A return gift (0ne shot) (mmz)


“Will you please stop crying rose” Thena patted on the shoulder of her best friend Rossy. Rossy turned and hugged her tightly . She rubbed her nose on her shirt . Myra entered the room. “Not again ..rose stop crying like a baby ..everything will be alright”. She spoke and looked towards thena . “stop teasing her ..myra” thena bite her lower lip . She herself was too tired and haggard. Her days are now circling around ..Drunk Arjun ….sobbing Rossy …fighting Arjun ….crying Rossy . Myra detached rossy and cupped her face. “Arjun broked up with radhika a year ago …but he is our best friend ..we will bring them together.” she spoke and wiped her tears . “you know I cant see him becoming stone hearted ..he was always more than a friend for me”. Thena and Myra looked at each other and mumbled “only god can understand .our rose”. Rossy looked at the screensaver of her phone . She smiled reminiscing how she scared her friends with her prank that she planned with Arjun . Her only wish was to escape from this planet one day with her best friend some day . But destiny had decided something else Arjun fall for Radhika . Rossy accepted that too with a big smile on her face.

Thena after making sure myra and rossy are slept slowly sneaked out of the house . After driving for two hours she reached one house .
“ Gianna …did u get anything ..i mean anything where she is present …now”. Thena asked her curiously . Her face frowned when Gianna nodded in negative . “ thena I know it is difficult but I will soon find Radhika”. Gianna who was one of the famous detective of india was currently working on Radhika’s case on her friend’s request. “ go home and take rest ..you need it”. She advised him .
“what do you think tha tha ..where can be this Radhika Mishra” Sv who worked as a partner in the detective agency was talking to her ghost friend Tha Tha . Tha Tha nodded in negative and SV hold her head . Sv and gia again started their work .
Thena came back home all disappointed. She saw Shravan who was standing on the door.
“hey rose is alright ..Mr Reddy” she told him.
“yeah ..i know ..and but look at you theee ..you are looking so tired ..i mean you are looking like a ..”. Before shravan can complete thena started hitting him .
“don’t you dare call me Zombie again”. Shravan was now running here and there . They both gasped and then burst out in laughing .
“Shravan ..where is sweetie ..your girlfriend” . Thena teased him . Shravan blushed . “ At her home ..But theee I came here for” . Thena cutted him off . “ for rose.. Don’t worry her elder sister will take care of her”. Thena smiled. Shravan left after few minutes.

Arjun was again drunk . He was roaming on the streets . After a minute he bumped with someone . “Radhika” . He shouted.
“ geez man stop shouting .. I am Supriya not Radhika” . She banged her head with her phone . Arjun smiled . “Hi Supriya …iam Arjun” . “ who is drunk” supriya replied back . She holded Arjun and make him sit inside her car. Arjun was slept after a minute . “ hey .. Arjun ..wake up .” Supriya tried to wake him up but he was already in deep slumber. “ I think I should take it home …Sammy will not like any outsider in her house ..god save me today from my sister.”she started her car and drove off .
“Shree …where are you” Supriya who was dragging Arjun called her friend who was watching Teen Wolf on her laptop . “ wao suppu .. Boyfriend ..not bad ..ha” she teased him . “ boyfriend .. He is not even a friend …god I was already not well and now this drunkard” . Supriya muttered.
“common suppu look at him ..he is so cute and handsome” shree spoke almost jumping on her couch . Supriya looked towards her . Her heart skipped a beat . But she controlled herself . “ he is already in love with some ..ra..ra ..Ahh what was her name” she started scratching her head . “ radhika” arjun mumbled in sleep. Shree started acting of her fake crying . “ god pls sent his carbon copy ..pls” she prayed with her eyes closed. Supriya hold her head .
“ shit Sammy di .. Where to hide him” . Shree and Supriya both started biting her nails .
“ Suppu ..shree guyz pls stop chatting ..now pls sleep” Sammy who was rubbing her eyes came out of her room . She was about to move forward when supriya hugged her . Shree sit on Arjun who was laid on the couch . They both were showing their 32 teeths .
“ what happened” she asked them . Sammy aka radhika . She changed her identity after her break up with Arjun . Now she was sharing her flat with two more girls. Supriya and Shree. “ nothing …see the room is so beautiful” Shree who was sitting on Arjun saw his lips moving . Her eyes widdened and she kept her palm on his lips covering his mouth. “ fine ..suppu and shree now you both go to sleep” sammy moved inside her room . Supriya took a sigh of relief . Shree and Supriya both looked towards Arjun.

