revenge for love Part 7


final part

next day abhi left his baby with purab and Bulbul and went with a gun hunt kishore Singh verma.he entered the house via the back doors his house had many securities and abhi somehow managed to enter his room and kishore verma started laughing

“abhi you know you are the most foolish person in this world I saw you entering my through cctv and shall I till you a hot news your wife pragya didn’t die but you are going to die”

flash back

abhi escaped from kishore verma for the sake for his baby he felt ashamed for this after he left it started raining and pragya slowly moved her hands kishore saw this and saved her to kill abhi infront of her eyes

flash back ends

“so abhi you are going to die infront of your love them I will kill her too finally your love’s symbol your child will also join” said kishore and laughed with a evil smile

“where is my pragya” asked abhi with moist eyes with happiness that pragya is alive

“kitni pyaar wait abhi” said kishore and took him to a dark room with in 1 second there was a firing sound kishore is dead


“adi wake-up baby come on get up today is your first day to play school so get up” said pragya shaking adi her soon be 3-year old

“2 min mumma” said adi and again slept

“no 2 mins adi come on get up its already 8:00 baba if you don’t get up mumma won’t talk with you” said pragya immediately adi woke up

“mumma aap kyun black mail bar-bar kartihoon for petty matters” said adi with a childish spout

“okay sorry baby come on have bath” said pragya and took adi in her arms and went to the bathroom and took him bath.

she wrapped him in a white towel and brought him to the room and wiped his body with the towel and made him stand in the bed

“mumma” called adi


“when will papa come he will buy me that quantum robot na” asked adi slowly

“haan papa will buy you robot toy and will come today noon” said pragya and started him dressing



“in school they won’t scold me na” asked adi with is dramatic face sadly

“nobody will scold you baby” said pragya and kissed his forehead



“I will get friends na” asked adi innocently

“haan you will get friends you can play with them” said pragya and adi still not satisfied with his questions



“when will you come to pick me” asked adi sadly

“I will pick you by 11:30 am it’s just 2 and half hours baba mumma will pick then we will go for shopping with papa okay” said pragya

“okay” said adi and kissed her cheeks and pragya kissed him back and she to him to the hall

“adi come eat your breakfast” said pragya and feeded him sandwich and milk



“you will buy me chocolates na”

” haan”

and the van arrived and they heard the horn sound.


“come on adi it’s late”

“I will miss you mumma” said adi and cried hugging pragya’s legs pragya couldn’t see adi crying and it pained terribly she went outside and said the van to go has she will drop him today and adi was still crying still yesterday adi never left his mumma but today for almost 3 hours he can’t see her and the mother in pragya couldn’t see her child cry see went near him and lifted him in her arms adicput his hands around her neck and rested his head on her shoulder and kissed his head

“adi beta now you have grown up and you have to go to school then only you will become a CID officer like na” said pragya caressing his back

“hmm” replied adi in a crying tone

“okay come I will drop you in car”

after 3 hours

pragya and adi reached home today pragya felt differently she stayed with adi till the school ends and pragya was shocked to see the lock opened she ran into the house and saw her husband seeing some file

“papaaa” shouted adi and ran to abhi’s arms and pragya smiled seeing them.

“papa where is my quantam robot” asked adi eagerly and pragya came sat beside abhi and hugged abhi sideways and laid her head on his shoulder.

“haan i brought it for you it is in your room go and take it” said abhi and adi ran immediately to see his robot and pragya stood up abhi’s hand clutched her wrist and pulled her to his lap and he nuzzled her nape and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

“abhi leave be yaar adi will come” said pragya while abhi started kissing her neck

“he his my child he would be busy with his robot and I need you now so don’t try to escape” said abhi and nuzzled her back pragya was moving her hand in his hair and he was kissing her and he reached her lips but it was spoiled by his little demon adi and abhigya stoped their work adi ran and came with his robot and sat on pragya’s lap

“baby how is the family burden” asked pragya and laughed seeing her ado also started laughing abhi hugged both of them and kissed their forehead.

“love you pragya”

“love you too abhi”

“and I also love you mumma papa”

********************the end***********************

thanks you guys for your support special thanks to vaishali and durga I mentioned there name as specially because not only they comment my story but they comment all the stories in TU writers need comments to go up so you guys sorry if missed others are rocking

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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  1. Hi akshaya kannan , you ff was gud … Ending was superb … Happy writings 🙂 …

  2. Awesome akshaya dear omg u finishes it soon I will miss it badly yaar this story was really nice..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww…….Its Awesome…….

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