Rettai Vaal kuruvi- Episode 1


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Nila prays to god and comes to her friend house and calls her out..She comes there and asks what? Nila tells her to get ready fast becoz we are going to meet balaguru today!!She tells really….Nila shouts Yamini pls come down soon..She comes down and sees time and they both comes to office in car…Balaguru in the office tells staffs today there is imp meeting so i am leaving out..Pls take care… Ok guys…..

Balaguru comes out and nila goes in both does not see each other…Nila asks in reception where is balaguru??She tells he left now only out!!..Nila sees yamini and cries like a kid and tells today also we missed him becoz of u only…..Yamini tells me?from tmr onwards u itself go and meet him alone…Nila tells no i told simply and smirks…Balaguru completes meeting and comes to office..receptionist tells him that someone came here to meet u…Balaguru asks me? She tells yes…Then she tells they left!! Balaguru tells ok and comes to cabin and sees staffs chatting in whatsapp……He comes close to them and sits near them and takes his phone and sends hi to them…They suddenly close it and sees balaguru there…They tells sir sir….Balaguru tells them to concentrate on work…They apologize to him and starts working……..

Nila comes to house in sad mood and sits on sofa arjun comes there and asks what happened??Nila tells nothing and goes to room and locks it and takes balaguru pic from her cupboard and kisses it and tells I LOVE U……….She tells i missed u today but not everytime…..

Balaguru comes to house and comes to malini and hugs her at back and tells today let us have dinner outside..She tells i did u r fav dish and shows poori with chenna masala….He tells sooo sweet of u and takes it and eats it…He tells except u nobody can understand me!!Malini brings a photo and asks him how is she?He tells i don’t want to get married now..I need some time..She acts as angry..He tells for u r sake i will come with u this time…

Nila comes out for dinner and sees her father is cooking and comes to him and asks what is he doing?Raghavendra tells i am doing poori for my daughter and tells with chenna masala u r fav…She hugs him and takes plate and eats it and feeds her father also…Nila comes to her room and sits on bed and remembers balaguru face…Unnale mai marandu song plays………..Nila calls her friend and tells her to let us join in gym…She asks what?? Nila tells balaguru also coming to that gym daily…Yamini tells ok ok…Nila tells her to put admission in that gym and we are going from tomorrow…Yamini tells ok i need to get ready soon tmr morning

Precap: Nila takes weight and she was about to fall but balaguru holds her Rettai vaal kuruvi tiltle song plays,,,,,,,,,,,

Guys sorry for tamil song becoz this show is tamil based show…Pls keep commenting

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  1. Superb precap yaar.
    Romba romba nalla irunthadhu innaiku episode. Ippadiye maintain pannunga.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sure vadhu

  2. Wow it was awosome my on of the fav serial in Tamil and I m dieheart fan bala …. I love it enaku romba romba romba romba romba pidichiruku and tq for updating reataival kuruvi in ff tq…. I love it

  3. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    hi bro … when is ur bday ???
    and pls see my com. in last rettai val kurvi … epi . juat i am teasing u . i just want u to know that …. and ur response …

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      November month is my bday

  4. A tamil serial based it is good. And a treat to tamil viewers.bala’s full name is balamurugan not balaguru.rettai vaal kuruvi is my fav serial&thank u 4 a ff of my fav serial

  5. super yaar ..nila trying to meet him aww so cute

  6. ithula oru chinna change balaguru ila bala murugan pa

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ok I forgot it I will change in next epi??

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode bro.

  8. nice episode bro….

  9. nyzz bro…really luv it….really miss their knok jhok..

  10. Hi narendran thank u for continue rvk am big fan of the serial superb episode1 and intro i try to comment yesterday but i cant because bed network keep continue update daily waiting for next episode

  11. Romba nalla iruku

  12. Nice bro ……

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