Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-41


Guys I have decided to continue this ff!! So let us start from where we left!

New character sketch!!..☺☺☺☺

Bala:He is the young rich person! He always loves Nila.. now he is gonna marry nila.

Nila:She is Iover of Bala She is very kind snd silent towards others and naughty towards Bala!

Kamini:Sister of Bala

Raghavendra:Father of nila

Shaad(Varun toorkey)- he is villain of this show.. He loves Nila one sided snd he hates Bala becoz he took his job!

So let us start from where we left!!

Recap:Bala hugs nila and rolls on sand snd they share intimate scenes..?????????????

Back to present epi!

The episode starts with Bala and nila comes back to house.. Kamini announces wedding grandly for Bala and nila.. Raghavendra tells but there is one condition! All stares at him! Raghavendra tells but marriage will be destination wedding!!????All smiles and agrees..

Bala holds nila hand tightly!! They share an eyelock.. rettai Vaal kuruvi plays!! ?????Kamini tells them to wait till their wedding takes place.. She sees sand at both of them dress and smiles.. she takes Bala from there.. nila bids bye..

Precap:Bala and nila conversation on Mobile???????Shaad enters into raghavendra house as courier guy!

This ff will be continued for 15more epi! Actually this is my ever green lovable ff always…??????????So only u came back with 15epi!! By continuing it..

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  1. Kathy

    Thanks naren… Glad to read this ff again… Missed it a lot…. Nice episode … Wow marriage is on… N horrible precap shaad as courier guys… What he is upto???? …

  2. Kathy

    Long waited ff…. N … Eagerly waiting for the next episode ….. Keep writing… May almighty bless u…

    1. Narendran

      Thnx kathy for u r wonderful comment..???????

  3. Nandana

    Nice one bro but I don’t know this characters and it is from which serial.

    1. Narendran

      It is from rettai Vaal kuruvi! Serial which is aired on vijay tv!!

      1. Nandana

        Ok bro

  4. Siddhi

    Nice intro loved it’s

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