revenge for love Part 3



Flashback continue

pragya hugged abhi tightly and they both say on a big wood log and pragya rested her head in abhi’s chest.

“did you like my suprise” asked abhi caressing her cheeks

“very much” said pragya

“teeke let’s go its very late” said abhi and started his bike and pragya sat back side.she holded abhi’s arm tightly resting her chin in his shoulder.

“where are going abhi” asked pragya while abhi was driving.

“my dear wife please wait” said abhi and pragya smiled

Abhi brought pragya to her house and asked her
to stay for 2 days as he has a urgent work in Pune and after 2 days he will pick up her but pragya’s face saddened hearing it.

“pragya sirf 2 days sweetie phir I won’t leave you anywhere and we will become one m” said abhi sitting in bike while pragya starred at him.

“pakka” asked pragya

“hmm pakka” said abhi and kissed her forehead and left.

pragya entered her house and went to her room she looked herself in mirror today she thought she looked very beautiful its because not of her make-up its because of her kumkum and mangalsutra she kissed her mangalsutra and slept dreaming about abhi


pragya arranged all her things in abhi’s house and she had a plan for him so she locked the house and left.

Abhi went to his CID head office for an important case and he too planned a suprise for pragya he thought about pragya and his suhaag raat tonight and his assistant called him as somebody is calling him in the landline telephone abhi went and took the phone.

“SIR YOUR WIFE AS MET WITH AN ACCIDENT PLEASE COME TO CITY HOSPITAL” told the unknown person.Abhi immediately stormed to the hospital and asked about his wife to the receptionist and the lady told his room number abhi ran immediately to the roo on there he saw pragya sitting in the bed talking to the nurse nearby.

“pragya tum tho kuch nahi na” asked abhi with moist eyes and kisses all over her face and he noticed the nurse was hiding and giggling seeing them and he again saw pragya.

“pragya don’t tell me you pranked on me” asked abhi while pragya was stammering

“abhi woh woh actually suprise” started pragya “DON’T YOU HAVE SENSE DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I FEARED THESE MINUTES ITS FELT MY WHOLE LIFE IS GOING TO END AND YOU ARE PLAYING WITH SUCH SENSITIVE MATTERS HACE YOU LOST IT!” shouted abhi while pragya has tears in her eyes and realised how much he would have feared in these minutes.

“I am sorry abhi” said pragya with tears while abhi scolded her and dragged her to their house.

In abhi’s house

He didn’t utter a single word to pragya he almost didn’t talk almost for 8 hours this was the first time abhi didn’t talk with pragya for 8 hours.abhi was watching tv and pragya came sat near abhi in the bed

“abhi I am sorry na” said pragya and kept her hand in his shoulder put abhi pushed her hand.

“I have to do something, idea!” said pragya to herself and went to the closet and came outide wearing a lingerie with a lnner piece which is sleeve less and is till her knees she came and say before the mirror and removed her ponytail and throwed her rubberband on the floor while abhi was continuously looking at her.

“are you trying to seek my attention” asked abhi with a killer.

“Why should I Mr.Abhiskek prem Mehra afterall I am your wife na” said pragya and stood up and move towards abhi combing her long her and sat on his lap abhi couldn’t oppose her seeing her beautiful eyes.

“I am sorry abhi I am really sorry I didn’t know that you love me this much I am sorry” said pragya with tears holding his face abhi was melted seeing her tears.

“pragya promise me that you won’t ever play such stupid games” asked abhi forwarding his hand and pragya promised him.

“I love you abhi” said pragya and hugged him(if not comfortable with the content please dont read) sitting in his lap abhi nuzzled pragya neck and arms and they both knocked there heads.pragya kissed abhi’sface while he pressed pragya’s waist in pleasure.abhi slowly removed his shirt buttons and throwed it over the floor

“you are here” abhi showed his chest to pragya indicating she is his heart beat his life and everything and pragya pressed her lips in his bare chest and abhi closed his eyes feeling the warmth of her lips.pragya laid her head in his shoulder and wrapped her hand around his chest.

“I am sorry abhi I love you so much” said pragya and a lonely tear escaped from her eye and abhi wipped it with his thumb and kissed her eyes softly then slowly came to her lips and kissed passionately and made her lie the bed and followed over her top and two souls become one this night.


“Abhi it’s our little CID officer inside me”

Credit to: vicky (akshaya kannan)

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