Mount College Dehradun:

One boy n a girl were comming to college together hand in hand ( Aww they look cute ).the boy was telling the girl to behaive properly as as now she is not a small child but now she is in college. but the girl was not at all paying attention to what he is saying . she is just staring him lovingly but that dumboo boy doesnt understand anything.
yes the boy was one year senior to her and so he is training her about how to behaive in college as per the instruction of her father as u know they are neighbours. they are childhood buddies.( Yes u guessed it right, they are our swasan only).

as its the first day of college, so seniors are looking for the juniors for raggingg. But our sanky has already warned all the seniors not to play pranks on swara as he cant see her in trouble ( bestest friends you know). But our swara is swara, she is provoking the seniors for ragging as she is soo fun loving n adventerous. She wants to experience everything in her life. (Dumb Girl, who wants to be ragged yr).

As the college started many freshers started arriving but our swasan are busy laughing n chit chatting. Suddenly sanky started feeling strange, something unique but that was so good feeling for him as if someone belong to his heart is comming close to him.
sanky’s pov:
a girl entered the college campus, wearing a red long skirt n yellow sleeveless t-top with a scarf around her neck. OMG!! she is looking stunning. she is so beautiful, her long open hairs, her glossy lips having a small cute curve, etc. etc. (i cant see sanky praising someone else than our cute swara).

The same girl came near swasan and started asking abot the admin office as she is new here. our cooly boy was just staring at her. then swara hit him with her elbow funnily and he came into senses. sanky told her the way . she thanked them n leave.
…….. that was it for today.

hope u ill like it. please tell if there are any mistakes so that i can rectify. thanku 🙂 🙂

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  1. Very nice dear…..n plz I don’t sanskar praising anyone else than swara…so plz make one soon…

  2. Soujanya


  3. awesome yaar

  4. Akshaya

    she is kavitha?

  5. Priya tripathi


  6. Hey plz don’t make sanky fall for anyone else other than swara

  7. Deeksha

    It must be only swasan…… No one else……. First part was good……

  8. Abirsha

    its nice….dont want sanky to fall for any other girl…..

  9. nice…..

  10. Xxxx

    It must be ragini i guess

  11. Nice..

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