Rettai Vaal kuruvi- Episode 2


Guys name is changed Not balaguru it is Balamurugan!!!!!!!!

The episode starts with Nila gets ready in the morning and comes out of the house…She calls yamini and tells her to come soon or i will not spare u….yamini comes there running.Raghavendra comes there and asks nila where r u going??Nila tells i am going out..He asks where and this time?Nila tells Gym..He asks really!!U thought of being fit…Nila tells yes and leaves from there…She comes out to gym and sees balamurugan doing workout and tells yamini see his body how fit he is??yamini tells yes yes…yamini sees her friend and tells nila to do u r work and she leaves from there….

Nila does excercise and sees balamurugan and gets into dream…Suddenly her hand slips weight falls on her leg.she shouts in pain and she was about to fall..But Balamurugan holds her hand and they both share an eyelock Rettai vaal kuruvi title song plays…….yamini comes there and sees them and takes pic and saves it in her phone…Balamurugan asks her is anything happened to her??Nila tells no and leaves from there and comes out with yamini and jumps in joy……

Nila tells he touched me!! yamini tells yes..Prema tells her that she have a gift for u! Nila asks what?Yamini tells after seeing it u will give me big treat..Nila tells really!! Tell me what is it?Yamini tells her to promise her..Nila promises her and she asks her to show…Yamini sees her phone missing and runs inside and sees balamurugan giving phone to gym owner..Yamini gets phone and thnx him…..Yamini comes there and shows her pic which they both staring at each other…Nila gets amused and she takes her phone and sees it and kisses on balamurugan face…….

Nila thnx her and tells tmr we are going to movie and shopping mall and u can take whatever dress u want!! Yamini tells i told u simply…We can go to movie and we can have lunch together at my home ok??Nila tells ok…Nila asks do u have shareit?Yamini tells yes and she shares pic…Nila keeps that pic as profile photo on her mobile,..Nila tells everyday i will see his face in the mrng….She smiles and hugs yamini..

Balamurugan comes to house and sees mirror and gets ready…Malini comes there and tells let us go to see that girl parents and they both leave from there…They comes to Yamini house and speaks about them…She comes and sees balamurugan and gets shocked…Yamini tells them to leave becoz i don’t like him…Malini leaves from there..Yamini parents scold her..Yamini tells them that Nila loves Balamurugan then how i can marry him??Malini hears it and thinks who is the nila?I need to find out and check she is prefect match for my brother…

Balamurugan comes to house and tells malini not to go to any other house and leaves from there to office angrily…..He comes to office and goes inside cabin…Nila comes there and asks receptionist to meet him..She tells u can go…Nila comes inside..Balamurgan shouts in anger and tells her to get lost…Nila leaves from there crying…..Balamurugan sees camera and remembers she was the one i saw in gym and comes out and sees her crying..He comes to her and apologize to her and tells her to come in..

Nila comes inside and was about to say something but balamurugan asks do u want tea or coffee??Nila tells nothing…She was about to tell…..Her phone rings…..She cuts it but balamurugan phone rings…He tells her that he have urgent meeting so we can meet at tmr 5.00pm In coffee shop?She happily tells ok and asks for his number…He gives his visiting card…She smiles at her….She comes back to house and jumps in joy seeing the card..Arjun and raghavendra thinks she was not soo much happy this much days??now.. He tells i will find out it…Nila comes to room and closes her door and opens her mobile and sees the picture and kisses on his face Millions of time………..

Nila calls yamini and tells about meeting with balamurugan…Yamini teases her and tells about what happened today..Nila gets shocked and she thnx her for quitting it..Yamini tells pls don’t make sympathy so that u can’t escape from the treat…….

Precap: Balamurugan sits in coffee shop in white dress…Nila also comes there in white dress…Rettai vaal kuruvi title song plays,…..

Hope u liked the pi and guys u want me to post daily or 2 days once…Becoz i am studying +2 now…if u want then i should manage my time and i should update pls tell me and i already writing 2 more fan fiction also

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  1. Wow it was just awesome I love it

  2. It was just awesome I love it

  3. From my point of view,you have to concentrate more on studies because I am also +2.but it’s your wish to decide about it.anyways the episode is nice. Naan ennoda point of view sonnen. Thappa ninaichikadhinga.:-) thanks for writing this fan fiction on rettaivaal kuruvi…

  4. Super continue the next one…Concentrate on ur studies too,that is more important than this,so post two days once thambi….And soooo happy to see a Tamil ff in this page,What are the two more ff u r writing…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Meri aashiqui tum se hi(ishveer forever)season-2, young love..

  5. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Can i call u Bro? Because u r elder than me…I am a great fan of rettai vaal kuruvi…u r writing is great I read ur meri aashiqui tumse hi ff too but does not comment but after reading this ff can’t stop myself..continue writing…its ur wish to update daily or 2 days once doesn’t well I was a fan of ishveer(crazy)…….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sure u can call me bro itself!!!

  6. from my point of view, you should concentrate on your studies as i am also in 12thstd..
    writing this may give relief from stress..but it is your wish to decide about it..
    anyways today’s episode is too nice.. thanks for writing fan fiction on this serial..this is one of my favourite serial…
    naan ennoda point if view va dhaan sonnen. thappa ninaichikadhinga…

  7. Nice episode yaar…
    Aap aise hi continue karo…yeh bahuth acha hai…

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx guys keep commenting

  9. ya bro..plzz concentrat on studies…very nyc bro…but don’t try to stop it

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