Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-39


The episode starts with Bala comes to office and starts his work with big smiley on his face. Nila comes out of house crying.. Allah warriyan plays.. Sad track plays.. She slowly walks on road. Bala gets a message from his friend.. He tells Bala to come to shop.. To buy gift for my fiance.. Bala tells ok.. He tells workers to take care and he leaves from there..

Nila walks near bridge..Bala crosses by side.. Truck comes fast towards her.. Bala sees this and gets shocked.. Bala comes out of car and runs shouting her name.. But she is still last in thoughts and does not hear his words.. He pushes her and they both fall from bridge… Nila sees Bala while falling down… She smiles.. They both fell down in river. They both are flooded by river. People shouts to help them.. But water opened fastly from dam.. It comes fast and hits them.. They both are driven away.

Malini sits in Hall and waits for Bala.. She calls him but it rings.. It is in car.. No one picks it up. One man comes there and takes it and tells about news!! Bala and nila hits on Riverside. Malini ons the TV and sees the news and gets shocked.. She was teary eyes.. She cries..

Malini husband comes there and tells now on problem is solved.. She tells him to shut up.. He leaves from there.. Malini comes out and takes her scooty and drives it towards that spot.. She sees his car and opens it and takes his thing and cries.. Police asks who is he? Malini tells it is my brother Bala.. Police tells there was one girl.. While jumping.. Is there any problem? She thinks about nila.. And tells no..

Malini tells it is nila.. She leaves from there and calls raghavendra.. And taunts her daughter!! He tells her to shut up and cuts the call. Bala opens his eyes slowly and sees himself near jungle.. He gets shocked.. He sees nila nearby and gets shocked.. He tries to wake her up but fails..

Precap:Nila does not open her eyes. Bala kisses her and spits water out.. Rettai Vaal kuruvi title track plays.. She slowly opens her eyes and sees him closer.. She eyes him lovingly..

Hope u all enjoyed it.. Bye guys..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Good episode naren… By the way where I can get RVK title track,,, I haven’t heard it.. Pls help me of u can …

    1. Di u can get it in hotstar….

      1. Tnx rufina….

  2. Wow finally Bala saves nila… Uff this malini’s husband irritating yaar…

  3. Precap… Both were in jungle…?? wow…. Jungle mein mangal then…excited for the next episode naren…

  4. Oh Bala saves nila….but malini’s husband is irritating……i liked the fact that they have come to jungle n i hope they r United soon…

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