Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-37


The episode starts with Bala and malini comes back to old house.. Bala asks is everything is packed? Malini tells almost all. Bala goes to his room and takes his suitcase and sees nila pic and hugs it.. He smiles and keeps back and tells servant to take this case and keep it in safe place.. Servant nods his head. Bala tells him not to spoil it. Keep on safe place and Bala leaves
Nila comes to house and asks raghavendra that this house is soo nice.. She smiles.. He tells yes.. I got this new house for u only.. She smiles and asks him Did u bring all things?

He nods head.. She runs upstairs and takes her case and searches for Bala pic.. She finds it and smiles and hugs it.. Sanam re plays.. Bala asks malini where is their childhood pic? Malini tells I have already sent to new house.. Bala asks asks her did she want any help? Malini tells if I want I will ask u straight away..he smiles and tells this is my sister.. Malini tells for this smile I waited for many years..

Bala and malini comes to new house and cleans all pics.. Malini gets nila pic.. Bala asks whose pic? Malini thinks my brother should not get any old memories or meeting! She throws it out. She tells nothing waste pic. He tells OK and cleans other things..

Nila cleans all her things and keeps on table and walks towards washroom and sees Bala locket key and smiles.. She tells I need to give to him soon.. One day..

Precap:Nila comes to Chennai and comes to Bala house to give locket.. But malini taunts her and sends her away.. Nila cries and walks.. Rettai Vaal kuruvi plays..

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  1. Awesome epi bro….i hope soon they will be United…n i am hating this Malini nowadays…

  2. krishnai aka ww

    bhaiya i will read everything slowly only……. but pls do continue…… i will comment when ever possible……. and a doubt???? u r in wattpad?????

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      I opened account and deleted it!! My name will be there.. That is it

      1. krishnai aka ww

        oh okay…….

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