Morning hours :-
Gauri who was moving out of her flat saw supriya and shree carrying a man who was bending on both of them . Suddenly Arjun slipped but gauri hold him in the nick of time “easy tiger ..” she spoke.
Shree shouted “bunny when did you come back” . She almost jumped on her. “last night ..when you guyz are busy”. She said pointing towards Arjun. Shree giggled and Supriya rolled her eyes.
“where are we going” shree asked supriya .
“I have called some thena from his cellphone she messaged me her address ..will drop him there” supriya replied back.
Thena was holding her head . Arjun was gaining consciousness . Just then everyone she startled seeing the person who barged in her room .
“rose” Arjun mumbled. Thena again laid back on her couch . Rossy moved forward towards him and punched on his face . Myra who just saw her sister’s brave act covered her mouth to not to laugh badly . Thena who was tired put cotton balls in her ears.
“Arjun Mehra ..what do you think you are ..you were drunk last night ,…actually heavily drunk …and in that condition you were roaming on streets ..what if something happened to you” rosie hold his collars tightly . Arjun quickly hugged her . “I am sorry Rose .. I will never do this again” Arjun rubbed her back . She hugged him more tightly .
“why don’t you accept it that you need her” she asked her . “and I don’t understand that you are my best friend but always defend her”.Arjun replied back .He was now frustated
Rossy was lost . He was right . She was his best friend . But she always defended Radhika . The reason was simple she know that her stupid friend cannot live without her that’s why she always tried to remove all hurdles from their relationship . Thena looked towards Arjun. “rose I think you should go and help myra in preparing breakfast ..i don’t want noodles today”. She nodded and left.

“can we just talk for a minute” she asked him .
“not about her” he replied back.
“fine ..not about her” thena smiled. “you know Arjun when I was ten years old ..my two friends were fighting for my doll …one day I realised that things have gone out of my control” she told him . Arjun smiled “interesting honey ..fight for a doll” .
“ one day one of them warned other that he will break the doll if he didn’t get it” thena looked towards Arjun who was staring her . She wet her lower lip and continued “and to save the doll ..the other friend backed off” . She completed.
“why are you telling me this” . He asked her curiously.
“because you are that doll who just lost the true love and are not able to see the sacrifices made by your love ..you have still time Arjun ..open your eyes ..get back her by hook or by crook …and make her confess why she left you ..the true confession” . After completing thena patted his shoulder and walked out of her room leav ing him bewildered behind .
A year ago (flashback)
Madhumita who is a well known scientist was working on her virus Ahalya . She smiled after doing some tests on it . “this virus is not safe for humans ..natasha make sure everyone in my lab should stay away from it” . Natasha who was working in her lab nodded. Saral who was also a lab assistant was hearing all these things . “..Arjun brother trust me so much ..now I will see how he will get radhika”. Brin and jessie who were just passing from there saw Saral . They decided to tease him little . They left the chameleon which used to increase size because of mutation on him . Saral started screaming like a kid after that . They both giggled. Saral fumed in anger.
After few days :-
Ramya gadodia who was well known model organised a small birthday party for her sister ritu . Everyone was called in it . Riu was getting pampered by everyone . But the things in the end of that party shattered many lives.
“I hate you Arjun Mehra ..i just want your money ..you are not even my type …I am just tired of pretending that I love you .. It is difficult for me to see your face even .. I hate you ..i hate you” radhika who was drunk was speaking all these things on the mike . Rosie felt little dizzy . Thena hold her in the nick of time . Saral smirked. Arjun was lifeless after that confession . He never met radhika after that .
Radhika was crying . Saral blackmailed her that he will kill his own brother by using the virus ..if she didn’t get away from him . Saral had stolen that virus and he burned the lab after doing that . Madhu thought that everything got burned in it but she don’t know that virus was stolen before it got burned.

