Reuniting my dad and dadu — OS

mishti’s POV:

since I was a baby, I was never allowed to be with my dadu. if my dad was at home, danger. if my dad was away, I was safe to play with dadu.

why is my dad so attached to the past? what happens happened. I know that dadu had an affair with someone but now he has changed. he changed way before I was born just my dad doesn’t see that.

my mum doesn’t have a problem with dadu. she is happy that he has changed.

oh sorry. you must be wondering who am I complaining? hi all I am mishti omkara singh oberoi, daughter of rikara. I am soon leaving home to continue my higher studies.

anyway, back to what I was talking about:

so my dad has a problem with dadu and obviously I am going to fix it.

mishti’s POV ends.

rikara’s room:

gauri: what’s going on omkaraji? you have been attached on that laptop since morning. anything important?

om: yaar gauri, why do I have four daughters? they are all hard to buy for.

gauri: matlab?

om: I want to get a gift for mishti before she leaves for college but can’t find anything for her.

gauri: kitni stupid hai aap. think, what will she study in college?

as gauri spoke, mishti came but hid behind the door to listen to the conversation.

om: what sort of question is this? music.

gauri: so what will she need?

om: an instrument.

gauri: but what sort?

om thought for a while: guitar.

gauri: so meri pyaari jatadhari hippy, buy her a guitar and she will be very happy.

om: you are right gauri. I will buy her a guitar.

mishti to herself: damn it! here I was about to ask something else and there he is going to get me a guitar. dad, that would be nice but not as nice as what I really want.

she goes from there and goes to tej’s room. he was about to eat a sweet when…

mishti: dadu!

tej hid the sweets and said: yes mishti, what’s up?

mishti: what are you eating?

tej: um.. voh…my medicines.

mishti: oh so a laado is a medicine? wow never knew that. hand it over.

tej hands over the box of laados and mishti takes them.

mishti: thank you dadu.

tej: can’t believe you are going to college in a few days. what happened to those days when you would only stay at home and refuse to go to school?

mishti: no idea dadu no idea.

soon that day came when mishti would leave her home and go to college to become something in life. as she was about to leave.

om: misty, today meri beti is leaving to study. before you leave, this is your gift.

mishti looked at the gift and then om.

mishti: how sweet. but dad, I can’t accept this gift.

om: kyu?

shivru: how come?

mishti: kyunki this is not what I want. I want something else.

om: then speak.

mishti: I want you to make up with dadu.

all was silent and shocked.

om: what? to make up with mr oberoi? sorry mishti I can’t fulfil this wish of yours.

mishti: then forget that you are my father and I am your daughter. it’s been 20 years since dadu has changed yet you still can’t forgive. he made up with dadi, saved her from suicide. still you can’t forgive him? he helped mum when she was in labour with me and made sure both me and mum were safe. still you can’t forgive him? when munni was kidnapped as a baby, it was dadu who saved her. still you can’t forgive him? let the past be in the past! what happened was god’s wish but you can forgive dadu. don’t forget he was the one who tossed Svetlana out of everyone’s life.

om was shocked as he heard this from mishti.

mishti: don’t forget that Svetlana tried to ruined your wedding and dadu stopped her and made sure she suffered a death sentence. can’t you see that dadu has changed? I won’t become something in life if this is what I have to deal with… you not forgiving dadu.

om was silent thinking of all the times tej would hate him but then thought of the times he tried to make up with him. of the times mishti would cry when she couldn’t see tej. om turned to tej with tears and ran to him, hugging him tight.

om: I am sorry dad. I don’t know why I chose to remember the past. i’m sorry.

tej: what did you call me?

om: dad.

tej: then no need to say sorry. ‘dad’ is enough for me.

om smiled and hugged him tight.

all smiled seeing this.

mishti’s POV:

finally my dream has been fulfilled. seeing my dad and dadu as father and son.

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