hello friends… i now u were waiting for knowing the reaction of swara n sanskar after knowing the truth.. soo sorry i m late but i would compensate by making this episode a long one.. hope u will like it.. thank u keep reading..
Swara was ready to go to his love n was blushing thinking what would be his reaction .. suddenly wen she was about to leave for college she got a phone call… she saw the caller id n became happy as itwas her sanky.. πŸ™‚
sanky- hey swara… its a big day of my life.. i wanna propose the love of my life n i want u to be here to support me… as u are my one n only bestest frnd.. (he said it in one go , his happiness can be clearly visible from his voice)..
sw- what (she was litrelly shocked.) she remained silent for some time as she didnt know what is going on.. n she was unable to react..
sn- what what!! u are comming na..
sw- (she was unable to say anything.. she just replied). hmm
sn- thank u thank u thank u soo much shona.. i m so happy..
ok then be ready at 4pm in college ground.. i ill be waiting for u.. be there on time okk..
sw- hmm.. i ill be there..
sk- bbyee.. love u shina.. (dont think too much.. just as a friend he said..)
swara sat on bed with a thud.. tears were brimming in her eyes after thinking abt his proposal.. but she soon composed n thought..

swara pov–
what are u thinking swara.. u know na he love u soo much.. n didnt u listened he just said love u shona.. but he may be said it as a frnd na.. (she then thought abt their long night talks n chatting.. n she became happy..) .. omg!! i m such a dumboo.. ofcourse he will gonna propose me only.. he loves me only na.. m such a fool.. kuch bhi sochti hu.. ofcoure he will gonna propose me only afterall he loves me so much n i too love him.. are varna vo mujhe kyu bulata apne proposal ke liye.. ohh.. to ab m samjhi.. he wanna give me surprize.. thats why he called me like this n he didnt told me abut the girl also n he also said that i know her well. toh aacha bacchu.. u wanna surprize me.. i will also react as if i m really surprized..
swara pov ends—
thinking all this n making so much dreams in her heart she started blushing in her heart..
sw- omg!! i to thought of proposing him but.. he will gonna do it… i m so excitedd.. :):)
thinking this she left for college as it is already 3pm.
she left in her car..
on the way her car broke down.. n she became tensed n thought how she will reach early.. she became so worried n her heart was saying as if something bad is gonna happen.. but she jerked her wrong thoughts away n started thinking to take lift..
prince (one of her classmate n also her frnd) was going to college through same route.. he saw her struggling in so much tension.. he stopped her car in front of her.. (he is a flert but good at heart)

prince- hey beauty.. where r u going..
sw- prince.. dont dare to flirt with me okk..
p- omg!! u got it haa..
sw- yr plz.. i m very tensed i had to reach college at 4 but its already 3:40 .. dont know what to do..
p- hey baby doll calm down.. i m going there only.. come i ill drop u..
sw- sacchii.. thank u thanku… (she hurriedy sat in the care beside prince)
je started his car …

p- can i know pretty girl.. why are u going college in such hurry n that too in this beautiful dress..
sw- (she started blushing listening this0
p- he stopped his car suddenly n looked towards sw.. hey hey hold on.. u r blushing.. swara gododia n blushing.. am i dreaming.. such a bold girl.. i mean a tom girl πŸ˜‰ knows to blush also..
sw- saw him n playfully beat him n asked him to hurry she will tell him in the way..
(she told all about him n sanky n about his proposal.. n again blushing)
p- ohh means .. i dont have a chance..
sw- nop.. not at all… i m only reserved for my love..
p- ohho .. love shove haa..(teasingly)
p- lo.. u are on your destiny..
sw- thank u soo soo sooomuch prince..
p-my god!! this girl n saying thank u.. aacha aacha go now ur love will be waiting for u.. its already 4:10
sw- oh my god.. i m late.. ok o o .. byee.. i m in hurry.. meet u after thank u once again..
she hurriedly went towards college campus garden..
she saw it all decorated with roses n lilies.. (traditional n modern touch)..
she was searching for sanky then she spotted someone…

i know i have disappointed u to stop at this level but kya karun.. thoda suspense to hona cahiyae na… but i know u all can guess what will gonna happen.. fir bhi m chalta h itna to.. sorry but plz be in touch with the ff.. n yes do coment whether u liked it or not.. n suggestions are also invited for the upcoming story.. if anyone wanna help.. thank u so much.. bbyee.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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