Present :-
Radhika changed her name but still she was living in Mumbai . It was difficult for her to live without Arjun . She was shopping in the mall.
“sammy di do you like this dress” supriya asked her . Radhika who just nodded saw feby in the glass pane infront of her . She quickly hidded . Feby was the friend of rosie and she met radhika once. Nupur who was standing at the counter smiled seeing her hiding .
Tha tha and Sv were shopping the mall . Sv was really tired of the tantrums of her ghost friend . Her foot were aching completely . Suddenly her eyes widdened seeing radhika hiding behind the pillar. She quickly called Gianna who was chasing a murderer.
“I got her ..” sv spoke .
“drag her with yourself in my office” Gianna asked her .
“no ..i will not ..thats not possible ..but I will follow her” she disconnected the call. She and tha tha both smirked.
Thena was on the moon . She thanked both the detectives for finding radhika .
Rose was sipping the coffee. Arjun was staring her . “what ..why are you staring me” she asked him. “if I would have not fallen in love with radhika ..i would have married you” . Arjun chuckled . Rosie smiled faintly . “as if iam dying to get married to you” she retorted back . “yes you are” he replied and smirked . Rosie give him a fake smile . She slowly get up and started hitting him . They both burst out in laughing .
Thena reached on the flat . Shree opened it .
“can I meet radhika mishra” . She asked her.
Shree looked her from top to bottom . “sorry but no radhika lives here” she replied.
Thena who was talking to shree saw radhika moving out of her room .
“radhika ..” she shouted and entered in the house . Shree scratched her head and entered inside. Radhika was frozen. Thena hugged her.
“thank god you are alright ..radhika” . She spoke.
Supriya came out from kitchen . “ sorry ..but her name is sammy ..not radhika” . Radhika frowned on hearing her reply.
Thena looked towards radhika . “I am waiting outside” she spoke and left them .
After half an hour :-
“so you are not sammy ..you are radhika” supriya spoke while crying . Shree hugged radhika . “pls forgive me suppu” she requested her . “only on one condition ..you will tell arjun the truth” she spoke and hugged her . Radhika was frozen . She was in dilemna now . Thena who just heard everything smiled little.
“you still love her” rosie who was watching arjun playing in his phone asked him.
“no” he replied back .
“liar” she also replied back .
“fine ..you win ..i still love her”arjun banged his fist on the table. Rose smiled.
Thena wanted to kill Saral after knowing the truth from radhika. Shree was sharpening her knife and supriya took out her hockey stick. Radhika took a sigh . The girls were really mad on saral . They were planning to chop his balls off . Just then thena called Arjun . “Arjun radhika is getting married to saral..save your brother from her”. They all look towards her and showed their thumbs up .
Myra informed saral that radhika was getting married to Arjun in some temple. Saral fumed in anger and rushed towards his car .
He saw radhika in the temple . “what are you going to do ..if you will marry Arjun..i will kill him from this virus …how dare you forget our deal..” he pushed radhika but she was holded by Arjun in the nick of time . Arjun beat the shit out of him . His blood was boiling and he badly wanted to kill him . Radhika stopped him . Saral was arrested by police. Arjun looked towards radhika . He fall on his knees. “I am sorry radhika …I am really sorry ..pls forgive me and marry me pls”. Radhika hugged Arjun .
After a year :-
Arjun was in flower shop . Maadey di ..i want white orchids her favourite . Arjun asked her.
“hmm first anniversary..”. She gave him . “yeah he replied back
okay i know i had just written something very wierd . all rotten tomatoes accepted.
so intoductions …..
1) Rosie di (the character dedicated to her above who is playing Rose is the best friend of arjun who also loves him)— she is writer of DYM reincartions ; writer of Dark ; and new dimensions . recently she is writing mars manmarziyan too . as all of u know her all ffs are mindblowing . thanks di for your bday gift.
