party was going on.. everyone was enjoying.. sanky n swara together participated in many competitions… along with them there were many of their bfriends also.. they won many prizes.. everyone was so happy… while playing swara fell down n she strike with the corner of a table placed there.. sanky was her falling down n shouted…. SHONAA… HE RAN TO HER..
sanky- shona shona , u okey.. cnt u walk properly.. see what happened … omg! look at your head .. its bleeding.. swara swara. u r listening.. u okey.. get up i ill drop u home now.. dont even say a single word get it.. (he got so much panicked, afterall he cant see her shona in trouble)
swara- sanky.. i m okk.. its just i fe.. i dont know how..
sanky- ha ah how do u know?? u r to so innocent na (in taunting way) tumhe to kuch pata hi ni hota..
swara-(while he was scolding her for her carelessness..) sank… n she started feeling dizzy.. (afterall its head injury 😉 )
sanky- swara swara get up.. omg i ill take her home
he forget everything when he was with swara..
he said to all his friends to enjoy he will take her home.. lucky tried to help but he said that he will manage.
they reached home. when swara’s father saw her like this.. he became furious n asked sanky what happened to her.. he told her everything n wemt to her room n placed her gently on bed.. he himself bandaged her.. he carassed her hair n kissed her forehead n went..

host-now its high time to announce our mr & ms fresher… dil tham ke baithiyae ..jis ghadi ka aapko besabri se intezaar tha vo aa gayi h..
now i would like to call our chief guest on the stage to announce ou mr and ms freshers 2016 n provide them with their crowns..
chief g- our mr. fresher is non other than mr prince vadhwa.. please have a huge round applause.. mr prince plz come on the stage n receive ur title.
now its time to announce our ms fresher.. its none other than our swara gadodia.. ms swara please come on the stage.. hello ms swara.. agar aap college campus me h aur hume sun sakti h to plz come on the stage.. ur crown is waiting for u..
meanwhile lakshya prince n ragini went to our host n told them about swara’s accident..
now host went to chiefguest n told him something which is muted..
chief g- sorry students but due to some reasons our ms. freshers cant cone on the stage.. so i think we sholud give the title to someone else.. so our today’s ,s fresher is kavita kapoor.. ms kavita plz come on the stage ..
kavita received the award( this chudail kavita humare cute swara ka title bhi isne le lia.. hmm… chudail)
but no worries swara ke liye to sanskar hi uska sabse bada title h.. n she wanna be the princess of his prince charming sanky only.. n he is with her taking care of her..
thats all.. thanks guys for reading…

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