Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-4


The episode starts with Nila sits on bed and calls yamini and tells her to come to her house tmr.. She asks for what? Nila tells I will tell u tmr it is a big secret.. I will give u big treat after that… Yamini agrees.. Balamurugan sits in his bed and thinks about slapping nila.. He calls nila.. Both does not speak.. Bala tells hello.. She also tells hello!! Bala tells sorry to her.. She asks for what? He tells for slapping u! She tells him to forget it…

Arjun calls everyone to function tmr.. He calls one by one.. Nila comes there and sees decorations.. She looks on amused.. Arjun tells her this is not decoration.. For u r marriage see everyone will open their mouth.. Seeing u r marriage.. Nila smiles and hugs him and thnx him.. Nila asks when is u r marriage? He tells soon… He smiles and leaves..

Nila takes decoration and stands on stool and takes selfie and sends to Bala.. He messages her what? Are u working! She tells I will do all work.. He takes car and comes to her house.. She takes one more selfie.. She send it.. Bala comes inside and sees her stool was about to fall down. He holds her.. Allah warriyan plays.. Flowers fall on them.. Raghavendra comes down and sees nila and Bala and gets teary eyes.. Arjun asks what? He tells him Bala came from house and saved her.. He cares for nila so much and tells we don’t need to worry..

He asks Arjun to complete all work and sleep.. He comes to Bala and tells them to wait till marriage.. Bala leaves her down and smiles at her.. Nila asks how do u know I will fall? He tells becoz my heart is with u.. He bends down his knees and takes flower from his pocket and proposes her.. ????? She smiles and hugs him…

Bala tells bye and tells her to take care and comes to house and sees malini and comes to her and they both have dinner and they both sleep…

Next day…. Bala and malini comes to nila house with all relatives.. They all talk about Marriage date… Panditji fixes the date for marriage.. Malini smiles and sees nila and Bala talking.. She tells let us all go they both can talk now.. They all leaves from there.. Bala gets up from sofa and comes towards nila and holds her hand..

Nila tells they all are here only!! He tells so what? I am gonna marry u and holds her hand and puts ring on her hand.. He tells this ring I got with my savings for u… Nila smiles and shows ring for him and tells I worked at computer centre to earn this money and shows him ring.. He tells nice.. Nila tells this only 20,000.. Only it is OK.. He tells if u give 100watch also OK for me.. They both smile.. Rettai Vaal kuruvi plays..

Precap:Yamini comes to nila house.. Nila tells about wedding.. Yamini smiles.. And asks for treat…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow amazing ranaji

  2. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    today’s epi was nice but make it long bro…..

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      I am already writing 4fan fiction including this.. And this ff is quite long compared to other ff.. But for u I will try to make long

  3. day by day comments are decreasing i will end this ff in 15epi itself becoz less response now days

  4. no bri..don’t end…i thnk it’s not in a telly updat page…tat’s y this much less comments..don’t wrry..really fantasticc….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      It is there but I does not know to anyone much…. I will try to add Ishaani,abhi,pragya,and ranveer soon so that they will post it on both pages!!!

  5. zuha(Asya Fan)

    Good ep. brother , and donot end as u know that I write ff so I have realised 2 things
    1)Write for yourself.
    2)Write for those who like reading it.
    It is just my opinion.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ok thnx for encouraging me…??????????

  6. Rettai vaal kuruvi

    continue it bro!!!i like ur ff alot!!!! plsssss don’t end it

  7. Really awesome but not include the other serial bcs we want only balamurugan & vennila so pls don’t include other serials pls….

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