Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-8

The episode starts with Bala thinks about his moments with Nila and smiles. He calls someone and asks about something. He tells sir it will get ready before marriage.. Bala smiles and tells him to complete work soon. Nila thinks about Bala and smiles. She calls him. She asks him how do u feel now? He tells nothing spl now only having dosa. She tells what? I asked about something spl which happened when we are in that spl place. He tells nothing.. He smiles hiding the phone sound in his hand. He asks her to tell what?

Nila cuts the call and sits aside. Bala calls her but she does not attend the call.Bala comes out and tells malini that I will eat dinner out. Malini tells OK and I will sleep. Bye. He tells her today alone. He takes food and feeds malini and leaves from there.. Nila father asks her did she had food? She tells no.. I don’t want food. Raghavendra asks what happened? She was about to say. She stops and tells nothing. She tells I need to be alone for sometime. Raghavendra tells I feel I am here is not comfortable. I will leave. Nila stops him and tells I told servants and not u.

Bala comes there and signs nila to come. But she turns her face.. Bala signs raghavendra and signs about his fight.. He smiles and tells him to come here and he leaves. Bala sits near here. She moves little. He comes near. She moves. They both do like this.. Naan UN songs plays… She finally smiles and takes pillow and beats him and tells him not to tell this again.

Bala tells sorry sorry. He bends down his knee and asks her hand. She asks for what? He tells let us go out for dinner. She tells really! Bala tells yes. They both comes to restaurant.. Nila orders dosa. Bala tells chappathi. Nila smiles and tells it is my fav. I thought u will order dosa and I ordered. She calls waiter and tells 2plate chappathi..

Bala tells her sorry.. Nila tells him to forget it. She keeps her hand around her mouth and kisses through it I mean flying kiss.. He smiles and takes it and keeps in his pocket.. She smiles and tells now it is u r turn. Malini and Arjun comes there and tells this is my turn.. They both holds their ears.. It is a dream.??.. Real. Nila sends flying kiss. Bala checks malini and arjun are there are not?

Precap: Marriage celebration begins.. Bala gets ready.. Nila also gets ready.. Bala messages nila. She smiles seeing it.. They both comes to mandap….

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Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    Bro I am tried of saying u good epi good epi…as well as always this epi was awesome and I liked the way how convinced nila and loved the love between Malini and Bala. …..

  2. I was a silent reader of ur ff.but today i couldn’t stop myself from commenting.this epi is toooooo good.awesome….

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Thnx xxxxxx and rettai Vaal kuruvi for the comment

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