The Reunion ~ Swaragini fan fic by Shreya (Intro chapter 1)


The Reunion

Chapter 1 ~ Meet them..!

What happens when we revisit our old school after a whole long span of 10 years? What do we feel like? We, usually, look forward to meeting our old friends and teachers whom we left behind years back. We are excited to revive the old memories and the golden days spent with our mates.

But for the four of them, this reunion holds a different meaning altogether. They, unlike others, never wanted to see each others faces, let alone meet and hang out with them. It was more of a forced reunion for them.

Sanskar Kapoor ~ Indian business prodigy. Loves his parents very much as they are his biggest strength as well as weakness. Robust and adamant, he is the man of his words. Cruel outside yet tender at heart, this man dreams of conquering the world.

Swara Roy ~ As beautiful as she looks. A national level volleyball player, she works in her Dad’s company and has won numerous titles in the sports world. Sweet and gentle at heart, she cares for everyone and is a perfect example of generous character. Loves her Dad who always acted as her backbone.

Laksh Singhania ~ A Playboy. Never cares about anyone’s emotions and feelings. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is the hottie, every girl dreams of. What work he does is a still a big question mark to himself even. Heartthrob of his city, he is the most pampered kid among his two siblings. He hates his parents but loves his Grandma and will do anything for her.

Ragini Sanghvi ~ An upcoming photographer. Beautiful as hell, she dreams of being a billionaire. She has suffered a lot under her patriarchal family and also because her boyfriend ditched her. She was caged by her family in her own house and was expected to do household chores until and unless she tried her luck out and made an escape from that hell. A regular smoker and drinker, she cares of no one other than herself.

The four of them were childhood friends who have now turned to high school enemies. Years back, they were ready to give their lives for each other. They cherished their bond and every single person, literally everyone, in the school was jealous of their friendship.

They have enjoyed every second of their life together until that incident took place. But life back then was far from perfect. Misunderstandings overtook their paths of happiness and filled them with hatred towards each other. And the four of them now do not even want to think about the old memories.

Once best friends, four of them broke up because of some reasons. And meet up again at the reunion of their school.

So what happens when these, so called once best friends, meet up again at the reunion party? Will they be able to forget the past and get out of this petty issue? Or will continue ignoring each other?


Hey..! Shreya is back.. So hope you liked the intro of my brand new fan fic. Do tell me how it was and also whether I should continue or not. If so, then I’ll be continuing it after my ongoing fan fic Let’s Fall in Love gets over..

Come on..! Shoot your comments down there..


Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Bisha

    That’s a nice, very nice start. You are ShreyaMH_ from Wattpad, right?

    Continue buddy! Looking forward to it.

    1. Yeah..! I am the one.. And thanks for the compliment.. Keep reading..! ❤

    2. Yeah..! I am the one.. And thanks for the compliment Bisha.. Keep reading..!❤

  2. Ashu

    Shreya dea!!??
    Well u knw me by the name of Rashmita in wattpad!!??

    This is awesome!! A totally diff concept!!! ?? pls do continue!!! I’m waiting for this one!! And r u gonna upload it in wattpad too?

    Love u deary!!??

    1. Rashmita..! Thanks a lot deary.. I will continue soon and will publish this in wattpad too.. Keep reading..!

      Love ❤

  3. Cutiie

    Nice..Reveal pair

    1. Thanks Cutiie..! And the pairs are Swasan and Raglak.. Keep reading..! ❤

  4. Anjaly

    pls continue dear.awesome plot,i loved it

    1. Thanks a lot Anjaly..! Keep reading.. ❤

  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb intro ??
    Continue dear

    1. Thank you so much SPP.. ❤

    1. Thanks Sindhura..! ❤

  6. Yashasvi

    awesome intro. loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Yashasvi.. Keep reading..! ❤

    1. Thanks yaar..! Keep reading..

  7. Awesome
    I missed u

    1. I missed you too Shagun.. Thanks a lot deary.. Keep reading..! ❤

  8. Sree

    Wow yaar truly loved ur writing skills in this.???
    Awesome start??
    I loved everyone’s character. Totally different??
    Waiting for nxt.
    Love u sweetie???

    1. Thanks a lot jaaneman..! Will update soon.. Probably today..!


  9. Superb

    1. Thanks a lot crazygirl.. Keep reading dea..! ❤

    1. Thanks a lot dea..! Keep reading .. ❤

  10. sanjana(sanju)

    Superb yaar …..

    1. Thanjs a lot Sanju..! Keep reading .. ❤

  11. Awesome….superb intro 🙂

    1. Thanks Suma..! Keep reading dea.. ❤

  12. superb dear..continue soon

    1. Thanks a lot Riya..! Keep reading.. ❤

    1. Thanks Lisa..! Keep reading dea.. ❤

  13. Great start. I loved the characterisation of SwaSan and RagLak and the concept seems really intresting. Can’t wait to read more ??

    1. Thanks dea..! It means a lot to me.. Keep Supporting.. ❤

  14. Awesome…. new storyline pls conutinue soon

    1. I will continue it dea.. Btw thanks a lot.. Keep reading..! ❤

  15. nice May ragini change bcoz his boyfriend and its none another than lakshya next part soon

    1. Nikky..! That’s my pet name .. Oh gosh we share the same name.. Btw thanks a lot deary.. Keep reading..! ❤

  16. interesting storyline……. plz continue

    1. Thanks a lot Muskan.. Keep reading dea..! ❤

  17. Awesome awesome awesome….very interestng yaaaar….oh my god rags charecter is reallly different..watng for it…plz post soon…☺☺☺

    1. Awe..! Thanks a lot.. Yeah will update probably today.. Even I couldn’t control my excitement after seeing the reviews.. Stay tuned Fairy..! ❤

  18. Nice into

    1. Thanks a lot piya..! Keep reading..❤

  19. Awesome ❤

    1. Thanks a lot dear Asheeyana..! Keep reading..! ❤

  20. Dharani


    1. Thanks a lot Dharani.. Keep reading..! ❤

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