here sanky started falling for kavita n swara is madly in love with sanskar.. she can do anything for him.. but he never noticed her love for him..( such a dumboo, cant he see pure love in her eyes for him).
exams came n go.. sanky helped swara through her exams.. she became the topper of class n so was sanky in his class.. kavita got the second position in class.. ( she started feeling jealous from swara, as she is a scholarship student n she used to be the topper in every field but now.. swara became the topper so she felt jealous)
2 years passed the same way.. but in these two years our sanky became so close to kavi (fb frnd) n he thought her to be kavita.. they used to chat overnight on fb but they never talked on phone .. even she didnt gave her no. to him (does he not believe him, no matter is something different.. it will be revealed soon)
sanky n kavita are now fully in love..
but there is a problem which sanky could’t understand.. kavita refused to give her no. to him n even she asked him not to talk with her in college campus in front of their friends. sanky was confused as how can she deny him to talk n she never paid attention to him in campus.. it seems that she is not the same kavita with whom he used to talk… but he thought that may be she doesn’t want to reveal their relationship to anybody.. so he ignored these thoughts..
now as 2 years are completed.. now its time for nthe sanky to leave the college as he has completed his graduation.. but swqara n kavita still have one year in this college..
party venue:
everyone was enjoying the party being thrown by students .. all the friends are having their fun together..
now paper dance was being organised by fst year students for 2nd n 3rd year students.. chits were being made n partners are to be choosen ccording to those chits.. all the students are provided with the chits…
sanky’s piv:
its a good chance to dance with my lady love.. i hope i had the same no. of chit which kavita has.. then she cant even deny as it would be in our fate to dance together in front of frnds even without disclosing them.. i hope she also want to dance with me..
swara’s pov
omg!! paper dance.. i wanna dance with my one n only sanky.. my sanku.. i love u soo much.. i wanna dance with my fb frnd sanku.. now as he is leaving college tommorrow i will disclose him that i m her lady love.. i m his kavi (fb frnd).. oo wow.. i just wanna see his expressions after knowing that her childhood bestie only is his love.,. i love u sooooooo much sankyy.. LOVEE UU… I m very excited.. plz god.. just do some magic n let me dance with my lovee..
so sorry gys .. i know i couldnt disclose the reality of swara being kavi in nice way.. i tried a lot but i couldnt make it interesting to read .. plz forgive..
but as now u know that sanky’s love kavi is none other than swara.. so please read the next episode n u ill come to know how sanky came to know abt the truth.. he can ever recognise his true love… will he be able to forgive swara for such a big thing.. just read net u ill come to know… u can even give ideas as to how should let swara propose sanky.. how can she tell her truth to him.. plz help..
thank u.. 🙂 🙂

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