Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-36


The episode starts with Bala and nila leaves and comes to airport. Bala tells now we are friends .. He asks her number? She tells let us be friends. Let us see destiny wants to be true friends or again husband and wife? Bala smiles and leaves from there…
Nila comes and gives passport and smiles at Bala.. He also smiles at her. Bala and nila gets into diff flights.. Bala and nila leaves from there..

Bala comes to Chennai. Nila comes to Coimbatore.. Bala sees malini and comes there and hugs her. Malini asks I missed u 2yrs!! He also tells me too.. Malini tells I have seen an alliance for u.. He tells I am not interested..

Malini tells OK.. I will wait.. She brings him to house.. Malini shows him new house. Bala asks her when u got? Malini tells now only.. He smiles and hugs her and congrats her.

Nila comes to Coimbatore.. She shouts for taxi.. Raghavendra comes there and tells I am there then why taxi? She smiles and gets into car and asks how is he? He tells I am worst.. After u came I am fine.. He tells I have seen good person for u.. She asks him not to speak about Marriage anymore!! She tells I am already tired after sometime.

Nila sees window and enjoys nature.. Bala enjoys rain in Chennai.. While nila also enjoys in Coimbatore.. They both dances.. Allah warriyan plays..

Precap:Anuj comes back and joins hand with MD..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. krishnai aka ww

    hey bro…… can u give me the link of all ur Rettai vaal kurvi Fan fictions pls??????

    i didnt know there s a ff for it and that too by u……..

    but pls share the links……. i want to read everything…….

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..
  3. Nice episode naren… US scene could have go for sometimes… Luv them to see together… But anyway… Episode should move further na… Good going…awwwwwe they are friends now…. Waiting for the next episode …

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