2) Thena di (the character dedicated to her above is thena who is arjun’s friend and elder sister of rose):- —–she is the writer of Can love sparkle . As you know thena di is marvellous in writing ffs ..and thank u for bday gift . as all of us are waiting desperately for the prologue.
3)Sv (the detective role is dedicated to sv as sv only with her fictional ghost tha tha )——she is the writer of 2 states (p.s ..if you really fed up of your life do read her this ..trust me you will die of laughing) ; hamari adhuri kahani and let me live are her ffs . as you all know she is the queen of humour and thanks sv for the bday gift ..guyz she is my hubby too ..lol
4)Gianna (the detective role is dedicated to her)——she is the writer of manmarziyan shades ..trust me guyz read this one and you will forget agatha christie …she is the queen of suspense …gianna thanks for the beautiful bday gift.
5) Supriya (sammy’s friend treating her like her own sister) ——-she is the writer of jaaneman ..devil,s child ….love you forever(p.s.my favourite) …love has no limits …and many more. she is only 15 but the way she write romantic scenes ..iam still learning from her..lil author thanks for the bday gift
6)Shree ( a fun loving character who loves sammy as her sister)———she is the writer of new story …mate werewolf (p.s my favourite) …guyz ask her not to leave telly page because many of us are not on whattpad . her writing is amazing .Another Sreee she is also a writer of jungle . actually i cant use two shree’s so you can imagine yourself in that character.and thanks for the bday gift both of you
7)Myra ( sister of thena and rossy ..bubbly girl ) ——-she has newly started writing about her passion project . myra thanks for one shot . and guyz her one shot how i met my mother was awesome do check that .
8)Madhumita ( a scientist ) ———-she is my favourite writer . trust me guyz tellyupdates is honoured to have a writer like her . go through her ffs once and you will really wantr\ to salute her . Ahalya is my fav ff . pls updates your ff soon madhu .iam her crazy fan girl.
9)Sweetie ( girl friend of shravan reddy u can consider shravan as neil ) ——she is writing one shots ….every shot is connected to last one and each shot has new social message . she is doing awesome job .
10)Ramya di Rg ( named her as ramya gadodia a model ) —–she is my reader who motivates me . 11) jessie above is lab worker is also our naughty reader .
12)Ritum di (maandey di a sweet woman who runs a flower shop) ———she is writing the ff nothing for you darling but still i love u …she is the queen of romance ..i am learning from her …she is first one who brought radhika and neil as pair and trust me i am really liking it .
13) Shravan is dedicated to Shravan rishi …now adays her ff is not updated . update soon your ffs .
14) brin ( lab worker) —-she is the writer of rectify . i can bet after reading that u will stop taking things simple . you will surely want to become detective for solving all tangles in her ff . She is also queen of suspense di . thanks for the bday gift .
15) ritu ( sister of ramya gadodia )—-she is writing revenge …love saga ..do read that it is awesome.
16)natasha (lab worker ) ——-a lovely author . sorry nats i will be unavaible on your bday but will give a update on monday.happy bday in advance.
17) feby our cute reader.
18) nupur our lovely author .
19) Sammy ( aka radhika’s new identity ) —- a crazy writer ..lol
20) gauri di ( a neighbour ) —— she is the fabolous writer of dpo and married by fate and she got the highest number of comments ..hehe gauri di is really amazing
so guyz pls dont get angry i can only use limited names ..i love all my readers ..it was a return gift for those who write on my special demand . i love all of you trust me .i know i missed many but it is a written gift ..i know you all love me a lot ok bye bye now i am feeling sleepy

Credit to: Sammy

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  1. Rg2015

    Wow… Sammy mind blowing…. I loved it and could personally connect with d characters. Me model….thank u soooooooooooo much.??????? you made my day by bringing all our frnds in one ff. Believe me … No rotten tomatoes…. Only hugs and kissess. This one has got something tat each one of us will cherish forever. Trust me these little things can make u feel so special. Thank u for writing such sweet wonderful funny ff. I missed u sammy. Hope u had a blast on ur birthday. Belive me i will always cherish this one. Thanks for making me feel special…

  2. JoAn

    How bad u left me ☹

  3. Dipika

    You left me too..but its okay..its really very awsome n cute return gift darling…. Loved it..stay blessed always n shine like a star..muhhaaa

  4. Sammy? U included me in this lovely story. Thank u so much, never expected that I’ll be there too in someone’s ff? Such a cute story, loved it so much?

    Did u get d gift I sent u in my ff page? If not please check the chapter 3 of mmz: broken…hope u like it?

    Rossy di~ a message for u: next chapter full on Ardhika for u and I had a vague idea regarding an os will surely put that for our lovely couple soon, maybe 27th July.
    Sorry Sammy for saying this on ur page, didn’t know how to send her d msg…hope u don’t mind?

  5. S.v

    Wooo wifie loved it so much dear. My wife has made me a deductive but u r radhika so im indirectly ur arjun too lol. I never knew my life’s stupid incident turned out to be so much fun. Lovely sammy and rosie was arjun’s best friend woo that was soooooo cute. And u are complementing 2 states this much. Never thought that even in my dreams. Love u so much wifie. Love u lods and thanks for adding tha tha too. .love u lods. Bear my tight and teddy hugs and kisses. Muuhhhaaa.

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    1. Shree

      Aiyoooo…. Enna panna Inda ponnu?! Yammadi… I scanning you top to bottom.. lol.. exactly what I’d do… Who’ll not do that when you come and ask for the wrong person…Sorry di Thena…

      Aiyo carbon copy a vachi naa enna panna? Original dhaan venum… Avan poyitan Vera yartiyo… Ada paavi enna alu vachitale.. Nejama emotional akita nambala..

      Ponne.. manichiko.. biggie hug to you

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    1. Huh…jessie n Sammy naughty ? girls I saw ur leg pulling on thena’s page now…awww me n my planet want peace…I’ll not going from here…will stay here…Martian beach are awesome n people are lovely also…now my mind is blank…so m taking my rest for now

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  10. Sreee

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    1. Shree

      Maa!! Why World War III? I too am equally worth okay… I helpedhim stay at my place… And btw.. it’s only carbon copy.. but does he ever exist?

      You be so cute!! His best friend… I think you’re still not done with your jumping and dancing ??

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    that too with in short period of time e.g., the OS’s all you wrote for Sammy’s birthday…awesome…
    I take this opportunity to congratulate and appreciate you all for the awesome work
    you are doing… Keep exploring your writing talent and I wish you all Good Luck… GB

  17. Myra

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    Sorry I haven’t read any of your ff as I follow only few otherwise I would be confused to relate with the going plot of story
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    My gawd!! Sammy!! What did you do? Teen wolves!! I love them… Me helping Supriya hide Arjun? I want his carbon copy? Who’ll not cet when such a handsome guy is in love with some other girl .. lol Golu.. look at you.. you helped a drunk Arjun ??… I sat on him.. poor him.. Dragging him.. poor us.. we need to drag that Hulk when we’re sick.. l loved Rose in it.. lol she just awept us all with her unconditional love.. Thena!! Ponee!! I gave you that look.. lol di.. I’m imaging it and still laughing.. Myra lol.. cooking… Sv and Gianna!! Thatha too!!

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    1. Weaving in a marvellous one shot ****….auto spell check. …I just hate it sometimes

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